URGENT – Talulah

Meet Talulah. She is currently living in Las Vegas and looking to become a Canadian Bunny! If you can help by fostering or adopting her contact us ASAP. She will arrive in our care on Jan 31st if we can get a foster home for her.

Talulah May look like a plain brown bunny but she’s anything but plain! She currently holds the bunny flop crown! She was born at a dumpsite in Las Vegas and has had a few litters. When she was saved, her rescuer had to dig one of her babies out of its burro and also caught her other baby. Talulah was so amazing she accepted 2 other babies that were  rescued and added.  The babies have been  weaned from mom for about 2 weeks now and she will be going in for her spay in Jan 2.

Talulah is independent but loves a good nose/cheek rub! She enjoys salads and treats and understands home and will go to her enclosure when it’s time. Talulah is sure to make you crack smiles throughout the day! She is still under weight but we are working on that.  Best guess is she’s 1-2 yrs old.

Talulah2 Talulah1

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