ONTARIO BOUND; Vegas Bunnies, Part II


Recently, Rabbit Rescue was able to help rabbits in Las Vegas by taking in eight bunnies.  There are several dumping grounds in Vegas with hundreds of rabbits, and rescue groups in the area have been working to catch and rescue them.  We were able to arrange transport and raise the funds to get them into our care Jan 2018. We thought the story might end there, but the situation took a drastic turn when someone began poisoning the rabbits, killing dozens in one day.  The city of Nevada also issued a letter stating they will be catching and removing the rabbits. As a result of both of these situations, local rescues are working over time to catch even more rabbits.  But with so many rabbits, they need our help.  Rabbit Rescue has sprung into action again to help get more rabbits into our care.  This time, 25 will be coming to Ontario.  We have again partnered with Rusty & Furriends, a rescue in Vegas dedicated to helping as many of these rabbits as they can.

We started a gofundme for the transport costs ($2500) and reached our goal in 20 hours!

 We urgently need your help!

  • In order to take in 25 bunnies, we still need FOSTER HOMES!  (Foster Application Download Here)
  • Apply to adopt a Vegas bunny!  These bunnies are highly bondable as they are used to being around other rabbits. (Adoption Application Download Here)
  • Sponsor a Vegas Bunny!  Your donation will help pay for spays/neuters, health checks, and any medical issues they encounter upon arrival or while in our care.  Donations will also help cover the “import fee” we need to pay to bring them across the border.   You can make your tax deductible donation here:  (Donation Here)

The bunnies are all health checked in Vegas, and receive a fecal to ensure no parasites. They will each get a health certificate for boarder crossing.  All rabbits are assessed for suitability for the long 5 day journey. Extreme care is taken to ensure suitable rabbits are chosen.  Our experienced rabbit drivers check on the bunnies hourly, offering food and assessing them.  All rabbits are overnighted in bunny friendly homes that are ready and waiting with pens for them to stretch out and rest for the night.

 Help us bring 25 Vegas bunnies into the safety and care of Rabbit Rescue and make more bunnies Canadian citizens!   Please check our social media pages (FB, IG, Twitter) for daily updates & photos of the Vegas bunnies we need foster/adoptive homes for.


Hello every bunny!

My name is Stormy and I’m just about to turn 2 years young. I am spayed and am in good health (just had a check up!)  I’m a sweet and affectionate female bun and love to hop around until I’m totally tired out! I love all veggies but my favourites are broccoli, kale, carrots and spinach. I also love bananas but I don’t eat too many because they are so sweet! My very favourite thing is to be pet. If you come and sit beside me I will hop into your lap and you can pet me for as long as you’d like. Once I get comfortable I am ok with being picked up for hugs as well!

I am almost fully litter trained and always pee in my litter box, I’m really easy to clean up after. I am friendly and curious with new people, it doesn’t take me long to get comfy if you are patient and wait for me to come to you at first. I am also great with children and cats, I can’t wait to join my new forever family!!  Unfortunately I need to find a new home because my owner is not able to keep me.  Would you be my new best friend? I promise to be a loyal companion. Please fill out the adoption application to adopt me and give me my forever home!

Stormy1 Stormy2


Oak was rescued from one of the dumping grounds in Vegas.  We are seeking an urgent foster/adoptive home for him. We have raised funds for his travel to Canada and will arrive in early spring to Ontario! We just need a place for him to go. Email us, or fill out an application on our website to adopt or foster him. He is currently learning how to be a house bunny and is excited at the possibility of becoming a Canadian bunny.

Oak 4 Oak 5

Domino – URGENT!

 Domino was recently rescued from one of the dumping grounds in Vegas. We are seeking an urgent foster or adoptive home for her. She was very dirty when caught and is currently being rehabbed. She is not yet spayed, but we will spay her here upon arrival in our care if she is not done in Vegas.

Would you give this deserving bunny a second chance? She would love to come to Canada! Please fill out an app to become a foster parent to her, or to give her a forever home.



