Name Coming – 9B


Bunny 9B (name to follow shortly) was one of 103 rabbits seized after being raised in very inhumane conditions while being raised for meat. He is young, approx 2 months (as of Aug 2016) and will be neutered once mature. More info to come as his foster family gets to know him!



Floyd is one of 103 rabbits seized from inhumane conditions after he was being raised for meat. RR will neuter him when old enough (approx 3 months). He enjoys oxbow pellets and is a great hay eater. He has good litter box habits. Floyd is an easy-going and curious little bun. He is very active, and likes to be petted. He is very comfortable with the other pets in his foster home (a dog and two cats).

Floyd digs in his towels. He does scoot around his enclosure and does binkies, and he flops down when he wants he nap. He is a wonderful bunny and would make a terrific pet! Please sponsor or adopt him today!



Jace is one of 103 bunnies that were saved after being raised for meat in horrid conditions. He came to us on August 7th 2016.

He is an energetic bunny that loves to play tag and chase you! he is litter trained and loves cilantro, parsley and lettuce. Jace is friendly with young children and doesn’t seem to be bothered by friendly cats and dogs. He will be neutered Nov. 2016.


BONDED PAIR – Reuben & Bunns


Reuben and Bunns were introduced just under a year ago and it was love at first sight.  Bunns had been introduced to other rabbits along the way, but she would have none of it.  She was waiting for Reuben, her partner and also her complete opposite in most ways.  Where Bunns is small, neat and very picky about who she favors with her presence, Reuben is more outgoing, enjoys pets and comes running when he is called.  He is a big, goofy, good-natured young bunny who is often found sprawled out contentedly on his favourite “bed” (a pile of blankets).   They live completely free range and usually choose to sleep under the couch, which they have turned into their den.  Bunns is extremely well litter trained.  Reuben always pees in the box but needs to do a little more work on remembering where the poops go.  He is still very young – probably around 2 – and not much has been done to help him with this, so he may just need a little guidance.

Bunns was rescued from a neglectful home about 3 years ago.  At the time the vet placed her at 1 or 2 years old, making her about 4 or 5 now.  She is a very shy, dainty, lady like little girl who picks at her food and maintains her decorum at all times. She will allow you to pet her gently on her head once she knows you very, very well.  Even that was only allowed after she saw Reuben enjoying pets and so decided it must be ok.  Since meeting Reuben she has come out of her shell and is a more trusting, relaxed Bunns.  She is often found with her head buried in his neck and I am sure this helps her feel safe and protected.

Reuben was rescued from his destiny as someone’s dinner because the farmer was not providing proper care.  RR took him in to our care  and he was adopted out (and bonded to Bunns). As a result of this neglect he had to have some of his back teeth and his left eye removed.  The missing eye is barely noticeable due to the dark markings around the area, and he is truly a big, gorgeous guy.  Having been deprived of food in his first year, however, Reuben now eats to make up for lost time.  He dives into his bowl with great gusto and, as much as he loves Bunns, she sometimes gets trampled in the dinner rush.  She never minds, though, and hangs back and waits for him to have his fill.

Reuben and Bunns are almost never apart, awake or asleep.  Although they both had a horrific start in life, they are now living one of the great bunny love stories.  Bunns is the brains of this operation while Reuben is the heart.  Together they are an awesome (and adorable) duo.

Their current owner is extremely sad to part with them, but has recently been diagnosed with MS and is finding it increasingly difficult to provide proper care for them.  Both bunnies are very gentle with any human friends.  Bunns may need her incisors removed, which RR will do upon arrival into our care.
We are seeking an urgent foster home for them, as mentioned their current owner is having a very hard time looking after them due to her health.




Luna was one of 103 seized after being raised for meat in terrible conditions.

Luna is a sweet and playful bunny looking for her forever home! She is very friendly and it doesn’t take much for her to come out of her shell. Food is definitely the way to win her over, as soon as she hears her food and hay bags being touched, she will perk right up and hop on over with excitement! She loves her pellets and hay, and especially enjoy a few Martin’s Banana Muffin treats every day. She is very curious and loves to explore. Right now she is spending a majority of her time in her pen as she settles into this new environment. She has a couple hours of free time each day and it is filled with binkies and bunny 500’s. Once she tires out she will lounge right near you and enjoy a good neck and back rub. She is great with kids and enjoy “playing” legos with the 2 year old in her foster home. She is doing great with being litter trained and will be 100% once she is spayed. She is Novas sister.



Nova was one of 103 seized after being raised for meat in terrible conditions.

Nova is a sweet and playful bunny looking for her forever home! She is very friendly and it doesn’t take much for her to come out of her shell. Food is definitely the way to win her over, as soon as she hears her food and hay bags being touched, she will perk right up and hop on over with excitement! She loves her pellets and hay, and especially enjoy a few Martin’s Banana Muffin treats every day. She is very curious and loves to explore. Right now she is spending a majority of her time in her pen as she settles into this new environment. She has a couple hours of free time each day and it is filled with binkies and bunny 500’s. Once she tires out she will lounge right near you and enjoy a good neck and back rub. She is great with kids and enjoy “playing” legos with the 2 year old in her foster home. She is doing great with being litter trained and will be 100% once she is spayed. She is Lunas sister.



