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Bijous Update – March2018

 Recently widowed Bijous is coming through the loss of her husbun, Mufasa.  (they were a bonded pair in RR for many years w/out any inquiries. Sadly, Mufasa passed away).  Bijous would be a great choice for a bonding bunny.  She’s a beautiful and very friendly Californian who loves to be petted and smothered with kisses.  Just call her name or tap/scratch on the floor and she’ll come running over to you and lay flat, giving you the maximum surface area to pet her.  As soon as you touch her she oozes into pancake form and starts purring in no time at all.  Nothing is off limits; face, cheeks, ears, neck, full body, fast or slow, one hand or two – it’s all good.  When you stop, she will continue to lay still in the hopes that the session is not over.  If you take too long to resume petting she’ll let you know that you’re shirking your duty with a couple of nose bumps to get your focus back where it should be – on her!

Bijous still does the ‘bunny pillow’.  That’s when they used to snuggle up close to one another so that their foster could lie down with them, smoosh them together and nuzzle them like a pillow.   Now that she’s on her own she likes the cocooning even more!

Though most of her time is spent in her condo or on her front lawn, Bijous is totally free range and does explore from time to time.   She’s neither been destructive by causing any damage to baseboards or furniture nor has she even been tempted by easily accessible wicker baskets.  Okay, one casualty – a $10 phone charger – but she’s over it now.  Cardboard rolls, egg cartons and willow are much more interesting.  Her litter habits are impeccable so no need to worry about accidents anywhere.

She’s very polite when it comes to hand feeding.  Even the smallest treat is taken gently from you without nipping the tips of your fingers.   Every morning she gets ¼ cup of pellets for breakfast, hay all day long, another ¼ cup of pellets for dinner and veggies for dessert.  More hay gets her through the night until morning.  She likes all things green (romaine, dandelion, kale, parsley, cilantro, basil), and enjoys some of the sweet stuff (carrots, dried berries, apple) but not too much.  Unless you’re talking about BANANAS!!!  Then all bets are off.  Just say the word and she’ll drop everything to come running.   Home made ‘bunny cookies’ are also in her Top10 and she likes some store bought treats.

You can clip Bijous’ front nails without much fuss but doing her back feet is a two-person job.  She doesn’t like having it done but knows that’s the price she needs to pay to stay beautifully pedicured.  Brushing is not something she tolerates for too long but since petting is always welcome you can simply pull her loose undercoat out with your hands when she’s shedding.

She lives with a cat that occasionally ‘hunts’ her.  Bijous takes care of that noise and either sends the cat packing or puts her in her place.  She’ll share her space in the condo as long as it’s her choice and visitors go where they’re told.


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