BONDED PAIR – Reuben & Bunns


Reuben and Bunns were introduced just under a year ago and it was love at first sight.  Bunns had been introduced to other rabbits along the way, but she would have none of it.  She was waiting for Reuben, her partner and also her complete opposite in most ways.  Where Bunns is small, neat and very picky about who she favors with her presence, Reuben is more outgoing, enjoys pets and comes running when he is called.  He is a big, goofy, good-natured young bunny who is often found sprawled out contentedly on his favourite “bed” (a pile of blankets).   They live completely free range and usually choose to sleep under the couch, which they have turned into their den.  Bunns is extremely well litter trained.  Reuben always pees in the box but needs to do a little more work on remembering where the poops go.  He is still very young – probably around 2 – and not much has been done to help him with this, so he may just need a little guidance.

Bunns was rescued from a neglectful home about 3 years ago.  At the time the vet placed her at 1 or 2 years old, making her about 4 or 5 now.  She is a very shy, dainty, lady like little girl who picks at her food and maintains her decorum at all times. She will allow you to pet her gently on her head once she knows you very, very well.  Even that was only allowed after she saw Reuben enjoying pets and so decided it must be ok.  Since meeting Reuben she has come out of her shell and is a more trusting, relaxed Bunns.  She is often found with her head buried in his neck and I am sure this helps her feel safe and protected.

Reuben was rescued from his destiny as someone’s dinner because the farmer was not providing proper care.  RR took him in to our care  and he was adopted out (and bonded to Bunns). As a result of this neglect he had to have some of his back teeth and his left eye removed.  The missing eye is barely noticeable due to the dark markings around the area, and he is truly a big, gorgeous guy.  Having been deprived of food in his first year, however, Reuben now eats to make up for lost time.  He dives into his bowl with great gusto and, as much as he loves Bunns, she sometimes gets trampled in the dinner rush.  She never minds, though, and hangs back and waits for him to have his fill.

Reuben and Bunns are almost never apart, awake or asleep.  Although they both had a horrific start in life, they are now living one of the great bunny love stories.  Bunns is the brains of this operation while Reuben is the heart.  Together they are an awesome (and adorable) duo.

Their current owner is extremely sad to part with them, but has recently been diagnosed with MS and is finding it increasingly difficult to provide proper care for them.  Both bunnies are very gentle with any human friends.  Bunns may need her incisors removed, which RR will do upon arrival into our care.
We are seeking an urgent foster home for them, as mentioned their current owner is having a very hard time looking after them due to her health.


URGENT – BONDED PAIR – Chip & Marshmellow

Female | Dutch Mix | Arrived November 2015

Chip & Marshmallow are currently at a local shelter, but the shelter is OVER FULL and we URGENTLY need a Foster or Adoptive home for them.

Chip and Marshmallow are 3.5 month old sisters who love each other to bits. They are dutch mix and adult size is unknown because the father is unknown.!

Chip (black and white) has a very soft coat and loves people and affection. She’s the only one in the litter who loves climbing up on laps for pets (and even gives kisses on the face!!). Chip is curious and is quite a cuddle-bug. Marshmallow (white with deep ocean blue eyes) is more athletic and loves to “kick it” during exercise time! She loves getting lots of pets and affection with all four paws on the floor (which is normal for the vast majority of rabbits). They will make a wonderful addition to any family ready for the hilarity and responsibility of two lovely rabbits.

Spay surgery, included in adoption, will occur at 4 to 5 months old. Until they are spayed and generally through until their first birthday, baby bunnies are definitely more work than an adult bunny! Litter training will take patience and consistency from their humans. Baby bunnies have to be gently and repetitively taught what they are allowed to chew on/dig in/etc. They require lots of exercise and lots of patience, and give lots of love and cuteness in return.


URGENT – BONDED PAIR – Twizzler & Jubjub

Male | Dutch Mix | Arrived November 2015

Twizzler & Jubjub are currently at a local shelter, but the shelter is OVER FULL and we URGENTLY need a Foster or Adoptive home for them.

Jubjub (grey) and Twizzler (black n white) are 3.5 month old brothers that must go home together! They are dutch mix and adult size is unknown because the father is unknown.

