Caramel is one of Meridas babies (who came to us pregnant). Caramel was born on Canada day 2017. He is a boy!  Very active, loves to climb and squeeze under obstacles. He likes his hamster food and also loves oats, lettuce, cherrios and martins apple dumlpings so far. He likes to make a cozy nest for his bed with shredded kleenex. He seems to keep a bit of food stashed in his bed for a midnight snack! He has figured out his wheel and will really get it moving as he grows up.  Caramel is quite petite and is learning to be handled and is doing so well settling in, in quickly.


Ice Cream


Ice Cream is such a sweet boy! He can be shy at first but really comes out of his shell as he becomes comfortable with you. He absolutely loves to run on the wheel and is quick to curl up in his little igloo for a snooze once he tuckers himself out. He also has quite the curiosity and is often found climbing on top of his wheel to get the best view of everything that’s going on around him. He will take treats right out of your hand and store them in his igloo to have as a late night snack! He’s such a happy, loveable hamster.


Wilfred & Theadore – BONDED PAIR


BONDED PAIR, MUST be adopted together.

Wilfred is a 3 year old neutered Holland Lop bunny in excellent health and
with beautiful markings and extremely soft fur.  He is very affectionate and
loves nothing more than to be cuddled.  He comes running for treats and
especially loves to have his tummy and forehead rubbed.  He is bonded to his
bunny buddy, Theodore, who he likes to cuddle with when nobody is home.
When out of his cage, Wilfred loves to explore and do binkies.  Wilfred is
fully litter trained and is an extremely good little bunny and easy to look
after.  Wilfred is also used to having dogs around.  Everyone who meets
Wilfred loves him!  Unfortunately, his owner is unable to look after him due
to health issues so Wilfred is looking for a home with his buddy, Theodore,
where he can get the love and attention that he deserves and more
opportunity to run around and do binkies.


Theodore is a beautiful neutered 2 year old Holland Lop bunny with lovely
off-white fur and smokey markings on the nose and paws.  He is somewhat shy
but will come running for any kind of  treat!  Theodore enjoys being patted
and cuddled but loves to jump around more.  He enjoys being cuddled when
done with confidence. He loves to run around and explore and adores his
bonded mate, Wilfred.  Theodore is well-behaved, fully litter trained and is
easy to look after.  He is an excellent companion for Wilfred who is so
loving that he should not be a lone bun.  Theodore is also used to having
dogs around.  Unfortunately, Theodore’s owner is unable to look after him
due to health issues so Theodore and his buddy, Wilfred, need a home
together where they can get the love and attention they deserve and more
opportunity to explore.



Chalkie is one of Shy’s babies, who came to us pregnant. He will be with mom for one more wk, but you can still apply to adopt!



Scratch is one of Shys babies, who came to us pregnant. Scratch is female and will be up for adoption shortly once weaned from mom.




Abby was found in a basement, not being cared for, with almost no human
interaction and not being provided with adequate food or water. She was
rescued and has just been spayed. She is seeking an urgent foster home.
Please contact us if you can help.



Clover is a little baby bunny who was spotted living with some wild Cottontail rabbits in a woodlot just prior to Easter. She was observed following the schedule and wanderings of the Cottontails through the woodlot and into the yards of the homes that back onto the wooded area – but thankfully would never cross the road in front of the houses when the Cottontails did; she’s a very smart little girl.

Initially she had no fear of people and would allow some of the neighbourhood children to pet her.  However, the longer that she observed the Cottontails bolting when people would approach them, the more she considered doing the same herself. Thankfully, once she was rescued and brought to her foster home, she was even more snuggly than when she was outside with the children. Clover does not mind being held and gives little bunny kisses when you cuddle her.  It is simply heaven on earth!


Clover gets along very well with cats.  She LOVES sitting on her window ledge watching the birds and squirrels frolic in the trees; with a gentle breeze tickling her cute little nose. Other than Clover being the cuddliest little bunny we have ever met – she also possesses some mad jumping skills never witnessed before!  The teeny little thing can be sitting perfectly still on the floor one minute, and then be suddenly airborne – coming to rest on the back of an oversized couch!

