Mr D was one of 103 rabbits seized after being raised in very inhumane conditions while being raised for meat. He is aprox 11 months (as of May 2017) and has been neutered. More info to come as his foster family gets to know him!



Penelope (Penny) is a very curious, high energy young bun. She loves having a lot of space to run around but also spends a lot of time taking naps. All fruits and veggies seem to be delicious, and she eats a LOT of hay which is wonderful! Must be fed twice a day – she would eat a day’s worth of food in one sitting. Did not get along very well with a timid bunny, but previously lived around other animals and they got along well. Prefers to have some traction on the ground – ie a blanket etc on the ground, not hardwood. She would make a great pet for a family with older/no children, and no other pets.PennyCollage



Hi – I am Button.  I have decided to write my own Bio.  That is just how I role…

I would like to start by saying that I am a girl – because ‘Button’ doesn’t adequately express this important fact.  Although I appreciate the sentiment behind how I got this name – “oh my, she is cute as a button!”, “oh my, she has a cute button nose!” – I rather thought that Beyonce would have been more appropriate.  Just my gorgeous full bodied head of hair alone screams diva!  But I am not bitter.

Rabbit Rescue had me spayed and health checked in April 2017 and Im healthy!  I was dumped outside by my owner and caught by a RR volunteer thank goodness!

It is not spite that causes me to nudge people out of my way or give them sideways glances when they are messing up my beautiful long locks with hands that I clearly did not witness them washing; it is my stature.

That being said, I’ll admit to getting a little mileage out of putting on airs and graces.  The more I do it, the more my foster parents go out of their way to cater to my every whim.  Although I make a point of being ‘hot and cold’ when they are crouched above me while stroking me, I reward them when they get on the floor and lay at eye level by grooming their hair and nuzzling their cheeks.

They get such a kick out of it, that they don’t even notice when I am going around and rubbing my scent all over them! Ha!  You’re mine now!

Sometimes I forget my strategy and do cute little bunny things, like flops and binkies; although I usually recover my dignity fairly quickly.  Well, except for at desert time…  The other day I got my usual favourite – smooshed fresh banana.  This alone affords my foster parents a couple of binkies; just to keep them on side. But then Foster Sue went above and beyond and, consequently, so did I!

My foster mom sat down on the floor (like I have trained her to do) with my bag of Oxbow Oat Hay; she does this thing where she reaches into the bag and finds the shoots of oat seeds.  On this particular day, the bag was almost empty and there didn’t seem to be any shoots left.  I was totally ready to unleash some attitude like the world has never witnessed when she proceeded to put a handful of loose bits into a bowl which she began sorting.  At first, it wasn’t apparent what she was doing until she extended her arm with a little offering; an individual oat seed.

The thought occurred to me to make her feel bad for such a measly offering, like grunt and walk away, but I chose to take the seed and just stare at her; I was going for the “is that all you have to offer me!” look.  Foster mom proceeded to sort out individual seeds, and I proceeded to take them.  Before I knew it, with every seed I got, I did a small ‘Indy 500’ quickly followed by a tight and precise binky.  This went on seed after seed.  I don’t quite know what got into me that day…  I like to blame it on the sugar.  This is a true story.

Luke Skyhopper and Yuki – BONDED PAIR


Luke Skyhopper and Yuki are a young bonded pair of New Zealand rabbits who were both part of the 103 rescue – saved from become dinner after living in horrid conditions.  Rabbit Rescue has spayed and neutered both.  They were adopted separately and bonded.  Their owner is now moving and not able to keep them, and we have only a few short weeks to move them.  Yuki is the sister to the  “famous” Benjamin Bunny”. Luke is a loveable trouble maker who is a total sweetheart. He loves cuddles and playing with any toy given to him.  He loves paper and cardboard boxes and is like a puppy in the morning when it comes to his food.  They both love routine and look forward to knowing what is next.  Luke and Yuki live almost completely free range, but do have their own area that they can retreat too.  Yuki is more independent than Luke, she spooks easy but eventually opens up her heart.  She is a beautiful little girl who only wants love from everyone around her and only wants happiness.  She, like Luke loves to chew boxes and the two of them can spend hours chewing them down.  They eat great and have never had any problems.  These two are wonderful to watch as they sleep side by side.


Cambridge rabbit rescue gears up for unwanted Easter bunnies

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 9.41.21 PM

A local rabbit rescue service anticipates a surge of unwanted bunnies now that Easter has come and gone.

The cute, cuddly creatures are often an impulse purchase as an Easter gift for children, but Haviva Porter-Lush at Rabbit Rescue Inc. wishes people would buy stuffed or chocolate bunnies instead.

“Without fail, every year in the three to four months after Easter we get calls from parents whose children have lost interest in the rabbit,” she said.

Read the full story here.

More rabbits found abandoned in days after Easter


Rabbit rescue organizations are preparing for an influx of surrendered and stray bunnies as Easter weekend comes to an end.