Aurora is a lovely and playful young girl. She is one of the 103 bunnies
that were seized after being raised for meat.
Full of energy she needs lots of space and time out of her pen to play.
Aurora has shown some interest in cords so bunny proofing is essential.
She is working on her litter habits and they are better every day.
A friendly energetic rabbit who once spayed would likely do very good
bonding to a neutered male.
She will be spayed as soon as she is old enough. She came in to us in Aug.
at aprox 2-3 months.



Female | Dutch Cross | Arrived 2015

Linda (aka Lindy Hop!), came to RR after being passed up repeatedly at a local shelter. No one was interested her and she was becoming very unhappy there.  Now in the safety of an RR foster home, she is a very curious and happy bunny. When she’s not exploring, she’s usually flopped for naps under her foster moms work chair. When it’s time to get up and go, Lindy shows some pretty amazing bunny stretches and yawns. Her favourite past times, beyond naps, yawns, and adventure, include races around the room at top speed and binkies all around. Lindy has some of the best litter habits around, never once has she failed to use her litter box. Also, she is very good about not chewing things she’s not supposed to.

While Lindy’s adorable characteristics outweigh any negative ones, Lindy still has to work on her people skills. Hands make her nervous and she responds with boxing, grunts, lunges, and the occasional nip. She shows signs that she was either mistreated or possible hurt by people in her past and needs some help to overcome this.


Lindy is working hard on improving her attitude, but some of her diva ‘tude might be here to stay. As a parting thought, Lindy would like us to know though that despite her grumpy moments, she is very endearing and a pleasure to have around! In spite her fear of hands she is really a very social and wonderful girl. She has come a long way in a short time in foster care. Learning to trust that no one is going to mistreat her has helped her overcome some of her fear and she has responded well to love.

Lindy is such an active girl that she would do best either free range or in a home where she will have a lot of time out. While she loves lounging in her pen and feels safe there having the door open much of the day for her to run and burn off some energy has made her a very happy little girl.




Female | Neatherland Dwarf | Arrived October 2013

Dusty came to us when she was about to be euthanized at a local shelter. She is a very curious bunny who enjoys exploring and trying new foods and hiding spots. She uses her litter box like a champ.


Dusty is a lively little girl. She is friends with the cat in her foster home and the two can be seen often snuggling and grooming each other in the exercise pen. She eats hay and pellets and loves fresh green leaves of lettuce and cilantro.  Her favourite fruit is apple and her treat of choice is dried cranberry.


Dusty is doing great.  Very healthy and active.  She loves to be pet on her nose.  She is sure to run right over when someone comes in the room and are eager for pets and attention.  She is not happy about getting picked up for snuggles but instead prefers human attention on her own terms. She loves to run and needs lots of room to burn off that energy.  Dusty gets unending joy from rearranging her furniture.  Bins, hiding spots and food dishes are never in the same spot twice.  She is a very sweet and gentle bunny.

BONDED PAIR – Mufasa & Bijous


Male/Female | Californian | September 2014

These bunnies came to us after a cruelty investigation.  They were bonded but had to be separated upon arrival at the shelter they were at as neither were altered.  Mufasa is a bit timid until he gets to know you, but Bijous has blossomed and become a very outgoing and confident bunny.   Mufasa is slower to trust new people and things (it took him 5 days to try a new water bowl set beside his “favorite water bowl”.  Once he gets to know you though, he bows his head to ask for pets and gives nose bumps.  They both love to be pet, but not picked up.

They both came in with mild urine scald and were treated with revolution for fleas and antibiotics for URI. They have both recovered fully.

Mufasa was also quite overweight when he came in (they were fed only pellets in their first life) and he has started to slim down slowly. They each have great appetites for hay, Martin’s timothy pellets and veggies (especially dill for Mufasa).

The shelter has taken great care of them, we are so thankful for them!  But they have a hard time housing larger bunnies and are very full…so that is why they came to RR.   Now that they are with us, they are going to e slowly rebounded to each other. It must have been heartbreaking to be separated (although the shelter had no choice) and we hope that they will be happy together again after all they have been through!



BONDED PAIR – Prancer & Dancer


Female | New Zealand | Arrived December 2014

Update December 2016

These two sisters were born at a shelter, along with their other siblings.  They were adopted out as babies but were returned when they grew to be bigger than their adoptive family expected.  While they are large in breed, they are also large in heart.  They keep their foster family smiling and laughing.  They are healthy, funny, curious, warm, and friendly.  They enjoy routine and especially like being talked to.  At dinner time they do wonderful binkies, getting so excited that they often crawl all over each other.  Dancer is timid and thoughtful, while Prancer is brave and bouncy.  Together they make a beautiful pair.

