Binky is a wonderful, handsome bunny.  He likes being near people and hop over to greet you.  He lives large in everything he does, from exploring, to binkies to flops.  He is a curious boy, and brave, and will boldly hop over to anything that catches his interest.  After exploring, binkying or having grabbed a hay snack, he will stretch out fully content.  This is the perfect time for cuddles, and he will melt into the floor in complete bliss.  He loves a good chew toy, apple branches or sisal toys are his favourites.  His litter habits are fantastic, other than the odd stray poop.  He doesn’t mind being picked up, but gets a little nervous if you move too quickly while carrying him.  He loves hay, and rarely turns down any type of greens or treat.  He would prefer to be free range, but would also do well with a large pen and lots of exercise time. Binky is one of the 103 rabbits we rescued Aug. 2016. At that time he was aprox 3 months old.


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