Punkin and Pi


These two adorable dwarf hamsters came from a rescue in Indiana.  From above, the brothers seem identical, but there personality and distinctive tummies makes it easy to tell them apart.  While both very active, Punkin (with a narrow stripe down his tummy) is almost always on the go, enjoying the wheel or in his ball, he just keeps moving.  Pi (with a pie shaped white spot on his chest)  loves burrowing and climbing, will use the wheel but not a great fan of the ball – he tries to burrow out!  Both are learning to be social.  As all hamsters they are defensive when approached from above, nipping if alarmed.  Once they are on your chest or lap, they settle in to receive pets.  I use the ball to get them out of the cage and avoid nipping.  They are brothers and squabble at times.  While there are two of everything, they naturally fight over the same food bowl or wheel.  They appear when they hear me and stand up tall to try and reach me.

So adorable.

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