Prancer and Dancer originally came into a shelter as part of an unwanted litter….they were adopted out as little snowballs and came back a few months later to the shelter because they “got too big”.  We are seeking an urgent foster (or adoptive) home for them as they do not have much room at their current shelter, and don’t have appropriate room to get exercise – the shelter is also getting very full.  All of their other siblings were adopted out over 5 months ago…and these poor girls have been left waiting and waiting…..

These pretty ladies love each other to bits and are looking for a calm home that will dote on them. They eagerly come to the open door for head pets and to nuzzle you for veggies or treats or anything! Prancer is braver and her more timid sister Dancer follows her lead. They are large rabbits and – like most bunnies – do not like to be picked up. Give them all their loving with all four paws on the floor and they’ll be happy as clams. They go into a cat carrier quite easily (for a bit of food!) to be moved around. They also need to have their nails clipped with all paws on the floor.

They are just so affectionate and lovable! They also got gold star stickers on their health exam. Please consider adopting a pair.  Pairs are always difficult to adopt out, despite them being some of the loveliest rabbits and easier to look after!


Stella Star


Female | Californian | Arrived January 2015

Stella Star a 1 year and 9 month old bunny (in June 2015) who came to a local clinic with a dislocated hip. Her original owner was overwhelmed and has decide to surrender her to the shelter. She is dominant but in the right hands can be very sweet, and their staff has had no trouble handling her but the owner did voice some concerns that she was aggressive with her. She weighed in at 4.5 kg. She has had surgery at the clinic to fix her hip and thanks to the excellent vet and staff, has recovered very well!

Now in a foster home, Stella is doing terrific! She is very friendly and quickly takes to new people. Such a happy girl to be out of her pen and exploring. When she is done exploring you can find her playing with her toys, digging into a box of old paper or pushing her little ball around. Or just having the freedom to claim a spot under the bed to lounge and nap.

Stella is a very affectionate rabbit who loves to be pet. After a hard day of showing off just how cute she is she will reward you with a big bunny flop to show you how happy she is now. Stella is waiting for her forever home and would likely do well in a home with other pets like a bunny friend or as a single rabbit where she can soak up all the attention. An easy going girl that will win you over fast.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 2.31.33 PM



Female | Lionhead | Arrived November 14, 2014

Winnie came to a shelter as a stray. She was dirty, very thin and not eating well. She looked lethargic and depressed so a volunteer took her home immediately. She appeared to be young. This poor girl was cleaned up, it took a lot of patience but got her eating again and eventually she began to gain back her strength. She started eating greens and hay and eventually started nibbling on pellets.

She was handled a lot and is so sweet and gentle. She started putting weight on and feeling better – her spunky little personality started to emerge. Miss W has lovely soft white fur with a lion mane around her head. She has pink eyes that almost turn into lavender in the right light.

Now she loves rumbling around under her blanket and racing around the room. Winnie seems interested in other bunnies so may make a good mate someday. She is currently living in a big cage and growls when her foster mom reaches in over her head to fill up her pellet bowl but it is all talk.

She gets cuddles and kisses from her foster mom and eagerly waiting for her in the morning. She loves all types of greens, baby carrots, dried pineapple and Martin’s Apple or Banana treats. Winnie will take all of her treats from her foster moms hand. She is eating her pellets well now but she can still be fussy about them. She loves her hay and greens and continues to do well. She is litter box trained and loves a large litter box filled with hay to snuggle into. Her spay on Dec. 17th 2014 went very well and she recovered from it quickly.

Contact us today if you think she’s right for you!




Female | Lionhead | Arrived June 2015

Unfortunately little Lucy has had a hard start. She was an owner surrender, then adopted out to bond, unfortunately that bond didn’t work out so she was returned.

Lucy is a big, beautiful sweetheart. She is very friendly and does well both free range and inside her enclosure, although she prefers to be out. When she is out, like most buns, she loves wires, so bunproofing with this princess is a must. She does not like going on hard floors, but happily runs and binkys on the carpet. She loves to race around and will binky up a storm to show you how happy she is. Miss Lucy gets along famously with her foster mom’s two cats. She also has perfect litter habbits and is a very clean bun.



Black Beauty


Female | New Zealand | Arrived October 2015

BB (short for Black Beauty) is such a sweetheart and I’m positive that anyone who adopts her will have the perfect bun. She is very laid back and easy to care for. A bit shy at first of course but it didn’t take her long to explore and come over to sniff new people. She enjoys playing and sleeping in her cat tunnels and gets along great with my two dogs. She is about the size of a cat and is a little chubby but that is because she loves to eat and doesn’t run around too much. We only ever hear her when she chews on cardboard boxes and she likes to play in those too. She is so adorable and has never been aggressive so if you are searching for an easy-going loveable bun then BB is the one for you.


