Ember is a sweet boy.  He acme all the way from Las Vegas to Ontario to be in our care.  In Vegas he was rescued from one of the dumping grounds (hunderds of rabbits there). We had him neutered and health checked on Feb. 16th 2018.  He came out of his pen upon arrival to his foster homes like he owned the place. He seemed a bit taken aback at first with a “where am I and who are you?” kind of look but, soon was hopping around happily. After only two days he is In his accepting pets and scritches behind his ears and taking treats out of his foster moms hand.  In his foster home there is a cat and dog that he is getting used to.

Ember has an amazing colouring on his coat that has a mix of grey, brown, red, and a bit of white. He has a tear in his nose and on his ear from a previous injury but, they do not bother him.

Ember would make a fine addition to any bunny savvy home and likely would bond quite well to a spayed female.

Ember1 Ember2

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