Jax is a beautiful male who is not altered… he’s learning to trust and is coming along quickly! He has adjusted well to his New surroundings. If we can find a foster or adoptive home, he can come to us in Canada, from Las Vegas. We have until Jan. 24th to secure a placement or he will get left behind. HE will be neutered upon arrival in our care, if he comes!

Jax1 Jax2


Melody is a super sweet laid back lion head who has perfect litter box habits… hates being picked up, loves pets and attention she is fixed and chipped and about 2 years old.

She is currently in Las Vegas. We have until Jan. 24th to find a foster or adoptive home for her or she gets left behind.  Apply for her today!!

Melody1 Melody2


URGENT: foster or adoptive home needed asap! VEGAS BUNNY

 We have until Wed. Jan. 24th to find an approved foster or adopter for this bunny or she gets left behind in Vegas.

 Midnight is a sweet girl she takes a bit to warm up to you but once she does she adores pets and treats, she likes to play with her hidie box and word blocks

She’s a little over a year old and is spayed. She is from the Las Vegas dumping grounds.







Snickerdoodle is a sweet 1yr old bun, he loves pets and treats… he has some cosmetic injuries to his nose he is fixed he is very submissive he plays with toys.  We must have an application in for him by Wed 24th, or there will not be enough time to process it. He is one of the Vegas bunnies and he would arrive on Jan 31st if we can secure a foster or adoptive home for him.






Snickerdoodle1 Snickerdoodle2


Leaf is from a mom from the dumpsite in Vegas. He is a fixed male who is very curious, loves pets and enjoying trying new veggies, he’s very loving and sweet. If you can foster or want to adopt, please fill out an application asap. If we can secure a spot for him, he will travel on Jan. 27th. Anything past that date is too late for us to take him in.

Leaf1 Leaf2


 Dash the Dutch was rescued this past Friday from the dump site in Vegas. He is approximately a year old, he is outgoing and curious about his new surroundings. He’s adjusting very quickly and loves pets and treats.  We are looking for an URGENT foster home for him. He would come in on Jan 31st IF we can get a foster home for him in time (or a forever home!) we can bring him to Canada and give him a second chance at life!

Dash2 Dash1


Hoa was just rescued from one of the Vegas dumpsites and may be one of the sweetest bunnies EVER!!! He loves people and loves to snuggle! If we can find a foster or adoptive home for him, he can come to us on Jan. 31st . Don’t let this cutie be left behind!



Sunny was rescued on 12-21-17 from the dumpsite in Las Vegas, and  named for his warm and happy disposition. He is a bit timid at first but loves to be petted and bunny massaged. He will bunny purr if stroke from his nose to his ears. He is sweet and has a pleasant personality.  This  handsome bunny is definitely husbun material.  If we can get a foster or adoptive home for him, we will neuter him upon arrival in our care. Transport date would have him arrive on Jan. 31st, so time is running out to find him a foster home!

Sunny1 Sunny2

Urgent – Rocky

Rocky is a fixed male who has very unique markings. He was rescued on November 22 2017 from the Las Vegas dumping grounds .

Rock is very shy/scared and still learning to trust but we believe with time and love he will learn trusting us humans isn’t all that bad. He seems to enjoy being around other rabbits and gets along with them well, and so he would be a good bunny for bonding!  He was rescued along with his babies and mom. He loves his hidie box and playing with cups and blocks.  We are seeking an URGENT foster or adoptive home for him. If we can get one, he will arrive in our care on Jan. 31st. Help Rocky be a Canadian bunny and apply today!

Rocky1 Rocky2

Urgent – Sadie

This is Sadie she was rescued on Jan 3rd from a Las Vegas Dumpsite.  She is a beautiful bun who is shy and scared as most are at the time of rescue. With some love and time she’ll come right out of that.  If we can find a foster or adoptive home for her in time, she will be spayed and join the transport team to come to Canada, arriving on Jan 31st.  You can find the adoption and foster apps on our website!  Thank you.

Sadie1 Sadie2

URGENT – Roger Rabbit

This is Roger Rabbit.

He was rescued on October 17 and will be neutered shortly.  He is currently in Las Vegas and was rescued from one of the large dumping grounds. The situation in Vegas is out of control so we are helping move as many bunns as we can to help. They would arrive on Jan 31st 2018. We are limited by our foster homes. Roger Rabbit needs an URGENT foster home. Can you help? Email us if you can, or fill out a foster app! He is a very sweet boy and would be so grateful for a loving foster or adoptive home.

Roger Rabbit 1 Roger Rabbit 2

URGENT – Mini Grace

 This is Mini Gracie and she is in need of an URGENT foster home.  She was rescued from the dumping grounds in Las Vegas where there are up to 500 rabbits that need help!  She is a bit shy and was rescued on Nov 16  and is about 6-9 months. IF we can get a foster home for her, she will arrive in our care on Jan 31st 2018. Please apply to foster OR adopt her today and give her a second chance at life! She is already spayed and will be health checked before her long journey to Canada. For every bunny we can take in, another one can be rescued in Vegas (frees up the space there).

