Rabbit Rescue wants every bunny to enjoy our event.  In order to do so, we are imposing guidelines that must be followed for the benefit of your rabbit’s health and safety.




  • All rabbits attending must be in good health.  If a Rabbit Rescue volunteer suspects an ill rabbit, you will be kindly asked to leave.
  • All rabbits must be in a stroller, carrier or carried in an appropriate harness while visiting BunFest.  Please use approved pet carriers!
  • Knapsacks, dufflebags, backpacks, picnic baskets, etc. are not designed for your rabbit’s safety, health or comfort.  Rabbits brought in any inappropriate carriers will NOT be allowed in. Rabbits are NOT allowed to be loose at any time.
  • Do not allow your rabbit to approach another rabbit.  This may result in fighting, biting, kicking and/or scratching.  Your rabbit may get bitten, become distressed, injure itself, you or another person.  Interaction between rabbits is prohibited.
  • Please clean up after your rabbit!  We understand accidents happen but it is very important that messes be cleaned immediately to avoid the possible spread of illness.  Alert one of our volunteers for assistance if needed.
  • Please keep a close eye on your bunny’s behaviour.  While BunFest is designed to be fun for everyone, not all bunnies may be happy.  Crowds, loud noises, strange smells and uneasiness can cause stress to your bunny.  No one knows your bunny as well as you so please use your best judgement in deciding when your bunny has “had enough”.
  • Keep your bunny hydrated and fed at all times.  Feel free to take a break at our Bunny Lounge to allow your bunny some quiet time to stretch his legs, nibble on hay and drink some water.
  • If your rabbit uses any of our services or areas (such as Bunny Spa, Glamour Shots, Bunny Lounge, etc.) you accept all risks and liabilities.  Rabbit Rescue will not be responsible for any injuries incurred.  Our volunteers will treat your rabbit with the utmost care and concern and are prepared for any emergency, however we are unable to predict your bunny’s behaviour and response to various situations.  If your rabbit does not like being handled or is uncomfortable around strangers, please let us know and perhaps skip activities that you think might be stressful for your bunny.
  • No other animals are permitted.

All these rules are in place to protect the health and safety of your rabbit.  Certain illnesses can be spread from rabbit to rabbit and Rabbit Rescue has implemented these rules to help prevent the transmission of disease, and to prevent injury.

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