Clover isn’t much of a pellet girl, but rather enjoys a lot of fresh greens; she is still given pellets, though, and gradually picks away at them.  Her fruity treat of choice is actually fresh pear – which she chooses above fresh bananas and apples. And her favourite packaged treats are Binky Liberation dehydrated carrots; which we found at the Rabbit Rescue’s ‘One Stop, Bun Shop’.

Clover’s favourite pastime is playing in her Fun Tunnel; which we also stumbled across at the ‘One Stop, Bun Shop’ and just ‘had to’ purchase for her .  It is now a part of her worldly possessions that would ideally go with her to her new home. It is such a joy getting to know Clover and watching her personality develop.  Anyone who invites her into their lives will be truly blessed.  Inquire about adopting her today!


Ryder was surrendered to us on June 23rd 2017, he was part of an accidental
litter and was 2.5 months at time of surrender.  He’s a bit shy but warms up
quickly.  More info and photos to come soon!



Shy (aka Maggie), a female hamster,  was surrendered to us on June 23rd 2017, she was part of an accidental litter and was 2.5 months at time of surrender.  She’s a only a little bit shy but warms up quickly.

Shy is an active little lady who is doing very well in her foster home. Contrary to her adorable name, she is actually friendly, eager to explore new places, and meet new people! After some patience, Shy has shown to be a very curious animal. She loves playing with her chew toys and moving around nesting material in her home. With lots of love and care she will become a confident hammy in her new forever home!

On July 7th she gave birth to 7 babies, who will be weaned in 3 weeks. (She came to us pregnant). We are looking for 7 foster homes for her babies. She can be adopted once the babies are weaned, but we are happy to accept an application for her adoption before then (you would be able to bring her home once babies weaned).





Fergie was spotted trying to fit in with a family of wild bunnies in a ravine that ran between the backyards of a large stretch of houses; separated by chain link fencing all along. The area was a haven for such predators as wolves, coyotes, and foxes since the ravine connected to large expanses of land and Hydro fields on both ends.

Although, given certain circumstances, bunnies could potentially out run such predators; scared bunnies that is; Fergie (like most domesticated rabbits) didn’t know to be afraid.  A local resident observed Fergie marching up to a dog (to make friends undoubtedly) who was walking off leash with his/her guardian somewhere near by.  Things could easily have turned out bad for Fergie…

Aside from predators, Fergie had other odds working against her survival; lack of proper nutrition, fleas, ticks, parasites, cars AND weather conditions.

As it turns out from speaking with local residents, Fergie had spent the entire winter outside! The first reported sighting was late October; which meant that she managed for 7 months to beat all odds.  Also, given the growth spurt that residents have observed over the past seven months (despite being malnourished) it is evident that Fergie was just a little bunny when she was left outside.

Upon observing Fergie for the first time, it took mere seconds to realize that here was a bunny that was full of life and with the gentlest of spirits. Eventually Fergie was caught by our expert bunny catcher. Now that Fergie is safe and sound and getting healthy form her ordeal outside, her personality is really starting to shine…

Fergie is essentially a lap bun!  She loves physical contact, in general, and when you sit down on the floor with your legs extended outward she will hop onto your lap and snuggle into you – so long as you continue to pet her in her favourite way!  This involves starting at the bridge of her nose and working your way over her flattened ears all the way down to her bum in one gentle motion. She also loves being spoken to softly; she looks up at you with adoring eyes when you do so.  If you bend down so that she can reach, you will get Eskimo kisses! She is a very sensitive bunny, so loud noises and quick movements make her a little nervous. She is comfortable being picked up but will squirm without warning; so the person should be experienced if doing so. Fergie has made friends with a foster hamster and is in the process of getting to know a few foster kitties also.

Words cannot express what a very special bunny Fergie is… Rabbit Rescue had her vetted, spayed, and treated for fleas.  She is ready to find her forever home. Who ever gets this bunny will be very lucky!



Lemon is 2.5 months old and was an owner surrender along with her siblings and mom. Lemon is a very energetic little girl. She loves to take naps, climb the walls of the cage,and run on her hamster wheel. She has a very healthy appetite,  loves to eat her food while she sits in her bowl. She is good being handled and is friendly.