Twizzler and Jubjub are such a fun pair of bunnies! Their coats both have frosted white tips which is just adorably handsome (they must have been watching too many 1990’s music videos?!). They love each other to bits. They groom eachothers ears, snuggle together, belly flop on each other, have acrobatic competitions and get into general baby bunny hijinx. They are totally “Pinky and the Brain”… with Jubjub being “Pinky”. These guys were raised from newborns and are well socialized and well adjusted. They would make a great addition to any home ready for the responsibility and hilarity of two house bunnies. Adopting a pair is really they way to go because rabbits shouldn’t live alone. Bonding two strange bunnies is certainly do-able (and we provide instructions) but by adopting a pair all that work is done for you!

Neuter surgery, included in adoption, will occur at 4 to 5 months old. Until they are neutered and generally through until their first birthday, baby bunnies are definitely more work than an adult bunny! They use the litter box for pees already but full litter training will take patience and consistency from their hooomans.  Baby bunnies have to be gently and repetitively taught what they are allowed to chew on/dig in/etc. They require lots of exercise and lots of patience, and give lots of love and cuteness.



URGENT – BONDED PAIR – Licorice & Pixie

Female | Dutch Mix | Arrived November 2015

Licorice and Pixie are currently at a local shelter, but the shelter is OVER FULL and we URGENTLY need a Foster or Adoptive home for them.

Liquorice (black and white) is a 1.5 year old female dutch mix bunny with a fantastic blue crescent moon in one eye, her baby daughter Pixie (white) is 3.5 months old with sky blue eyes. These two are a bonded mommy-daughter pair and must go home together.

These two lovely bunnies have been well socialized, and are 90% on-the-mark with their litter box skills (and will be five star once spayed), and are brave and outgoing. “Licky” in particular is very daring bunny and is keen to explore anything new. She is not shy at all. Her daughter Pixie is a bit more cautious and likes to follow her momma’s lead but after a few minutes she will be binkying up a storm and showing off her acrobatics. Both bunnies are athletes during exercise time (morning/evening are their fav times to zoom) and then turn into adorable spooning couch potatoes once they’ve finished zooming.

These bunnies would be a delightful addition to any home ready for the hilarity and responsibility of two marvellous house bunnies.




Female | Dutch Cross | Arrived 2015

Linda (aka Lindy Hop!), came to RR after being passed up repeatedly at a local shelter. No one was interested her and she was becoming very unhappy there.  Now in the safety of an RR foster home, she is a very curious and happy bunny. When she’s not exploring, she’s usually flopped for naps under her foster moms work chair. When it’s time to get up and go, Lindy shows some pretty amazing bunny stretches and yawns. Her favourite past times, beyond naps, yawns, and adventure, include races around the room at top speed and binkies all around. Lindy has some of the best litter habits around, never once has she failed to use her litter box. Also, she is very good about not chewing things she’s not supposed to.

While Lindy’s adorable characteristics outweigh any negative ones, Lindy still has to work on her people skills. Hands make her nervous and she responds with boxing, grunts, lunges, and the occasional nip. She shows signs that she was either mistreated or possible hurt by people in her past and needs some help to overcome this.


Lindy is working hard on improving her attitude, but some of her diva ‘tude might be here to stay. As a parting thought, Lindy would like us to know though that despite her grumpy moments, she is very endearing and a pleasure to have around! In spite her fear of hands she is really a very social and wonderful girl. She has come a long way in a short time in foster care. Learning to trust that no one is going to mistreat her has helped her overcome some of her fear and she has responded well to love.

Lindy is such an active girl that she would do best either free range or in a home where she will have a lot of time out. While she loves lounging in her pen and feels safe there having the door open much of the day for her to run and burn off some energy has made her a very happy little girl.