The executive director of Rabbit Rescue Inc. in Cambridge, Ont., said oftentimes, parents who buy the animals for their kids don’t understand what they’re getting into.

“They’re really similar to cats and dogs, not like hamsters and gerbils,” Haviva Porter-Lush said. They can’t be kept in a small cage, for instance. Porter-Lush recommends keeping them in a pen or a dedicated room to themselves.

Full news story here.

Easter not so happy for rabbits raised for meat in Canada

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 9.46.39 PM

Haviva Lush, executive director of Rabbit Rescue Incorporated, a southern Ontario-based charity, has seen what happens without any protections in place for rabbits. She’s rescued meat rabbits that were missing limbs, covered in abscesses “with pretty much every disease a rabbit could get.”

“Reality is,” says Lush, “rabbits suffer more than most animals, not only due to no codes of practice, but because they do not need to be rendered unconscious before they are strung up for slaughter.”

Read the full story here.


Snowflake3 (2)

Snowflake didn’t have the greatest start.  She was removed from a disgusting situation in July 2016 by the SPCA.  She was 1 of the #103 taken in.  We had her health checked, and spayed her as soon as she was old enough.  For her first few month with us she was she was very hormonal and territorial. Because of these issues Snowflake was moved around multiple times to different foster homes.  Once she settled in to her last foster home, more experienced to to help her learn to trust and come out of her shell. She flourished into an absolute LOVE bunny.  She adores being pet and being with people.  She expresses her happiness continuously by doing little head shakes and binkies.  She can get some serious air!.  Her foster mom has never seen a bunny binky as much as Snowflake.  Anyone that meets her, has witnessed her happiness.

Snowflake does require bunny proofing as she is super curious. She is young and has lots of energy. Snowflake definitely enjoys her “out” time and ensures to check out every nook and cranny of her space, she enjoys flopping out under furniture and running through tunnels.  She is very good with her litter habits and always goes back to her xpen to do her business. Snowflake is a phenomenal eater, there really isnt anything yet her foster mom has offered her that she hasnt liked!  All types of greens, carrot, apple, banana, martins treats, pellets and she eats her weight in hay! No fussy
bunny here. Snowflake can still be a bit lungy at times but responds well to correction. Her foster mom believes she would benefit from 1 on 1 attention and turn into the perfect bunny for any home.  Her current foster home is not able to keep her any longer as they are moving. Thus, she is seeking her fourth foster home, OR adoptive home! She is such a lovely rabbit now, we hope she can find a home where she can settle into and call her own!

Snowflake1Snowflake3 (1)

Local rabbit rescue group helps save bunny left as garbage


A Cambridge-based bunny rescue organization is seeking a forever home for a rabbit that was left to die tied up in garbage bag last week in Vaughn.

Haviva Lush, executive director of Rabbit Rescue Incorporated, learned about the fluffy white critter on March 8, one of three put out as garbage but later found after one of the bunnies chewed its way out of the bag.

Full story HERE.

Cookie and Boots


Cookie and Boots were born two days after their mom arrived in our care. The mom came from the US from a large rescue. They are a pair, and must be adopted together.

Cookie is light cream coloured and Boots is black. Cookie is the larger of the two, Boots is quite petite.

Boots is much faster than Cookie, don’t blink or she will be gone in a flash. Both love to be on the move constantly, unless they are sleeping. Both are very friendly and will climb into your hand to be pulled out of their aquarium. They love to run about and climb all over you. They like to build mounds with their cage bedding and sleep inside them together. They enjoy chewing paper towel rolls and running through them.

Like many hammies they hoard their food in every corner of their enclosure. They like to eat a few different foods besides their hammy food. Both will nibble on cucumber, banana and plain cheerios, We tried apple and blueberries but neither seem to care for it. They’re most active in the late evening and enjoy spending time with humans. If they are awake they will put their little hands on the side of the enclosure when you approach them. They can’t wait for you to take them out to play.

CookieandBoots3 CookieandBoots1 CookieandBoots2



Monty is a neutered male with a big appetite. He came to us from a shelter when he was out of time, he was not a happy boy there! Now he is doing So much better in foster care! He loves his veggies and treats and will take them from your hand eagerly. He is a bit cage aggressive at the moment but his foster mom is trying to get him out of that habit. He likes to have free range and has pretty good litter box habits when it comes to urine, do find poop balls when he is out of his cage. Monty has been exposed to cats and shows no fear of them at all. He will hop up to them and they will exchange sniffs. He is also starting to let his foster mom his nose and head (and he has only been there a week so far). Monty’s coat is very shiny and silky, makes me think Black Beauty would be a better name for him!

