Marshmallow & Choco


Marshmallow and Choco are bonded and must be adopted together.  They came to us as a rescue from another province.

Marshmallow (taupe, red eyes): He is very energetic, loves to run around the cage, the wheel and the ball. He lets me feed him treats such as cucumbers and alfalfa cubes but otherwise is very nippy and bites quite hard. Marshmallow is also extremely curious and will come out of his house as soon as he hears someone fiddling with the cage. Otherwise, he mostly sleeps all day and comes out during the evening. He seems to be very engaging and playful.

Choco (dark grey, black eyes): He is definitely the larger of the two hammies and seems to be a bit friendlier. Although he tries to nibble, he hasn’t bit yet. Choco is out and about more than marshmallow during the day and comes out during the night as well. He loves to approach my hands and is eager to receive treats. Really likes fresh vegetables and will bring them into his home for later if he can’t finish it all. 


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