Ember is a sweet boy.  He acme all the way from Las Vegas to Ontario to be in our care.  In Vegas he was rescued from one of the dumping grounds (hunderds of rabbits there). We had him neutered and health checked on Feb. 16th 2018.  He came out of his pen upon arrival to his foster homes like he owned the place. He seemed a bit taken aback at first with a “where am I and who are you?” kind of look but, soon was hopping around happily. After only two days he is In his accepting pets and scritches behind his ears and taking treats out of his foster moms hand.  In his foster home there is a cat and dog that he is getting used to.

Ember has an amazing colouring on his coat that has a mix of grey, brown, red, and a bit of white. He has a tear in his nose and on his ear from a previous injury but, they do not bother him.

Ember would make a fine addition to any bunny savvy home and likely would bond quite well to a spayed female.

Ember1 Ember2


Tim is a rescue from Las Vegas so he loves warmth and sunlight.  He travelled all the way from Nevada to Ontario to get to us and loves being a Canadian bunny now!  Don’t be fooled by his timid demeanor when you first meet him. He is curious and loves to roam around exploring. No nook or cranny will go uncharted with Tim around!

Like most buns, Tim doesn’t love being picked up, but if you get on his level, he will take a break from his exploring for pets and snuggles. A little love (or fruit based bribery) goes a long way, and Tim is more than happy to spend the night in with you, just chilling under a blanket on the couch.

RR is having him neutered Feb. 2018 and he has already gotten a clean bill of health!





Hoa was just rescued from one of the Vegas dumpsites and may be one of the sweetest bunnies EVER!!! He loves people and loves to snuggle! If we can find a foster or adoptive home for him, he can come to us on Jan. 31st . Don’t let this cutie be left behind!




Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 2.18.18 PM

WOW! We almost can’t believe it. Hundreds of hours of planning, many volunteers, TONS of paperwork, 5 days on the road and an entire rabbit community holding their breath as they approached the Canadian border but… THEY MADE IT!

12 bun collage

January 31, 2017 EIGHT beautiful bunnies safely made it into Rabbit Rescues care from one of the dumping grounds in LasVegas, Nevada. If you’re unaware of the story, there have been ongoing issues with people dumping their rabbits outdoors in Vegas. The issue is so bad that they’ve now got what are called dumpsites. Although it’s illegal to do so, the issue continues. So many unaltered animals in one space reproduce very quickly. HUNDREDS of rabbits now live at each of these locations. It’s gotten completely out of control. The rabbits are perishing from the desert extremes, prey animals and disease. Rescue groups have been overloaded and desperate for help so we found one willing to work with us and jumped at the opportunity.

We want to give a HUGE shout out to all of the volunteers, the fosters, and adopter for making this happen! Also to Jodie & Rodney for making the LONG and sometimes stressful trek with these bunnies giving tremendous care along the way. To all of the people that opened up their homes for the bunnies to stretch out and spend the night, THANK YOU! Also a special shout out to Erin of Rusty and His Furrever Friends Rescue who we obtained the bunnies from and made it all happen!

Our story doesn’t stop here, if we can obtain more foster homes for these amazing animals we’re going to save as many as we can! If you can open your home to foster we would LOVE to hear from you. Please email haviva@rabbitrescue.ca for more information today!


Hubble is a six year old beautiful rex. A very sweet and affectionate rabbit who sadly came into the Rescue’s care after his owner passed away. After being confined to a cage with almost no human interaction he is flourishing in foster care.

He really enjoys human interaction, his favorite thing is being pet. Hubble is residing in a pen and has daily time out for exercise which he finds thrilling.

He binkies while he explores his foster home and every day he becomes bolder.

With excellent litter box habits, he would do well free range in a rabbit proofed room or home.

 Hubble is a gem who will fit into almost any family. He would likely bond well to a spayed female or just be happy being the only pet of the family.




