Little Gracie

Little Gracie is the sweetest girl, who unfortunately came from owners who just had no clue how to care for bunnies.  She was removed from the owners by a friend after she was found living in filth.  She is young at about 2 years old, in perfect health, has a very soft coat and the most beautiful big beady eyes!!! She can be shy at first, but once she warms up, she is very affectionate! She loves being pet on the nose, cheeks, and between the ears. After a good petting session, she’ll return the favour with lots of licks! When she’s excited to see you, she will hop circles around your feet. And you’ll know she’s really enjoying your company when she feels comfortable enough to binky.

Gracie’s old family had young children who would grab her aggressively, so she’s not a huge fan of being picked up, but we’re working on it and she gets better every day! Good news is, once she’s in your arms, she’s pretty docile and doesn’t fuss, so it’s easy to clip her nails and brush her fur.

Gracie does well inside her pen (2’ x 4’), but of course prefers the option to be free range. She is currently housed in a room that is half hardwood and half covered in gym mats, she prefers to sit and stretch out on the gym mats, but will also hop around on the hardwood to explore. Some of her favourite toys are just shoeboxes and TP rolls, so she’s not high maintenance. She has wonderful litter habits and it is very easy to teach her not to chew things.  

As for diet, Gracie LOVES pellets and eats about ¼ cup every morning. She gets access to unlimited Timothy hay and gets a handful of fresh leafy greens daily (we like to scatter them around her room so she can “scavenge”). She also LOVES treats and will very eagerly take treats like carrots, apples, and bananas. She’s good at drinking out of both bowls and bottles.

Gracie would love a patient family who could spend more time with her and give her the opportunity to really come out of her shell. She is the most wonderful little rabbit and is hoping to find her forever home soon!

She has been vet checked and found to be in perfect health.  We are seeking a permanent or foster home for her. She will be spayed once in our care.

Little Gracie1 LittleGracie2

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