Columbo arrived with us on  February 4th. He was found outside alone in the cold winter weather and immediately found his foster in Waterloo. RR had him neutered and health checked and hes a healthy boy! Columbo is a bit shy but he’s slowly coming out of his shell. In the evenings he likes to come out and explore and around midnight he’ll be running his own little race course, re-arranging his pen, exploring the area, or watching what his foster is doing.

Columbo isn’t the sort of bunny that seeks out cuddles and hasn’t yet shown interest in couch bunny revolution. But, he will dance around and grab your wrist when you lower that first bowl of pellets into his pen in the morning. He’ll top and accept a few strokes, even if he’s on the move. If you bring along the right bribe treat (dried cranberries, or banana) he will come a bit closer and eat out of your hand. If you pick up and set him on the couch he will politely poke around until he can take the nearest exit. He has recently added the occasional bunny headbutt to his hangout routine. There’s certainly more to come from this little guy.



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