Dorian was found wandering out in the cold looking completely lost and abandoned.  He even walked right up to the front door of a house and wanted to go inside.  He also followed the homeowners to their car and wanted to climb in; not only to get out of the cold, but seemingly for companionship as well..

Dorian made friends with the youngest family members of the neighbouring houses where he spent most of time grazing; a young man in one house and a young lady in the other.  He enjoyed getting pet by them and eating the nutritious vegetables that they bought especially for him; However, when they tried to pick him up – he would do a cheeky little binky and then remain just out of their reach!

When Rabbit Rescue was notified about Dorian, it was just before an expected drop in temperature – 16 below zero without the wind chill factor.  Both neighbours were very anxious for him to be safe and warm indoors.

As it turns out, his weakness was the rustling of a bag of Martin’s Little Friends rabbit food!  With a handful of food taken from the bag in front of him, he was easily guided into a containment pen.

Once Dorian was contained, we brought him straight home to see if there were any immediate health concerns and to get a feel for how Dorian is with people.

After quickly emerging from his carrier in his own little room, Dorian did so many over-the-top dramatic flops.   “flops indicate a very happy bunny”; “contentment”; and “trust” ..he finally felt safe!

This  guy has a larger than life personality!

At first Dorian didn’t seem to know what to do with his hay, but is now eating a healthy amount each day.  His favourite leafy greens are carrot tops (with a ½ inch of carrot) and his favourite treat is a fresh apple slice.

Lately Dorian prefers to take his meals in the dinning room with his three new friends; Goliath, Luka, and Kennedy – the foster cats in his foster home!  Yep – there is a chance that Dorian isn’t aware that he is bunny!  However, when it comes to mealtime, Dorian is more like a puppy with the way he jumps for joy and weaves in and out of your feet!

Dorian gets a lot of exercise and keeps the foster cats active by running laps around the house.  Through the living room, into the dinning room, through the kitchen and then back to the living room.  More often than not it is Dorian that is encouraging the cats to do more than just lay around cleaning themselves.

Once Dorian knows and trusts people, he loves giving nose kisses.  He enjoys being pet from the bridge of his nose all the way down to his cute bum; with an extra little shimmy of the hand by his tail at the end.  However, he doesn’t like being picked up, so bed time involves rustling his food bag to get him into his room for the night.

With regards to Dorian’s binkies, they are as dramatic as his flops!  There is quite a bit of hang time with a couple of head shakes before the grand finale.  This may have something to do with his extraordinary muscular bum!  We have seen Dorian start from a sitting position and launch himself to incredible heights and distances.  He also has fantastic eye lashes!

Dorian is an absolute joy to be around and there is an incredible journey to be had with him as he explores growing amounts of trust and a variety of different interactions.  He is a handsome boy and his unique colouring make for hours of enjoyment just staring at him.

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