BONDED PAIR – Asiago & Bambi


Asiago came to Rabbit Rescue when the shelter he was in could no longer keep him. Bambi came to Rabbit Rescue along with over 100 other rabbits from a horrific hoarding situation. Just a baby when she arrived in our care along with her siblings and mother. Once adopted she and Asi bonded quickly and they have been together for years. Sadly their owner had to recently return both bunnies to RR as she lost her job and could not afford to keep them.

Could you be their forever home?




Female | New Zealand | Arrived December 2015

McTwisp is a curious climber who wants to know what is over the fence, on the shelves, or beyond the door.  Though her curious nature often leads her to the second shelf, she never seems inclined to chew through a new book.  She loves her food and water.   She is a sweet and growing girl that would be happy as a house rabbit in a loving home. She is full of personality and will often do silly and funny things to surprise her foster family (such as jumping right into her hay bin).

After a very rough start to life, she is ready for her forever home!  She was bought from a market and then dumped outside to fend for herself along with 8 other rabbits.  We rescued her from a shelter where she was set to be euthanized, along with some of the other bunnies.  We had her treated for an eye infection, had surgery to remove an abscess from above her nose, and had her spayed. She is finally doing great.  If you would like to help , but cant adopt, please consider sponsoring her to help us with the costs we incurred for her.  If you are looking for a new furry friend, she would make a wonderful choice!!


UPDATE June 2016: McTwisp is a girl of constant motion. When out and about she is curious and loves to find new places to sniff and binky. Though she is excellent at avoiding the tasting of baseboards, she does enjoy a fine wire. She enjoys attention only when she asks for it. Usually by shoving her nose under your hand, foot or nearest appendage for pets. She is mostly independent and curious. To meet McTwisp is to love her, turned out paw and all. She is a rabbit of character and will make someone an excellent house rabbit, just secure the hay bin first.




Female | Mini Lop | Arrived April 2016
Penelope (Penny) is a very curious, high energy young bun. She loves having a lot of space to run around but also spends a lot of time taking naps. All fruits and veggies seem to be delicious, and she eats a LOT of hay which is wonderful! Must be fed twice a day – she would eat a day’s worth of food in one sitting. Did not get along very well with a timid bunny, but previously lived around other animals and they got along well. Prefers to have some traction on the ground – ie a blanket etc on the ground, not hardwood.  She would make a great pet for a family with older/no children, and no other pets.




Jacks was originally found outside in December 2013 and brought to rabbit rescue where we had him neutered. He was relatively young at the time. He quickly took to litter training and having people around. He has never bitten anyone. He refuses to be picked up, but will hop into a carrier with minimal fuss. He will chew loose cords if left within reach, but with a little bunny proofing, he is a great free-run rabbit. He is good with his litter box and appreciates when it is kept clean. He is used to wood pellet litter.

He is a very good eater, eats 1/4 cup of Timothy pellets for breakfast, Timothy hay throughout the day, and any kind of vegetables and leafy greens that come his way. He drinks out of a bowl. He eagerly accepts any kind of bunny treats, such as a small piece of fruit, or Timothy cubes – a Timothy cube hidden in a toilet paper roll is a fun toy that keeps him busy.


He is affectionate on his own terms. He is shy around new people, and if he is not in the mood to cuddle, he won’t come to you, but he may show his happiness by binkying around you. If he is upset or startled he might thump his feet like Thumper. If you can help him by being a foster home for him, please email:



Female | New Zealand | Approx 5 lbs | Arrived August 2016 (#8-a)

Update: December 2016

Indira is one of the 103 rabbits seized from inhumane conditions where she was being raised for meat. Despite a rough start in life, she has quickly adapted to the comforts of house rabbit life. Her litter habits have been impeccable since day one, and she has a great appetite for pellets, greens, and hay. Indira loves pats on her head, ears, and back, and melts into you when you pet her cheeks. If you stop too soon she will nudge you with her big soft nose to tell you, “Hey! Keep going!” She is a little shy with new people but once comfortable she will happily choose to sit next to or near you and keep you company. She is a big, beautiful girl, with very soft fur and one of the biggest bunny tails you will ever see! When she gets excited watch out because her binkies and zooms are fast and powerful! Indy reminds her foster parents of a black lab puppy, she is truly a joy to watch and be around. RR had her spayed and she is ready for her forever home!

indira1 indira3 indira5



Vienna came in to us on Aug. 7th 2016 from a large scale rescue. She was seized after being raised for meat in horrendous conditions. She gave birth to 6 bunnies just days before arriving in our care. Four of them survived. They will be up for adoption once weaned and we will spay and neuter each one. Vienna is a sweet girl who now gets her second chance at life!  Vienna has really become a very loving bunny in foster care. Watching her care for her babies is a beautiful sight. But watching Vienna be open to loving a human,  is just amazing. She loves to binky when her human friends are around and she will lick them to show just how much she appreciates her new life and opportunity.

