Haviva Porter-Lush – Executive Director


Haviva has always had a passion for animals; she became a vegetarian at age 3 years and a vegan as an adult. Growing up, she was constantly involved in both animal rights and environmental issues; attending and organizing protests, raising awareness, rescuing animals and spending her time volunteering with a variety of animal charities. She has a specialized honors degree in Environmental Science and is honored to have worked for some of her favorite charities including, WSPA, Animal Alliance, Earth Day Canada, Toronto Wildlife Centre and Earth Rangers.

Haviva founded Rabbit Rescue after falling in love with Marbles (the bunny that started it all and the reason that RR exists today!). She realized the huge lack of resources available for domestic rabbits and wanted to change that. While many rabbit rescues could be found in other parts of the world, there were none in Canada! So, with extreme determination and hard work, she would not let anything stand in her way of establishing Rabbit Rescue Inc!

In 2001, she quit her job (environmental education/wildlife rehabilitation) to run the Rescue full time. Starting small, she incorporated the organization and obtained charitable status on her own. Haviva has a knack for bringing good people together, and volunteers quickly followed suit to make Rabbit Rescue what it is today. Rabbit Rescue Inc. was the first rabbit charity in Ontario, and is the largest rabbit rescue in Canada.

Haviva resides in Cambridge, ON with her husband John, daughters Anika and Maya, and an assortment of furry friends.

Haviva can be reached at: haviva@rabbitrescue.ca

Dr. John Brajkovich – Board of Directors


Dr. John Brajkovich has been a part of RR since its incorporation. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Animal Biology at the University of Guelph and graduated Ontario Veterinary College in 2000 and opened Caledon Mountain Veterinary Hospital in 2002. He has a special interest in orthopedic surgery with ten years of experience. Dr John Brajkovich is certified in most disciplines of orthopedic surgery including TPLO, TTA, hip replacement, bone deformities and fracture repair. Dr. John is an incredible rabbit savvy vet and takes a special interest in them.

Liz Beecker – Board of Directors


Liz has been a supporter and board member of Rabbit Rescue Inc. since 2002.  She contacted Haviva after seeing an article about Rabbit Rescue in the local newspaper, and has been active ever since. Currently Liz is President of Rabbit Rescue. An animal lover since childhood, rabbits have long been a part of Liz’s life.  Liz will often adopt the chronically ill bunnies from the Rescue and she has had many Rescue bunnies come through her life.  Liz’s current bunny ‘kids’ include Lacey and Salsa, two very special girls who have their own bedroom in their mom’s home in Toronto. Liz can be reached at: liz@rabbitrescue.ca

Magen Kuntze – Board of Directors


Magen’s been loved and owned by animals since she was 5 years old. From a young age, learning about health and wellness of rabbits bunnies was a passion. Magen found Rabbit Rescue in 2004 and adopted her first rabbit from RR. Over the years she has been an active volunteer, advocate and foster home for RR. She joined the Board of Directors in 2012 and brings with her knowledge she has gained from working in a veterinary clinic for many years.

Magen is also very involved in canine rescue with Keeshond Rescue Ontario Inc., She also enjoys showing her own dogs in conformation, agility and obedience.

Currently she is owned by, Hawthorne (adopted in 2006 from RR), Pogo (a former Barrie bunny adopted from RR), and Ziva (who was dumped at a local hotel). As well by Angel a Keeshond, her daughter Hades, Mazy an American Cocker Spaniel and rescued rats Punky, Fire and Eva #2. Magen can be reached at: magen@rabbitrescue.ca

Rosalind Glousher – Adoptions & Fostering


Rosalind discovered Rabbit Rescue in 2004. Initially volunteering as a foster home, her love of animals and the Rescue’s work, inspired her to take on a more active role in the Rescue. As an employee since 2010, she currently manages the Adoptions and Fostering departments. She takes great pride and pleasure in helping to rescue the animals in our care, and aiding families in choosing the right pet for their homes. Her hard work and dedication never go unnoticed by everyone she helps – both humans and rabbits.

Rosalind can be reached at: rosalind@rabbitrescue.ca

Sheri Elchesyn – Fostering, Adoptions & Surrenders


Bio Coming Soon!

You can contact Sheri at Sheri@rabbitrescue.ca

Alicia Riley – Design & Photography


Alicia discovered Rabbit Rescue online in 2006 while doing research to try to bond her two rabbits, Lilo and Jinx. Ecstatic that there was local support for rabbit owners and abandoned bunnies, she quickly offered her design skills to the Rescue to support the cause. Starting out with the C.A.R.E. Campaign, it quickly blossomed to the topic brochures, business cards, redesign and maintenance of the website and more recently (2013) the annual RR Calendar. Alicia also donates her time and photography talent to the annual Calendar and a bunny photo booth at Bunfest. In 2013 Alicia fostered and then quickly adopted Cleo from RR to join her other rabbits.

Michelle Wasyluk


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Rachel Nadeau – Store

Rachel looks after the RR store, more information coming soon!