I was found as a stray on the streets and brought to a shelter. However, my time there ran out and RR saved me!  I am still a little nervous but settling in very quickly. I like to run laps around the couch then flop on the floor to rest. I enjoy being pet but get pretty nervous if you try to pick me up – although I am getting braver each day! My foster mom tells me I am very soft and sweet. My favourite food is carrot tops and I take treats very gently. I love exploring everywhere so you need to keep an eye on me to make sure I am safe. I have lots of love to give – I just need a bit of patience and time to feel comfortable. I have been spayed as of October 2017.





Caramel is one of Meridas babies (who came to us pregnant). Caramel was born on Canada day 2017. He is a boy!  Very active, loves to climb and squeeze under obstacles. He likes his hamster food and also loves oats, lettuce, cheerios and martin’s apple dumplings so far. He likes to make a cozy nest for his bed with shredded kleenex. He seems to keep a bit of food stashed in his bed for a midnight snack! He has figured out his wheel and will really get it moving as he grows up.  Caramel is quite petite and is learning to be handled and is doing so well settling in, in quickly.



Ryder was surrendered to us on June 23rd 2017, he was part of an accidental
litter and was 2.5 months at time of surrender.
UPDATE as of Oct 2017

He is shy but warms up quickly. He prefers women over men, but with time warms up to men as well.  He is very curious and adventurous, and loves running around in his ball and exploring cardboard boxes.  He gets lot of handling time in his foster home, and also enjoys running in his ball for 10 minutes at a time.




Shy (aka Maggie), a female hamster,  was surrendered to us on June 23rd 2017, she was part of an accidental litter and was 2.5 months at time of surrender.  She’s a only a little bit shy but warms up quickly.

Shy is an active little lady who is doing very well in her foster home. Contrary to her adorable name, she is actually friendly, eager to explore new places, and meet new people! After some patience, Shy has shown to be a very curious animal. She loves playing with her chew toys and moving around nesting material in her home. With lots of love and care she will become a confident hammy in her new forever home!

On July 7th she gave birth to 7 babies, who will be weaned in 3 weeks. (She came to us pregnant). We are looking for 7 foster homes for her babies. She can be adopted once the babies are weaned, but we are happy to accept an application for her adoption before then (you would be able to bring her home once babies weaned).





Lemon is 2.5 months old and was an owner surrender along with her siblings and mom. Lemon is a very energetic little girl. She loves to take naps, climb the walls of the cage,and run on her hamster wheel. She has a very healthy appetite,  loves to eat her food while she sits in her bowl. She is good being handled and is friendly.




Merida was surrendered to us on June 23rd 2017. She is the mom Ryder, Shy,
Parker, Forest, Lamby, Sim, Lemon and Rain.  Shes a bit shy but warms up
quickly.  More info and photos to come soon!


From her foster mom:
Merida is a hamster on the move, she refuses to sit still! She’s definitely interested in her exercise time.  She quite enjoys her hamster ball, and loves to run around the whole room!

On July 1st 2017, she gave birth to babies. Her owners must have put her with a male before surrendering to us. We will be seeking foster homes for her babies once weaned.





Parker is an energetic little guy – he enjoys countless hours in his new ‘vehicle’ (a streamlined crystal blue Run-About Ball)! Like all little ones – he has to be asked twice to stop for something to eat.

When Parker has a particular destination in mind, there is nothing that stops him; not even his buddies – a couple of Foster cats and a Foster rabbit.  Parker just picks up the speed and heads straight for them!  They all know to move out of Parker’s way and head for higher ground.

When Parker isn’t booting around in his ‘ride’, he divides his time between reengineering his fortress and having a couple jogs on his ‘Silent Spinner’ wheel…

Parker prefers to mound his bedding under his fortress in order to ‘jack it up’.  He very consistently ensures that the end result has his igloo on an 30 degree angle!  If you leave his igloo level after cleaning out his home, he will ensure that it is back on the particular angle of his choice.

Parker is fine with being handled, but he has more important things to do besides stopping for a cuddle.  He is a man on mission…