Female | New Zealand | Arrived March 2014

Serena was an owner surrender to a shelter when she was 6 months old because she was considered to be grumpy and not friendly. Being in the shelter for another 6 months didn’t help Serena become any more friendly, even with the shelter staff making efforts to bring her out of her shell. The shelter was just not an ideal place for Serena. RR was called to spring her out. Serena went into foster care for a chance at a happier life. When Serena arrived into foster care, she was scared and her nose was out of joint for being moved to a new location. She grunted and lunged at any advance towards her or to get to know her, she even boxed her foster mom on the 2nd day. Her foster mom did not let that get in the way of getting to know her and was adamant on making Serena comfortable and able to trust again. Within 3 weeks of being in her foster home, Serena began to turn into a different bunny. She began to take treats from her foster moms’ hand and allow a few strokes on her head. She is living free range in her foster home and loves it, she has currently shown zero signs of being destructive. It is likely that she did not have much, if any time out of cage in her previous home which often leads to cage aggression. We feel she should be either free ranged or penned with a lot of time out. Having the run of the main floor of her foster home, this gives Serena lots of room to run and stretch her legs.


Her favourite thing to do is bunny 500’s under the dining room table. Once she is tired out from that, she will flop out on the hall rug for a nap.  Serena loves to keep a close eye on her foster mom, and watches her from her favourite spot in the hall. Serena also lives with a large bunny friendly dog and is not afraid of her nor does she show any aggressive behaviour towards the dog. She even groomed a large dog that was visiting the home. Serena loves to explore and check out small spaces to see if she can fit!  She is a really great eater, currently eating Martins Timothy Pellets and her big piles of hay don’t stand a chance, her foster mom has to fill her hay a few times a day. She loves treats of course and will crawl on your lap to ensure your not holding anything back from her. As well, has eaten all veggies offered to her thus far. Serena definitely loves comfort and frequently hop’s up on the futon in her room for naps, which is lined with a fleece blanket.  She enjoys being pet on her head and back now and will squish right down and tooth purr to show her enjoyment. If you feel you have the patients, love and understanding to give Serena a home she can continue to flourish, trust and  learn what being a loved bunny is all about, then send in your application to Rabbit Rescue. Here is the form just in case  RR_AdoptionApplication_2013-3 .

Check out this big, beautiful gal in the 2015 Rabbit Rescue Calendar available September!


Muffins needs an URGENT foster home.  Please contact if you can help.




Female | Neatherland Dwarf | Arrived October 2013

Dusty came to us when she was about to be euthanized at a local shelter. She is a very curious bunny who enjoys exploring and trying new foods and hiding spots. She uses her litter box like a champ.


Dusty is a lively little girl. She is friends with the cat in her foster home and the two can be seen often snuggling and grooming each other in the exercise pen. She eats hay and pellets and loves fresh green leaves of lettuce and cilantro.  Her favourite fruit is apple and her treat of choice is dried cranberry.


Dusty is doing great.  Very healthy and active.  She loves to be pet on her nose.  She is sure to run right over when someone comes in the room and are eager for pets and attention.  She is not happy about getting picked up for snuggles but instead prefers human attention on her own terms. She loves to run and needs lots of room to burn off that energy.  Dusty gets unending joy from rearranging her furniture.  Bins, hiding spots and food dishes are never in the same spot twice.  She is a very sweet and gentle bunny.

BONDED PAIR – Mufasa & Bijous


Male/Female | Californian | September 2014

These bunnies came to us after a cruelty investigation.  They were bonded but had to be separated upon arrival at the shelter they were at as neither were altered.  Mufasa is a bit timid until he gets to know you, but Bijous has blossomed and become a very outgoing and confident bunny.   Mufasa is slower to trust new people and things (it took him 5 days to try a new water bowl set beside his “favorite water bowl”.  Once he gets to know you though, he bows his head to ask for pets and gives nose bumps.  They both love to be pet, but not picked up.

They both came in with mild urine scald and were treated with revolution for fleas and antibiotics for URI. They have both recovered fully.

Mufasa was also quite overweight when he came in (they were fed only pellets in their first life) and he has started to slim down slowly. They each have great appetites for hay, Martin’s timothy pellets and veggies (especially dill for Mufasa).

The shelter has taken great care of them, we are so thankful for them!  But they have a hard time housing larger bunnies and are very full…so that is why they came to RR.   Now that they are with us, they are going to e slowly rebounded to each other. It must have been heartbreaking to be separated (although the shelter had no choice) and we hope that they will be happy together again after all they have been through!



