Clover is a little baby bunny who was spotted living with some wild Cottontail rabbits in a woodlot just prior to Easter. She was observed following the schedule and wanderings of the Cottontails through the woodlot and into the yards of the homes that back onto the wooded area – but thankfully would never cross the road in front of the houses when the Cottontails did; she’s a very smart little girl.

Initially she had no fear of people and would allow some of the neighbourhood children to pet her.  However, the longer that she observed the Cottontails bolting when people would approach them, the more she considered doing the same herself. Thankfully, once she was rescued and brought to her foster home, she was even more snuggly than when she was outside with the children. Clover does not mind being held and gives little bunny kisses when you cuddle her.  It is simply heaven on earth!


Clover gets along very well with cats.  She LOVES sitting on her window ledge watching the birds and squirrels frolic in the trees; with a gentle breeze tickling her cute little nose. Other than Clover being the cuddliest little bunny we have ever met – she also possesses some mad jumping skills never witnessed before!  The teeny little thing can be sitting perfectly still on the floor one minute, and then be suddenly airborne – coming to rest on the back of an oversized couch!

Clover isn’t much of a pellet girl, but rather enjoys a lot of fresh greens; she is still given pellets, though, and gradually picks away at them.  Her fruity treat of choice is actually fresh pear – which she chooses above fresh bananas and apples. And her favourite packaged treats are Binky Liberation dehydrated carrots; which we found at the Rabbit Rescue’s ‘One Stop, Bun Shop’.

Clover’s favourite pastime is playing in her Fun Tunnel; which we also stumbled across at the ‘One Stop, Bun Shop’ and just ‘had to’ purchase for her .  It is now a part of her worldly possessions that would ideally go with her to her new home. It is such a joy getting to know Clover and watching her personality develop.  Anyone who invites her into their lives will be truly blessed.  Inquire about adopting her today!

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