2018 BunFest Events


Activities listed soon!

Can I bring my own props to the photo booth?

Yes, as long as they’re reasonable size and don’t put your animal in distress. It will be a simple booth this year so if you’d like your bunny to wear something fancy, please bring your own costume. Also bring your bunnies favourite treat to get them to put on their best smile! There will be treats on hand but you know what your bunny likes best.

What if my bunny gets scared?

It’s a busy event where we expect about 600 to 700 people each year. If you think it may cause your bunny too much stress, please leave your bun at home. If you were to happen to need some quiet time with your bunny, bring a harness and leash and enjoy some fresh grass out of the back doors of the event.

Can I purchase good food for my bunny there?

Yes! Make sure to get farm fresh hay by the pound at our hay station, and get our top selling willow and apple branches before they sell out!  Then visit our Rabbit Rescue store to find everything you need for your bunny, from pellets and critical care, to treats, toys and more! There is also a bunny lounge where you can put your bunny down for a nice hop, stretch and refreshment.


What if I have questions about my bunny?

There will be many experienced rabbit enthusiasts at nearly every station and we all LOVE talking about our bunnies. Never know where you’ll get good tips! If it’s a serious health related question please see the pros at Campus, better yet, take your bunny into a rabbit savvy vet immediately and get it checked out!

Can I purchase bunny things for myself too?

YES!  At our Rabbit Rescue store we have lots of apparel (shirts, tanks, and hats), calendars, magnets, stickers and jewelry. Our amazing vendors have a large variety of products too! Check out who is coming this year on our vendors page!


Is there food for sale?

Our giant vegan bake sale is back for another year! Special diet? Ask about gluten free items. Drinks available too. Hungry for lunch? Stop by the food truck for a healthy vegan lunch!

Can I volunteer and be involved with Bunfest?

Absolutely! We are always looking for eager volunteers to help us out with Bunfest. It’s a large event to be thrown by such a small organization so the more hands the merrier. Please email Haviva – haviva@rabbitrescue.ca – if you can donate some time or auction items!

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