BONDED PAIR – Prancer & Dancer


Female | New Zealand | Arrived December 2014

Prancer and Dancer originally came into a shelter as part of an unwanted litter….they were adopted out as little snowballs and came back a few months later to the shelter because they “got too big”.  We are seeking an urgent foster (or adoptive) home for them as they do not have much room at their current shelter, and don’t have appropriate room to get exercise – the shelter is also getting very full.  All of their other siblings were adopted out over 5 months ago…and these poor girls have been left waiting and waiting…..

These pretty ladies love each other to bits and are looking for a calm home that will dote on them. They eagerly come to the open door for head pets and to nuzzle you for veggies or treats or anything! Prancer is braver and her more timid sister Dancer follows her lead. They are large rabbits and – like most bunnies – do not like to be picked up. Give them all their loving with all four paws on the floor and they’ll be happy as clams. They go into a cat carrier quite easily (for a bit of food!) to be moved around. They also need to have their nails clipped with all paws on the floor.

They are just so affectionate and lovable! They also got gold star stickers on their health exam. Please consider adopting a pair.  Pairs are always difficult to adopt out, despite them being some of the loveliest rabbits and easier to look after!


Stella Star


Female | Californian | Arrived January 2015

Stella Star a 1 year and 9 month old bunny (in June 2015) who came to a local clinic with a dislocated hip. Her original owner was overwhelmed and has decide to surrender her to the shelter. She is dominant but in the right hands can be very sweet, and their staff has had no trouble handling her but the owner did voice some concerns that she was aggressive with her. She weighed in at 4.5 kg. She has had surgery at the clinic to fix her hip and thanks to the excellent vet and staff, has recovered very well!

Now in a foster home, Stella is doing terrific! She is very friendly and quickly takes to new people. Such a happy girl to be out of her pen and exploring. When she is done exploring you can find her playing with her toys, digging into a box of old paper or pushing her little ball around. Or just having the freedom to claim a spot under the bed to lounge and nap.

Stella is a very affectionate rabbit who loves to be pet. After a hard day of showing off just how cute she is she will reward you with a big bunny flop to show you how happy she is now. Stella is waiting for her forever home and would likely do well in a home with other pets like a bunny friend or as a single rabbit where she can soak up all the attention. An easy going girl that will win you over fast.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 2.31.33 PM



Female | Lionhead | Arrived November 14, 2014

Winnie came to a shelter as a stray. She was dirty, very thin and not eating well. She looked lethargic and depressed so a volunteer took her home immediately. She appeared to be young. This poor girl was cleaned up, it took a lot of patience but got her eating again and eventually she began to gain back her strength. She started eating greens and hay and eventually started nibbling on pellets.

She was handled a lot and is so sweet and gentle. She started putting weight on and feeling better – her spunky little personality started to emerge. Miss W has lovely soft white fur with a lion mane around her head. She has pink eyes that almost turn into lavender in the right light.

Now she loves rumbling around under her blanket and racing around the room. Winnie seems interested in other bunnies so may make a good mate someday. She is currently living in a big cage and growls when her foster mom reaches in over her head to fill up her pellet bowl but it is all talk.

She gets cuddles and kisses from her foster mom and eagerly waiting for her in the morning. She loves all types of greens, baby carrots, dried pineapple and Martin’s Apple or Banana treats. Winnie will take all of her treats from her foster moms hand. She is eating her pellets well now but she can still be fussy about them. She loves her hay and greens and continues to do well. She is litter box trained and loves a large litter box filled with hay to snuggle into. Her spay on Dec. 17th 2014 went very well and she recovered from it quickly.

Contact us today if you think she’s right for you!




Female | Flemmish Giant (12 lbs) | Arrived March 2015

Dior is just delightful! She has the markings of a koala bear (grey coat with white belly) and her long ears are soft like velvet. She arrived in Rabbit Rescue’s care after being seized from a property with 38 other neglected and mistreated animals by the Oakville Milton Humane Society. She and her rabbit friends were being raised for meat in small cages.  RR was called on to help with these rabbits, and we took in the majority of them.