Mini Grace2 Mini Grace1

URGENT – Vivian

Meet Vivian!!

She was rescued August 22 and was about 4-6 weeks! She’s approximately 6 months old we have been waiting for this girl to hit her growth spurt but that has not happened so the vets believe she’s a Himalayan/Rex mix and won’t get much bigger. She is very loving an gentle. She loves to explore and have lots of human interaction. She does well with children,  small dogs, and seems to like other rabbits. She would likely bond well to them.  She has a HUGE personality and her binkies are super cute! She’s often over looked due to her red eyes but she’s one of the most awesome rabbits out there!

However, Vivian is in URGENT need of a local foster home. She is currently in Las Vegas. We can transport her here for Jan 31st but do NOT have a foster home for her! If you can help her by fostering or adopting her, we can get her into Canada. If we do not get a spot for her, she will be left behind. She would be spayed upon arrival in our care. Email us or fill out an app to help this sweet girl!

Vivian1 Vivian2


This is Oreo, another victim of the Las Vegas Bunny Dumping Grounds. We have transport for her, to arrive on Jan 31st to make her a “Canadian Bunny” but we need a foster or adoptive home!  She was rescued along with her 4 babies on Nov. 22nd. She is aprox one to two years old. She startles easily but gains your trust quickly. She had a rough life before she was rescued from the dumping grounds, so that makes sense. We expect her to continue to become increasingly comfortable and startle less as she gets used to a happy life now.  She was spayed on Dec. 23rd. We would love to take her in and help her, please email us today if you can foster or adopt.  This girl really deserves this chance!

Oreo1 Oreo2

URGENT – Dutchy

Dutchy is male, unfixed with a neuter appt 1/9/18.  He was rescued from one of the Las Vegas dumping grounds He is shy-ish but not skittish. He will bond with his person and is a typical Dutch personality, intelligent. He has a little scratch on his nose showing a battle or 2 out at the dumpsite. Enjoy his before and after photos.   We have transport for him to arrive on Jan. 31st into our care IF we can get a foster or adoptive home for him. Contact us today if you can help!

Dutchy Dutchy1

URGENT – Nouriel

Nouriel is a female spayed & microchipped bunny, rescued from the dumping grounds of Las Vegas. We have transport for her to arrive Jan 31st into our care, but need a foster or adoptive home for her!  She’s a stellar bunny, with knockout looks jet back with grey flecks in fur pattern. Barely brindle gray intermittent. Regal in looks, build and personality. Nouriel is a black bunny lover’s dream.  She would love a chance to be a Canadian bunny. Please make her dreams come true. Email us today about fostering or adopting her.

Nouriel1 Nouriel3


Jujube is a young, male Harlequin, set to be neutered on January 9th. Juju is a bit shy but quite happy. Adorable beyond belief and his unique markings make him highly, highly adoptable. Some of these pics are pre-rescue because it shows his carefree personality. Juju is approx 5 lbs. He is coming in from Las Vegas where he came for (a dumping ground for bunnies) on Jan 31st. Looking for an adoptive home for him! Email us if interested!

JuJube1 JuJube4

URGENT – Talulah

Meet Talulah. She is currently living in Las Vegas and looking to become a Canadian Bunny! If you can help by fostering or adopting her contact us ASAP. She will arrive in our care on Jan 31st if we can get a foster home for her.

Talulah May look like a plain brown bunny but she’s anything but plain! She currently holds the bunny flop crown! She was born at a dumpsite in Las Vegas and has had a few litters. When she was saved, her rescuer had to dig one of her babies out of its burro and also caught her other baby. Talulah was so amazing she accepted 2 other babies that were  rescued and added.  The babies have been  weaned from mom for about 2 weeks now and she will be going in for her spay in Jan 2.

Talulah is independent but loves a good nose/cheek rub! She enjoys salads and treats and understands home and will go to her enclosure when it’s time. Talulah is sure to make you crack smiles throughout the day! She is still under weight but we are working on that.  Best guess is she’s 1-2 yrs old.

Talulah2 Talulah1


Kona is a neutered, maybe a little under one year, coming to RR on Jan. 31st. He is coming from Las Vegas, and is one of the bunns rescued from a common bunny dumping ground.

RR is seeking a foster or adoptive home for this lovely boy!!

Friendly, inquisitive, very very uniquely marked. He may have been a breeder dump perhaps for irregular markings and not an acceptable Sable Point. He was 4.9 lbs at intake. He’s highly adoptable and might make a great first bunny. He is energetic and  loves free roam time,  currently housed in an xpen. We train all the Dumpsite bunnies to live in xpens with playtime a few hours a day-free roaming. He loves organic greens and pellets and treats & hay.  Please email us today to see how you can foster or adopt Kona!