Is having a classroom rabbit beneficial?

Absolutely not. In most cases they are brought in to teach the students about responsibility, however, it’s a lesson never learned. At the end of every school year, rescues and shelters are overwhelmed with classroom pets that are dumped because they have nowhere to go. How does this teach a classroom of children about responsibility? The answer is it doesn’t. All it does is teach them that animals are disposable and responsibility is something you can walk away from when it becomes inconvenient. Rabbit Rescue will not place rabbits in a classroom or other facility.

Seriously concerns like student allergies, who will cover vet bills, what happens if a child is injured from the rabbit, or if a rabbit is injured due to mishandling, what happens on weekends, holidays, after hours…must also be considered. Rabbits are a very high stress animal and do VERY POORLY in classroom type settings.

If your classroom of students would like to help rabbits, they can raise funds to ‘sponsor’ a rabbit of their choice, and in return they will receive a certificate and photo of the rabbit they have helped save.

For more information on classroom rabbits, click RR Rabbits in the Classroom.