When she arrived, she was afraid of people. It was clear that human affection was not something she was accustomed to. She was particularly afraid of brooms and dust pans and would grunt and lunge when these objects came near her.

How she has changed with a little TLC and basic training. She is now comfortable with people entering her pen and will happily run to anyone offering her a tasty treat (her favorite is papaya tablets!). She has learned that brooms and dustpans are harmless tools used by her human wait-staff to keep her castle clean. She has developed excellent litter box skills and has shown no destructive tendencies. She would make an excellent free-range house rabbit. She is a vocal bunny and will let you know what she does and does not like by purring and grunting. Miss D allows full body pets including her tail!!! (for bunny people, you know how painfully cute that is). She seems friendly towards the other rabbits in her foster home and if you have a lonely neutered male bun, Dior is a good candidate for bonding. She will make a great addition to any family ready for the responsibility and hilarity of a delightful house rabbit.




Female | Lionhead | Arrived June 2015

Unfortunately little Lucy has had a hard start. She was an owner surrender, then adopted out to bond, unfortunately that bond didn’t work out so she was returned.

Lucy is a big, beautiful sweetheart. She is very friendly and does well both free range and inside her enclosure, although she prefers to be out. When she is out, like most buns, she loves wires, so bunproofing with this princess is a must. She does not like going on hard floors, but happily runs and binkys on the carpet. She loves to race around and will binky up a storm to show you how happy she is. Miss Lucy gets along famously with her foster mom’s two cats. She also has perfect litter habbits and is a very clean bun.




Female | Flemmish Giant | Arrived June 2015

Amore’s beginning to life was not a very good one, she was kept in unsuitable conditions and she was being raised for meat. She was removed from those living conditions during a large scale rescue of many animals and brought to a shelter. RR stepped in and placed her into foster care. Amore has some trust issues and doesn’t like her head to be pet. She will allow you to pet her back. With some time and patients, Amore’s foster mom believes she will eventually accept pets on her whole body. She will take treats from your hands and give them kisses.

She is a very chill bunny, always in flop position, stretched out. She enjoys free range time to explore and hop up on couches and check things out.  she can also flatten out and squeeze under low furniture. When out of her xpen she shows her excitement and enjoyment by busting out a few binkies. She has perfect litter habits and is a very good eater of hay and veggies. She goes nuts for her pellets!  If your too slow she will box the food out of your hand to get you to drop it, but she is getting very good at waiting for the food to hit the bowl. She has been around a large, rabbit friendly dog and has shown no sign of aggression towards her. She does not like to be picked up and her foster mom won’t even try and stress them both out, to move her around, Amore will hop willingly into a carrier and then she can be transported in the carrier to another room. If you are looking for a big, beautiful, social bunny, and willing to show her all humans are not so bad, she will brighten up your home  and days with her gorgeous fur and pretty face.




Female | Havana | Arrived August 2015

I am looking for a Foster or Adoptive home!

My name is Rabbit, yep, Rabbit. I listen to Rabbit, and enjoy coming when called, or to get something to eat, and love hearing stories about your day! I was spayed in 2012 and had a check up August 2015 and I am in great health!

I came in a couple weeks old to a shelter in Ontario with my two sisters. All three of us were fostered by my mum. My two sisters got adopted and I stayed after waiting for an adopter with my Mum. I’ve been so lucky so far, however the time has come and my mum announced she is returning to Europe so I must find a new home now before she leaves. She is very sad and but a bit relieved that she found a good rescue to try to find a new home for me. She said I can trust them and all will be good. I don’t really like to be held much but do enjoy my pets.

I’m curious and interested what mummy brings from the grocery store, it happens that I’m faster at the bag then she can unload to the fridge. Every day, when my mum comes from work she talks from far to me and then here she is, opens the door to my crate. Eating, eating, eating and begging and then resting and then I get petted. I like scratches on my forehead, around my ears and down my back. At night I stay in my crate until I hear the alarm from Mum, I get an outing before she goes to work. I do my business in my potty, but I got a pee pad around my potty as for some reason I just want to pee right beside the potty.