MommaVCollageOnce they are old enough to determine their sex, they will be named. To keep up with Momma and these adorable babies antics follow their foster mom’s Facebook page:




Minnie is one of the 103 rabbits rescued in August 2016.  When she came to
us she was pretty shy, and spent most of her time in her cardboard box
house.  Now that she has had some time to herself, she’s a completely
different bunny!  She spends her time in her pen lounging, and out of her
pen running bunny 500s and binkying.  She has a great personality, a great
mix of affectionate and reserved.
Minnie is not a bun to be contained or held. She is a floor bunny, and gets
very distressed when picked up or confined by human arms.  Although she is a
bit more reserved, she still likes to hop over to you while she’s in her pen
and hunker down for some petting.
Her litter habits are pretty good, and we hope they’ll be 100% after she is
spayed at 6 months.  Minnie is looking for her forever home.  After meeting
her, she is sure to hop into your hearts.




Lottie (#10) came in to us on August 7, 2016 after being seized due to being raised for meat in very inhumane conditions. She was one of 56 rabbits that came to us that day.  She is being spayed shortly.

We have only had Lottie for a couple of days but she is so much fun already. Lottie is quite laid back. She loves her Timothy hay and Martin’s pellets (1/2 cup per day). We have given her dandelion leaves and some parsley and a small amount of pear so far.

She has immediately used her litter box and hasn’t had any accidents. She drinks a lot of water and does better with a dispenser than a bowl.

She has had play and exercise time but doesn’t do well on tile floor so we put a mat down for her. In the coming week I will set up the enclosure for her so she can play in there in our living room while being supervised. She has not been introduced to kids yet, but we have small children visiting regularly, so we will see how it goes.

She is super sweet and very laid back. Lottie loves to lounge in her house and check out the other family pets from her crate. She enjoys being petted and is just a happy little girl. She would make a great addition to any home. More info to come as we get to know her better.



Binky (3F) is a gorgeous male bunny that arrived on August 7, 2016 in our care along with many other rabbits. They had been seized after being raised for meat in inhumane conditions. He will be neutered shortly.

Binky is a sweet little guy who is a bit shy at first. He loves to cuddles and be petted.  He is calm and likes to hang out in boxes, is curious and likes to explore! He’d make a great friend! More pics and info as his foster family gets to know him.



Parsnip is a young NZ male bunny that came to us on August 72016 as part of 56 buns that arrived that day. They had been seized after being raised for meat in very inhumane conditions.

Parnip is very adventurous! He will be waiting at the pen door when we come into the room and once we open the door he will hop out and explore the area around the pen. He seems outgoing and energetic. He has never shown any signs of aggression towards us or our young children. As soon as he hears the rustle of the pellet bag he perks right up, starts thumping around his cage in anticipation and starts searching for his food! He will eat pellets out of the palm of our hands.

More pics and info coming soon once his foster family gets to know him!



Penny is a perfect, pink eyed sweetheart. She came to us as an owner surrender. She has free roam of her foster home, but sticks to the main living area where she has lots of room to hide and play. She loves playing with her toys and showing herself off to new people. When she isn’t socializing, you can usually find her under the coffee table taking a nap, or between her fosters’ feet while they watch TV. While she loves pets and having people around, she isn’t a lap bunny and prefers having her feet on the ground.  Penny is a great eater, both because she eats everything she’s supposed to and (almost) nothing she’s not!.  If you meet this sweet girl, you will instantly fall in love. She will bring nothing but calm, cheerful vibes into your home.


Bunny Boy


This little Netherland Dwarf was found hopping on the side of the Canal Rd in Niagara. His nails were extremely long. He is a shy bunny but comes running to you for his treats. He likes strawberries, celery leaves and carrot tops.
He is shy to be petted but with patience he will figure out what he’s been missing. He likes sitting on and under his box and has toys to play with but only plays if you play with him. He was neutered in August 2015.




Sam is a loving and curious baby bunny! He started life in a very unfortunate environment (part of the 103, seized after being raised for meat), and he is now thoroughly enjoying his foster home! He loves when his foster family pet him, rub him and cuddle him, and he especially loves to follow them around! He is great with children, as long as the children are respectful of his energy as a young bunny and have an adult present for picking up and cuddling. Sam is a very inquisitive boy! He investigates everything in his foster room, from climbing on blankets to cozying up in baskets. He has taken to a foster cat that he has had the chance to meet, and his foster family thinks he would do very well in a home with other pets, as long as he is introduced gradually and both pets have their own space for “down time.” Sam’s foster family are so thankful for the chance to give him the start the life he deserves! He will continue to do well in a forever home that has lots of opportunities for love and adventure!




Meet Gia, the sweetest bunny you could ever meet! Gia came from a horrific situation of 115 meat rabbits who were in unimaginable conditions. She came to us with babies that were only several days old, and was terrified. However once she was settled into her new foster home, she immediately calmed down and began licking her foster moms toes and hands as well as flopping next to her and begging for kisses.


