Parker is an energetic little guy – he enjoys countless hours in his new ‘vehicle’ (a streamlined crystal blue Run-About Ball)! Like all little ones – he has to be asked twice to stop for something to eat.

When Parker has a particular destination in mind, there is nothing that stops him; not even his buddies – a couple of Foster cats and a Foster rabbit.  Parker just picks up the speed and heads straight for them!  They all know to move out of Parker’s way and head for higher ground.

When Parker isn’t booting around in his ‘ride’, he divides his time between reengineering his fortress and having a couple jogs on his ‘Silent Spinner’ wheel…

Parker prefers to mound his bedding under his fortress in order to ‘jack it up’.  He very consistently ensures that the end result has his igloo on an 30 degree angle!  If you leave his igloo level after cleaning out his home, he will ensure that it is back on the particular angle of his choice.

Parker is fine with being handled, but he has more important things to do besides stopping for a cuddle.  He is a man on mission…


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