Black Beauty


Female | New Zealand | Arrived October 2015

BB (short for Black Beauty) is such a sweetheart and I’m positive that anyone who adopts her will have the perfect bun. She is very laid back and easy to care for. A bit shy at first of course but it didn’t take her long to explore and come over to sniff new people. She enjoys playing and sleeping in her cat tunnels and gets along great with my two dogs. She is about the size of a cat and is a little chubby but that is because she loves to eat and doesn’t run around too much. We only ever hear her when she chews on cardboard boxes and she likes to play in those too. She is so adorable and has never been aggressive so if you are searching for an easy-going loveable bun then BB is the one for you.



Male | Cinnamon Cross | Arrived October 2015

Hi, my name is Benny. I was dumped in a motel room along with a number of other animals. The owners just left them there. He was taken to a shelter but a bunny this active and inquisitive needed more time out and attention then they could provide. Rabbit Rescue took him in from the shelter he was at, and had him neutered and vet checked.

Benny is about 2 years old and full of energy! He loves to run and play and explore. When out for play Benny thoroughly enjoys running through his tunnel and showing off how happy he is with big binkies. When he has spent some energy in playing he enjoys being pet and will even hop on your lap for attention.

Benny is very social, not shy at all and gives kisses to his foster parents. Bunny proofing would be needed for this little cutie. Benny is simply adorable and will make a great pet for someone who will enjoy his comical play time as well as his loving attention.





Female | Californian | Arrived October 2015

I’d love a Foster or Permanent Adoptive home!

Rosie was found her a park in the summer and her finders have been unsuccessful in finding her a home. She is very friendly and likes to have lots company. She loves to sit on your knees or near you wherever you are in the house! She is very calm and very inquisitive. We are seeking an urgent foster (or adoptive home) for her and she will be spayed upon arrival in our care.

Rosie is a large bunny with a larger heart! She loves eating out of your hand, and wants to be included in everything that happens around her. She loves to eat her veggies, and loves treats even more. Miss Rosie is doing well with the litter box so far, and has no aggression whatsoever. She seems to be really calm, and is happy to just sit and let you pet her. She’d make a great pet, and is very loving!  We had her spayed in Nov. 2015.



BONDED PAIR – Asiago & Bambi


Asiago came to Rabbit Rescue when the shelter he was in could no longer keep him. Bambi came to Rabbit Rescue along with over 100 other rabbits from a horrific hoarding situation. Just a baby when she arrived in our care along with her siblings and mother. Once adopted she and Asi bonded quickly and they have been together for years. Sadly their owner had to recently return both bunnies to RR as she lost her job and could not afford to keep them.

Could you be their forever home?



Female | New Zealand | Arrived November 2015

This big beautiful girl is Jasmine. Jasmine came to Rabbit Rescue from a shelter when she was out of time. Once in RRs care and after a vet visit we found out she went untreated for tapeworms, ear mites and a respiratory infection and had suffered at the shelter she was at for months like this.  With some medication she is now feeling much better and has started to show her personality. Although, from day 1 it was clear Jasmine is a gentle giant. She loves to follow her foster mom around the room and enjoys playing a game of bunny tag. Whether it’s a full body sprawl on the floor, running full blast around the room, or chinning everything in sight, Jasmine feels most comfortable out of her pen exploring. Full bunny proofing is not necessary since Jasmine does not display the regular rabbit destructive behaviour. She does not enjoy chewing cardboard, carpet or even cables, but will chew on blankets and fabric. She makes her foster family laugh every day.


Jasmine has become such a sweet and loveable bun. She adores fully body pets including her tail and will even flop against her foster mom, but cheek scratches are ultimately the best. After some TLC, Jasmine is now just under 10 lbs and has excellent litter habits. She is mostly free range in her foster home and has shown no destructive behaviour. Jasmine is not a fan of hardwood or tile floors, but if you put out a blanket she is happy to hang out while you watch tv and will even join you on the couch. Although she does not enjoy being picked up she gladly enters her carrier and can be moved easily from room to room as long as you don’t leave her litter box behind. Jasmine is not afraid of dogs or well behaved children. She loves company and will greet anyone who comes to say hi, all you have to do is call her name and she’ll come running. Jasmine would make a great bun for bonding to another.

