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Hi, I’m known as the Marshmallow! Picked up as a stray, I was pretty malnourished.

Turns out I really love my hoomins! I like their funny music and when they make loud noises it doesn’t bother me at all. Lady hoomin says I have nerves of steel and the other animals in the household don’t bother me at all. I’m pretty impervious to them in fact! I didn’t really get what they wanted me to do with my poops at first but now I’ve figured out that keeping them all in my litter pan is the way to go. I don’t mind doing this anyway because I spend a lot of time in it, munching on my hay (western timothy is my favourite so far).

Food is the absolute best!!! I’ll take anything you wanna give me but I’m really good at only eating a little bit of my yummies at a time so that my hoomins don’t have to portion my fruity treats. Pellets on the other hand I will eat all day, every day. I make little grunty piggy noises when I do but I just can’t help how happy I am when I nom them. Toys are OK I guess, but what I really like is to explore and run! My hoomins are really happy that I don’t like to put things in my mouth and mostly I  just bump everything with my nose to test it out. That means I get to spend a lot of time just roaming around and doing my favourite things like zooming around the living room table (always on the rug though because I don’t like slippery floors).

Getting pet is really nice and I will usually stop my zoomies for some really relaxing ear strokes. My lady hoomin has also shown me that if I give her a nose boop kiss, then I get a treat. I like flopping by the fireplace, hopping on and off the couch until I’m pooped, and passing out in my litter pan. RR is having me neutered on Nov. 2nd and then I”ll be ready for my forever home!! Please adopt me, Im so fun and sweet and promise to be your best friend.

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