Gia has incredible litter habits and loves to keep all her hay in one neat pile.  Once spayed her litter habits will improve even more! She doesn’t chew baseboards and isn’t interested in chewing furniture, cords etc. However bunny proofing is still a must. Gia is on a diet of alfalfa hay mixed with western timothy hay because of the extra protein she requires to feed her 6 babies. However once her babies have been weaned off, she will be able to eat a normal adult bunny diet including a small amount of Martin Pellets, unlimited western timothy hay and her dandelion leaves. Gia will also be a great female bunny to bond with a male bun.

Although Gia had a rough start in life she still trusts humans and is looking for a forever home who will give her the love she deserves!



Lulu was one of over 100 rabbits seized after being raised for meat in disgusting conditions. She came to us as part of “round two” of the bunnies we have been taking in, August 2016.

I love Martin’s Friends pellets, and I’m very curious about what my foster mom and dad (my loyal servants) are up to. They’re really great at petting me. More importantly, they know not to pick me up. The only time I like to have my furry paws off the floor is when I binky. I’m very jealous of their bed, it’s the perfect sprinting ground, and digging place.

I‘ve recently started going down the hall into the living room to see where they go (It took me a while to work up the courage). What a great place — so many new nooks and crannies to explore. I don’t really like to cuddle with my servants; I prefer to have complete freedom to go where I please.


My carrier is the only place where there are no servants allowed, but I still like my servants so I never bite.  Servants bring me pellets, hay, collard greens, dandelion leaves, bananas, carrots and parsley, so I think of them fondly.

There are certain things that I will not stand for in my kingdom, and that includes heeled shoes on hardwood floors, and when my servants come through carrying laundry baskets or large bags. These things are quite upsetting to me.

My servants now are temporary, and cannot able to keep me for much longer. I am in urgent need of a new foster home. I hope to have and am  used to, plenty of freedom to explore.



Jenny is one of the 103 rabbits seized after being raised for meat in deplorable conditions.

Jenny is the type of rabbit who comes running over to you when you enter the room. She is both loving and hilariously mischievous.  She is a super smart bunny! She LOVES food and will grunt with excitement when she knows it’s meal time. She doesn’t hesitate to express her happiness (she is the queen of binkying)! Jenny is good friends with the foster familys dog who often grooms her, so she would do well in a home with a friendly, calm dog. She is also fantastic at using her litter! Although Jenny is very active and playful in the mornings and evenings, she does enjoy her naps and down time. When she’s getting sleepy, she loves having her forehead pet while she falls asleep. She certainly does enjoy chewing things but has never had any issues with cords. Just give her some crumpled paper and coffee trays and she’s happy as can be.

Jenny is such a sweetheart and an absolute joy to have around. She is looking for her forever home where she will receive all the love she deserves!  RR had her spayed and health checked.





This is Butterscotch, and is a gorgeous New Zealand White. She is estimated to be around 8-9 months of age, and was spayed in August 2016. Butterscotch had a rough start to life. She was among 100 other rabbits that were seized and rescued after being kept in brutal and inhuman conditions, while being raised for meat. RR had her spayed and health checked.  Due to this, Butterscotch has had a difficult time learning to trust people. That being said, she has already made tremendous progress while being in her foster home, and she easily won over the hearts of her foster parents the second they laid eyes on her.

Butterscotch enjoys running around, and exploring her environment. To show you her excitement, she will complete a few binkies before ending it will a bunny flop. She enjoys her greens, and just adores the attention given to her while receiving head scratches. She literally just melts in your hands. She enjoys lying beside her foster mom with her head on her knee, while she completes some school work on the bed. She is a very social bunny, and will literally follow you around like a dog. She would do best with a family who is willing to be patient with her, and allow her to completely open up to them. There is nothing more rewarding, than winning over an animals love. Be prepared to fall in love with those gentle, ruby eyes.






What a sweet and gentle little man! Storm has been a wonderful presence in our home. He is curious and shy at the same time, bold and nervous a bit of an oxymoron but in the best possible way. His personality continues to shine through every day, and he will be a wonderful addition in any home he goes into!

Walter White


Bio coming soon! With the overwhelming amount of bunnies arriving daily, we ask that you please inquire via email if you’re interested in learning more, fostering or adopting this beautiful animal.



Olive is one of the 103 rabbits seized after being raised for meat in horrible conditions.
Olive is still very unsure of people, but is quickly getting more comfortable with the people she interacts with most. She is extremely well behaved and very sweet.  Her foster  mom thinks she will make a wonderful pet and even have the potential to be mostly free range. She like to explore by sniffing instead of chewing (every bunny owner’s dream). Olive is also VERY smart and (almost too) good at communicating her needs (ex. If foster mom sleep in too late she bangs her bowl against the side of her pen until she wakes up and feeds her). She loves to explore when she is out and enjoys being around people (although is a bit nervous still). She likes to climb on people she is familiar with but is still unsure about being pet.

