BONDED PAIR – Mufasa & Bijous


Male/Female | Californian | September 2014

This sweet pair of Californians are a treat to have around.  Every morning they greet their foster with excitement and assume their ‘the food is coming’ positions.  Bijous jumps up to the 3rd story of their bunny-condo while Mufasa waits on the main floor.  After Bijous (who is always served first) takes a small lady like nibble, Mufasa buries his head in the bowl and stuffs his face like he’ll never get food again.  Then they sit together until they’ve had their fill and casually stretch out or flop when they’re done.  Mufasa likes to pick up the bowl and dump the pellets out so access is easier.  They each get ¼ cup of pellets for breakfast, hay all day long, another ¼ cup of pellets for dinner and veggies for dessert.  More hay gets them through the night until morning.

 Bijous definitely wears the pants in this relationship.  She calls the shots and sweet, laid back Mufasa is more than happy to comply.  Though grooming him is beneath her status she has been caught doing so.  Usually, she insists on being served and she’s lucky to have such a loving and obedient husbun.  When he’s getting pampering from a human, Bijous always muscles her way in on the action and he doesn’t hesitate to share the space.  He’s just happy to have her by his side.  Bijous actively seeks out attention from people and instantly pancakes the moment she’s touched.  Any petting is good petting as far as she’s concerned – face, cheeks, ears, neck, full body, fast or slow, one hand or two – it’s all good.  Mufasa prefers a little nose rub to start, followed by focus on one side of his face at a time.  Once he settles into that it’s time for the full body massage.  He’ll lean right in and give you a few bunny purrs.

 Their favourite, though, is the ‘bunny pillow’.  That’s when they snuggle up close to one another so that their foster can lie down with them, smoosh them together and nuzzle them like a pillow.  You’ll end the session before they do and will have a face full of bunny fur to show for it.

 They are free range bunnies but don’t venture too far from their home.  Both are litter trained and religious with their bathroom habits.  No need to worry about accidents.  Bijous is more adventurous than Mufasa, who likes to keep an eye on the homestead.  They only chew on things given to them which is usually cardboard rolls and willow wreaths.  They’ve never damaged baseboards or furniture or even the wicker baskets that are accessible and only chewed one phone charger.  They like all their greens (romaine, dandelion, kale, parsley, cilantro, basil), and enjoy some of the sweet stuff they get less often like carrots, dried berries, apple and of course, BANANAS!!!  Just saying the word once whips them into a Bunny500 tag team peppered with the odd binky from Mufasa.  Bijous is too dignified for binky.  Both also like home made ‘bunny cookies’ and some store bought treats.

 Neither one likes to be brushed very much but since they enjoy petting so considerably you can just use your hand to remove their loose undercoat when they’re shedding.  As long as you keep one hand near their head they’ll tolerate the odd feeling of clumps of fur being pulled out.  Both are prone to some matting just above the heels/beneath the tail so that gets dealt with during nail clipping.   They’re used to the ordeal and behave well with only minimal fussing but they need a confident team of humans to help them through it.

 They are used to a cat in their foster home, and can often be found cuddling up with her.  They are a good choice for those already with a cat (but of course would do fine w/out one).

They have been in RRs care for many years, as not many people want to adopt pairs. But we think pairs are great and you don’t have to spend time trying to bond bunnies, the work is already done for you!



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