Peaches is one of Vienna’s babies, that came to us only 2 days old on Aug.
7th 2016.  Vienna was seized after being raised for meat in disgusting

Peaches is a sweet and spunky girl. She is still a little timid about
getting picked up or petted but enjoys running around and doing her own
thing. She is very curious and likes to explore everything in her
environment. She is also very friendly with other animals and will hop right
up to cats. Peaches isn’t very destructive but can get into mischief if she
finds that she isn’t getting enough time out of her pen. She is a happy girl
who loves to do binkies and run around, especially in the morning. Her fur
is very soft.

She would do really well bonded to another rabbit(s). She loves other
animals and is super friendly with them. She’s got a bit of an attitude and
binkies away when she knows it’s time to go back in her pen. She has a bit
of trouble on our hardwood floor but doesn’t seem afraid of it at all and is
getting used to it. She is definitely a morning rabbit who loves the sun.
She sleeps well at night and is up as soon as the sun comes up to run around
like crazy and do binkies everywhere. She is super curious and will explore
everywhere and everything she can get to. She can make anyone laugh with her
antics. The only thing she ever destroyed were some paper pictures that were
taped up in her pen. She decided she didn’t like the décor and let her
foster mom know. She will be spayed as soon as she is old enough. She cant
wait to find her forever home!


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