Fergie was spotted trying to fit in with a family of wild bunnies in a ravine that ran between the backyards of a large stretch of houses; separated by chain link fencing all along. The area was a haven for such predators as wolves, coyotes, and foxes since the ravine connected to large expanses of land and Hydro fields on both ends.

Although, given certain circumstances, bunnies could potentially out run such predators; scared bunnies that is; Fergie (like most domesticated rabbits) didn’t know to be afraid.  A local resident observed Fergie marching up to a dog (to make friends undoubtedly) who was walking off leash with his/her guardian somewhere near by.  Things could easily have turned out bad for Fergie…

Aside from predators, Fergie had other odds working against her survival; lack of proper nutrition, fleas, ticks, parasites, cars AND weather conditions.

As it turns out from speaking with local residents, Fergie had spent the entire winter outside! The first reported sighting was late October; which meant that she managed for 7 months to beat all odds.  Also, given the growth spurt that residents have observed over the past seven months (despite being malnourished) it is evident that Fergie was just a little bunny when she was left outside.

Upon observing Fergie for the first time, it took mere seconds to realize that here was a bunny that was full of life and with the gentlest of spirits. Eventually Fergie was caught by our expert bunny catcher. Now that Fergie is safe and sound and getting healthy form her ordeal outside, her personality is really starting to shine…

Fergie is essentially a lap bun!  She loves physical contact, in general, and when you sit down on the floor with your legs extended outward she will hop onto your lap and snuggle into you – so long as you continue to pet her in her favourite way!  This involves starting at the bridge of her nose and working your way over her flattened ears all the way down to her bum in one gentle motion. She also loves being spoken to softly; she looks up at you with adoring eyes when you do so.  If you bend down so that she can reach, you will get Eskimo kisses! She is a very sensitive bunny, so loud noises and quick movements make her a little nervous. She is comfortable being picked up but will squirm without warning; so the person should be experienced if doing so. Fergie has made friends with a foster hamster and is in the process of getting to know a few foster kitties also.

Words cannot express what a very special bunny Fergie is… Rabbit Rescue had her vetted, spayed, and treated for fleas.  She is ready to find her forever home. Who ever gets this bunny will be very lucky!

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