Will you give her the loving forever home she deserves?




Female | New Zealand | Arrived December 2015

Koko came to us in rough shape – an eye infection, ear mites, a upper repertory infections, she was terribly malnourished and SO skinny. She was part of a group left outside in a box without any food or water. The shelter that took her in was not able to care for her and unable to provide any medical care. We immediately made room for her and gave her lots of medical care and love. Since then, with a few meds, lots of hay, pellets, fresh greens and lots of water, Koko is now a healthy, happy, big eared girl.


She is very inquisitive about everything and loves to explore her surroundings. She is very tidy and has excellent litter box habits. She used be shy around humans but with more exposure she has gotten used to us. She likes to head butt to alert you she is ready for pats. She enjoys pats and cuddles on the couch and “TV dinners” – i.e., she likes to eat greens while on the couch watching TV. She hates hardwood floors but does well on carpet, towels and blankets. She isn’t all that interested in toys but loves to shred newspapers and magazines. Koko has had no exposure to any other rabbits in foster care but we image she could be bonded to another bunny since she has been with other bunnies before. She has seen the foster homes blind cat and isn’t fazed by him in the slightest. She would do well in an home with adults or kind, quiet older children. Koko is really a sweet girl and can’t wait to find her very own forever home!!

Donations towards her care are greatly appreciated.




Female | New Zealand | Arrived December 2015

McTwisp is a curious climber who wants to know what is over the fence, on the shelves, or beyond the door.  Though her curious nature often leads her to the second shelf, she never seems inclined to chew through a new book.  She loves her food and water.   She is a sweet and growing girl that would be happy as a house rabbit in a loving home. She is full of personality and will often do silly and funny things to surprise her foster family (such as jumping right into her hay bin).

After a very rough start to life, she is ready for her forever home!  She was bought from a market and then dumped outside to fend for herself along with 8 other rabbits.  We rescued her from a shelter where she was set to be euthanized, along with some of the other bunnies.  We had her treated for an eye infection, had surgery to remove an abscess from above her nose, and had her spayed. She is finally doing great.  If you would like to help , but cant adopt, please consider sponsoring her to help us with the costs we incurred for her.  If you are looking for a new furry friend, she would make a wonderful choice!!


UPDATE June 2016: McTwisp is a girl of constant motion. When out and about she is curious and loves to find new places to sniff and binky. Though she is excellent at avoiding the tasting of baseboards, she does enjoy a fine wire. She enjoys attention only when she asks for it. Usually by shoving her nose under your hand, foot or nearest appendage for pets. She is mostly independent and curious. To meet McTwisp is to love her, turned out paw and all. She is a rabbit of character and will make someone an excellent house rabbit, just secure the hay bin first.




Female | Lionhead | Arrived April 2016

Little Juliette came to us from a shelter that he needed to get out from. She had been dumped in a park.  She is spayed and young. More info coming soon as her foster mom gets to know her.




Female | Mini Lop | Arrived April 2016
Penelope (Penny) is a very curious, high energy young bun. She loves having a lot of space to run around but also spends a lot of time taking naps. All fruits and veggies seem to be delicious, and she eats a LOT of hay which is wonderful! Must be fed twice a day – she would eat a day’s worth of food in one sitting. Did not get along very well with a timid bunny, but previously lived around other animals and they got along well. Prefers to have some traction on the ground – ie a blanket etc on the ground, not hardwood.  She would make a great pet for a family with older/no children, and no other pets.




Female | Standard | Arrived April 2016

Delilah was rescued where she had been dumped outside to fend for herself. Before she could be spayed she gave birth and 8 babies survived.  She spend the next 2 months being the perfect bunny mom before her babies went off to their own foster and forever homes.  Now it’s her turn for a happy ending. Since her rescue, has gained an all new appreciation for life!  Delilah is 8 pounds of fluffy energy and happiness. She loves to run and do big binkies so she will need a home with the free range space she needs to expend her energy.  She loves company and will surprise you with a jump onto your lap when you least expect it.  She prefers all four feet on the ground but also flattens like a pancake if you pet and rub her head, neck and shoulders. Her ears are big and floppy, her paws are plush and padded and her eyelashes go on for days!  She’s a wonderful eater and her litterbin habits are perfect.  She would love a person or family who can appreciate her zest for life, who will love her and understand her needs, and never abandon her again.