He is a great little rabbit and is hoping to find a forever home soon.Monty1

Cocoa Bean and Coffee Bean


Cocoa Bean and Coffee Bean are dwarf hamsters that must be adopted together.  They came to Rabbit Rescue from Indiana, via the Pipsqueakery. They had been abandoned and needed a home to help rehabilitate them as they were prone to biting. From the get-go it was obvious to their foster family who was the bossy, active hamster and who was the “chill” girl. Coffee Bean earned her name because she runs around like she’s hyped up on caffeine, and is definitely the bossy one. Like her name, Cocoa Bean is a sweetie, and much more laid back. Cocoa Bean has allowed her foster mum to stroke her back and will take treats. Coffee Bean is still unsure, and will only let herself be pet on her own terms.

Cocoa Bean is usually found sleeping in her food dish… She loves to eat! Coffee Bean is usually on her wheel or climbing the cage when she isn’t napping.

Both Coffee and Cocoa are proving to be devoted mothers..because SURPRISE.. after a few days in our care they both had babies!. All 6 babies are now up for adoption as well.

cocoabeanandcoffeebean2 cocobeanandcoffeebean

Punkin and Pi


These two adorable dwarf hamsters came from a rescue in Indiana.  From above, the brothers seem identical, but there personality and distinctive tummies makes it easy to tell them apart.  While both very active, Punkin (with a narrow stripe down his tummy) is almost always on the go, enjoying the wheel or in his ball, he just keeps moving.  Pi (with a pie shaped white spot on his chest)  loves burrowing and climbing, will use the wheel but not a great fan of the ball – he tries to burrow out!  Both are learning to be social.  As all hamsters they are defensive when approached from above, nipping if alarmed.  Once they are on your chest or lap, they settle in to receive pets.  I use the ball to get them out of the cage and avoid nipping.  They are brothers and squabble at times.  While there are two of everything, they naturally fight over the same food bowl or wheel.  They appear when they hear me and stand up tall to try and reach me.

So adorable.



Rumsey is a very sweet shy bunny. She stays reserved unless you click your tongue with some food in your hands, then she will come running over and eat out of your hand and get in your lap. Food is 100% the way to her heart. She is a curious soul and will go everywhere she can get to, to go explore. She is also fearless as she always hops right up to my dog to say hello, She is free range as her size limits her in a traditional cage. Her favorite places to get rubbed are between her ears, and she strongly dislikes her neck being rubbed. She is currently being litter trained and once we get that down pat she’ll be the perfect free range bunny as she doesn’t bite or chew.  She has been spayed and had a small benign lump removed at time of her spay..she is healthy now and ready to find her forever home!


Peaches – URGENT


Peaches is one of Vienna’s babies, that came to us only 2 days old on Aug. 7th 2016.  Vienna was seized after being raised for meat in disgusting conditions.

Peaches is a sweet and spunky girl. She is still a little timid about getting picked up or petted but enjoys running around and doing her own thing. She is very curious and likes to explore everything in her environment. She is also very friendly with other animals and will hop right up to cats. Peaches isn’t very destructive but can get into mischief if she finds that she isn’t getting enough time out of her pen. She is a happy girl who loves to do binkies and run around, especially in the morning. Her fur is very soft.

She would do really well bonded to another rabbit(s). She loves other animals and is super friendly with them. She’s got a bit of an attitude and binkies away when she knows it’s time to go back in her pen. She has a bit of trouble on our hardwood floor but doesn’t seem afraid of it at all and is getting used to it. She is definitely a morning rabbit who loves the sun.
She sleeps well at night and is up as soon as the sun comes up to run around like crazy and do binkies everywhere. She is super curious and will explore everywhere and everything she can get to. She can make anyone laugh with her antics. The only thing she ever destroyed were some paper pictures that were taped up in her pen. She decided she didn’t like the décor and let her foster mom know. She will be spayed as soon as she is old enough. She cant wait to find her forever home!




Tulip is a sweet bun who was rescued from a terrible situation.  She has come along way since August after being rescued with 103 other rabbits who were being raised for meat.  Tulip is still very hesitant about new situations and loud noises so she will require someone with rabbit experience and patience to continue to bring her out of her shell.  She loves to binky and run around so a large space and lots of time outside her pen is a must.  Tulip likes to be pet around the face and ears which means she just wants to be loved.  She gets very excited about her pellets and loves fresh timothy hay.  Tulip is litter trained and likes to play with toys that she can chew.  She does not show any destructive behaviour and likes to stretch out just about anywhere.  Tulip wants to trust, she just needs someone to spend time with her and love her – could that be you?  We had her spayed and health checked in Aug 2016.



Audrey Hopburn

Audrey HopBun is one of the 103 we saved in Aug 2016. She came to us after being raised for meat and kept in such bad conditions the SPCA had to remove all of them.

Audrey is a very inquisitive and bright little bunny who loves to play with toys and enjoys being petted! She is trying her best to be friends with our cats and seems to be winning them over with her playful attitude. It’s impossible to be anything but happy with her bright little self around!

She is energetic, very bright, playful! Likes to hop after our cats, enjoys exploring. Good at getting out of pen, had to make Bunny Alcatraz, but also seems to be easily occupied with toys. She is a great eater, loves cantaloupe as a special treat and promised to be your very best friend if you adopt her!