The importance of mental stimulation

Toys are an important part of your rabbit’s day-to-day life.
Rabbits can easily become bored. Bored rabbits may become destructive rabbits. They are natural chewers and diggers, and unless you want this behaviour to manifest on your couch or your carpet, providing toys is essential.

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What kind of toys?

It’s important to keep in mind that not every bunny will like every toy. Some bunnies will like toys that are noisy, some like toys they can tear apart, some also like toys that they can throw around. There are plenty of great toys that you can buy for your rabbit.

Just about any cat toys with bells in them are great. Rabbits can push these balls around with their nose, or pick them up and throw them (depending on the toy). These cat toys are inexpensive and prove to be very amusing. (Ensure that the bell cannot become lose and swallowed!)

Baby toys such as rattles and teething toys are also excellent for rabbits provided that they are made of hard plastic. If they are not, it is possible that a rabbit will accidentally ingest tiny pieces of the toy which could be harmful.

Slinkies are another favourite. Bunnies can roll them with their noses. They will also try to pick up one end a Slinky with their mouth and try to toss it, often being very confused when it comes flying back! These toys are fun for everyone.

Natural mats and baskets are great to chew and toss around. Choose maize and sea grass mats that are untreated, as well as untreated willow baskets and bowls. In addition, apple and willow branches are a bit hit for bunnies that enjoy chewing, and are safe and edible. Make sure any branches have not been treated with pesticides! All of these products can be found at our store:

A homemade toy is a great way to save money while still keeping your rabbit happy. There are toys that you can come by at a zero to minimal cost. Some great ideas for homemade toys are:

  • Toilet/paper towel rolls stuffed with hay. Either on their own, or filled with hay these tubes are great for keeping your rabbit occupied. He can throw it around, tear it apart, and eat the insides.
  • Old phone books are a great thing to give your rabbit because they can be shredded. Phone books can provide hours of fun for your bunny. If you do decide to let your rabbit play with a phone book, make sure you monitor whether or not she is ingesting the paper.
  • There’s hardly a bunny that can refuse to play with a cardboard box. They are great toys that your rabbit can chew on, toss around and climb on. A cardboard box is also a great place for your bunny to hide. These make great toys and are very easy to come by.

YOU are one of the best toys any rabbit can ask for.

A rabbit will climb on you, nudge your for pets, and binky around you. Not only is playtime fun for both you and your rabbit, the interaction is very important to them and will help create a strong bond between you.