Olive has not encountered any children or dogs. She had a brief visit with one of the house cats, and generally ignored the cat until she came to close, at which point Olive told her off with a stomp. Olive loves to run around the room and binky, when she wears herself out she will flop down with her legs sticking out and relax. She will be going for her spay in January 2017.



Meet Licorice, one of the “103” that was seized by the SPCA after being kept in horrid conditions and being raised for meat. The young bun who is eager to learn with ever sweet and easy going temperament. After she met her foster mom and learned quick that some human are good and safe. She gives her foster mom lots of binkies each night while exploring news things in a bedroom with her super cute behavior and gentle kisses!! Licorice is a brave bunny and not afraid of dogs or loud barks. Licorice could be very independent when her foster mom is busy during the day,  but she always ready to give foster mom a warm welcome back kiss. she is very affectionate.

Lic1 Lic2 Lic3

BONDED PAIR – Sansa & Daenery


Sansa and Daenery were rescued from a horrible situation along with over 100 other rabbits. Rabbit Rescue took in 70 of these rabbits Aug 2016.  These two loved each other so much, we decided it was best for them to stay together after all the horrors they had been through.  They came in to us quite young, at aprox 2-3 months old.

Daenerys is a queen, just as her name suggests. On her nose, she even has a little gray strip like a dragon scale. She is affectionate and curious and loves to be petted and loved. She is very active and will need room to binky and run about.Daenerys is very curious and will enjoy a large space to run around with lots of toys to play with and spaces to explore. Get ready to cuddle with this one.


Sansa is a very sweet girl. She loves affection and will snuggle up to you for pets. She loves to run around and binky, but also enjoys her quiet time. Her personality leans toward the side of stoic and thoughtful. She is curious but cautious, and loves attention. Sansa would do best in a house where she can have quiet time to herself in addition to plenty of pets and affection.

They will be spayed once they are 6 months old and are looking for a loving adoptive home together. Email us if you would like more info on this lovely pair!

URGENT – Fluffy


Fluffy is an adorable young rabbit who through no fault of her own is seeking an urgent foster home. She is part of the 103 that we helped rescue in Aug (taking in 70+ rabbits) after they were seized from being kept in horrible conditions and being raised for meat.

She is sweet and so soft. You will enjoy petting her as much as she loves being pet. Fluffy loves her exercise time and will race all around to explore any new space. When sitting quietly she may just nibble your toes for some attention. Her litter habits have improved greatly since being in foster care and once spayed will likely get even better.

Fluffy is a sweet heart seeking an urgent foster or adoptive home.



Gamora is a beautiful big girl with a large personality & is one of the 70+ rabbits we took in, in Aug. 2013. Rescued from terrible living conditions she came into the Rescue a bit timid. She has quickly learned to trust the people in her foster home and is thoroughly enjoying her new-found freedom. She can be found racing about the house doing binkies and high jumps. After she has a nice big playtime she will settle in for some gentle pets
and has often fallen asleep in her fosters lap. Gamora is a very sweet girl whose young personality does require some bunny proofing but she is well worth the small extra effort.




Hi everyone! My name is Remington, but everyone calls me Remi! I am an outgoing female bunny with a big appetite and lots of energy! My favourite veggies include kale, parsley, carrots and broccoli but I won’t say no to any type of vegetable! I really like to run around and explore stairs and furniture, but my favourite thing is to be pet. I will stay and let you pet me for as long as you are willing! When I am outside of my x-pen, I do like to occasionally chew the carpet so make sure you keep an eye on me! Another one of my favourite things to do is to lay in my hay while I eat it, which looks really funny and cute!

I am also almost completely litter trained! I always pee in my litter box and for the most part poop in it too, except for a few which are really close to the box. This makes it really easy to clean up after me! I am also very outgoing and will always come over and say hi, even if I have never met you before! I am a really sweet and friendly bunny, and I can’t wait to find my forever home! I am being spayed Feb. 2017 as I will be old enough then.

Gia is my mom, she was rescued by RR in Aug 2016 (when I was born!) after she was saved from a horrific meat breeding operation and seized by the SPCA.  I can’t wait to start my new life with you! I Will be spayed/neutered as soon as old enough.

Remi1 Remi2




Pepper is one of the 103 rabbits rescued from deplorable conditions.Pepper is one of Gias babies. Gia came to us as part of a large scale rescue back in Aug 2016 and Pepper was only 1 day old. Pepper still needs to be sexed, but for now we will call Pepper a girl.

She is constantly flopping; does mini binkies and loves to race around the room. She is very curious. She sits with ears alert and watches her foster mom – when she become bored, she flops down and continues to watch while relaxing. She has an “obstacle” course with a long box to run through and she really loves to run full speed through the box and “hiding” in the carrier. She also enjoys cuddle time.