Male | Neatherland Dwarf | Arrived May 2016

Dexter is a small but very playful and energetic Netherland Dwarf. Curiosity gets the best of him and he can often be found exploring his environment or on his two hind legs, investigating items that are taller than him. This little man is litter trained, loves to binky and chew on hay toys and tunnels. He especially enjoys arranging his blanket and the hay in his playpen. Dexter does have a permanent cataract in his right eye, however his vet has deemed him a very healthy boy and no medications are required. In addition, he loves eating his veggies, will beg you for treats and head pets. Dexter does not particularly enjoy being picked up but will allow pets and massages once he has finished exploring.





Jacks was originally found outside in December 2013 and brought to rabbit rescue where we had him neutered. He was relatively young at the time. He quickly took to litter training and having people around. He has never bitten anyone. He refuses to be picked up, but will hop into a carrier with minimal fuss. He will chew loose cords if left within reach, but with a little bunny proofing, he is a great free-run rabbit. He is good with his litter box and appreciates when it is kept clean. He is used to wood pellet litter.

He is a very good eater, eats 1/4 cup of Timothy pellets for breakfast, Timothy hay throughout the day, and any kind of vegetables and leafy greens that come his way. He drinks out of a bowl. He eagerly accepts any kind of bunny treats, such as a small piece of fruit, or Timothy cubes – a Timothy cube hidden in a toilet paper roll is a fun toy that keeps him busy.


He is affectionate on his own terms. He is shy around new people, and if he is not in the mood to cuddle, he won’t come to you, but he may show his happiness by binkying around you. If he is upset or startled he might thump his feet like Thumper. If you can help him by being a foster home for him, please email:



Female | Dutch Mix | Arrived July 2016

Ellie is a lovely, free-spirited, Dutch dwarf rabbit who would do well in a family that can give her lots of tender love and care as well as letting her have lots of free time out of the cage.  She was raised mostly by a 13-year old girl and was given lots of affection.  Ellie likes to run around the house, as well as do impressive high kicks.  She is a curious rabbit so it is important to make sure that chewable items, such as books, leather and crayons are kept away from her as she sometimes likes to nibble them.  Also be sure to watch your footing because Ellie will be nearby when she wants attention.  She has several toys that she enjoys interacting with, such as her tunnel, roll, and mini tents that can be placed in a quiet and sheltered space so she can find peace if she needs it.  When she’s relaxed, she lays down pretty much anywhere she is, including right beside you if you are at peace as well.




Male | Netherland Dwarf | Arrived June 2016

Radisson, or Rad as we have come to call him is the sweetest little bun you will ever meet! He’s a real snuggle bug, and is happy to sit on your lap as you game or watch tv.

Radisson was found in James Bay area and brought back to the GTA.  We took him in and had him vet checked and neutered.


From day one he’s proven he’s a little bun with a big heart. He’s fearless, showing no hesitation when meeting new friends, whether they are human, canine or feline. He is litter trained, but it a wee bit of a nibbler, so needs some bunny proofing if he is to be a free range bunny.

Whomever is lucky enough to adopt this little guy is in for a treat. Rad is full of character and charm and is sure to make even the stoutest heart melt.   He is well loved here, and we will miss him when he goes to his forever home.




Starburst was found as a stray but the people that found her can not keep her much longer.  We are seeking an Urgent Foster home for her. She has been vet checked and is healthy. We will spay her once in our care.  She is extremely playful and social.  She loves being around people.  She has very good litter box habits already.  She hasn’t shown any signs of aggression.  Nor has she chewed any furniture etc.  She’s just about perfect in every way.  She enjoys fresh Timothy hay and also loves her veggies…fresh kale, endive, romaine, dandelion, parsley.

Please contact us ASAP if you can help by fostering her.