She loves being out and being near you. You  have to be very careful when walking because, even when you think she’s on the other side of the room, she will find her way under your feet when you go to move. She jumps on everything – people, couch, boxes – and binkies continually. She’s a very loving bunny. She loves to play and loves toys.

A little story from her foster mom: Yesterday, my daughter put her cup on the floor and Pepper knocked it over.  While the water was being cleaned up, Pepper stuck her head into the cup and took off with it.  What followed was almost 30 minutes of her putting her head into the cup, walking around that way, dropping the cup, grabbing it and flipping it into the air, chasing it around the room.

She will be spayed as soon as she is old enough.



Screen shot 2012-05-07 at 12.12.18 PM

Piper is one of Viennas babies.  Vienna came to us with her litter of babies just hours old in Aug 2016. She was seized after being raised for meat in horrible conditions

Piper a mellow bunny, who was one of the smallest in the litter but has turned out to be one of the biggest. She may even out grow her Momma, Vienna. Piper is a sweet girl who loves pets, belly rubs and snuggles. Piper is a great eater and loves her food. Piper loves to binky, flop and recieve/give kisses to her sisters or Momma.

Piper1 Piper2



Mikey is one of Gia’s babies. Gia came to us in Aug 2016 having just given birth to 6 babies.  He was part of the “103” rescue, when over 100 rabbits were seized after being raised for meat in horrible nightmarish conditions. He was neutered by RR and recently received a clean bill of health.

He races around and then flops over for a nap. He closes his eyes and stretches his legs out when he is on the couch with you. He does a little jump when he runs. He flops over with his legs stretched out all the time.

He has a hidey hole timothy hut, and a timothy ball. He likes to crawl under his blanket and tunnel through.


Dani (one of Gia’s Babies)


Dani is one of Gia’s babies and came to us only 1 day old in Aug 2016. She was part of the “103” rescue that we assisted with. Gia was removed from a terrible home that was raising her for meat and all the rabbits were kept in disgusting conditions

Dani has impeccable litter habits. So far she enjoys Dandelion leaves best although she has eaten small pieces of broccoli, spinach and green bean, carrot tops, and parsley. Dani does a lot of zoomies inside her enclosure but always gets to spend time out in the room in the evenings after work. Usually at least an hour of time spent WITH her foster family. She has a penchant for finding cubbies and just chilling out there.

Dani is super curious! Gotta keep an eye on that girl! Nothing is off limits to her. She came to her foster home really skittish but by the one week mark her new foster family spent a lot of time just making lots of noise and moving freely around her so that she gets used to it. She has come such a long way. Nothing really startles her so much anymore. She will come over to the door to her enclosure to get pets, or stand on her hind legs along the side to see you.

danicollageMiss D seems to really enjoy petting. She lets her human friends touch her everywhere from her little tail to her wiggling nose. She is as sweet as pie having her nails trimmed too! She loves cheek scratches and having her ears stroked or the tips rubbed. She also tolerates being picked up very well to be carried from place to place or even just to settle with her chin on your shoulder. She is very sweet!

Dani is playful! She’s played with her little geometric wooden ball since the night she was brought home. She likes to pick it up and flip it around. She does this with her little chew carrot and balls too. She has not come into contact with children but has gone from startling like crazy at the sight of the dogs in her foster home, to letting them sniff her and even give her a lick right up the face.

She likes to zoom into her play tunnel and then kind of play the game of “which end am I going to come out of”.  She does some great “half binkies” and she does like to flop a lot. She will play with her foster family and then just FLOOP right over.

Dani now loves meeting new humans and will come over for pets. If you stop petting her, and are paying attention to something else she will head-but your arm or little paws may be crawling up your back hoping for just a little more.



Rosie came to us in Aug as part of the 103 rescue. She was removed after living in deplorable conditions and being raised for meat. Rosie was spayed in Aug 2016 and has impeccable litter habits!

When Rosie is given time out of her enclosure, she is very excited – she binky’s up a storm! She also does this when she knows she is about to be fed – she jumps in place, and binky’s around her enclosure, sometimes even spilling her water from all the excitement. When out to play, she burns all her energy in the first few minutes – binkying, running around – enough so that she tires herself out, and ends up parking it for some time.  When she is in her enclosure, grooming herself, she flops onto her side – cleaning her ears, her paws – it is such a cute sight to see!!

Rosie goes straight for the magazines/newspapers when out exploring.   She really enjoys tearing them apart/shredding them. She loves to explore new areas, always leading with her ears, like antennae – she is very weary of her surroundings. With Rosie, cables have never been an issue, thankfully!


Rosie has a carrier in her enclosure that she loves to sleep in, or use to hide when she is scared. When she is playing/excited, she has jumped up on the crate. Her favorite toys are:  Wooden chew toys – blocks/carrot, cardboard boxes/paper rolls, willow sticks. She also does well with friendly cats.

Rosie loves to race around the room (carpeted) when she first comes out of her enclosure – binkying. When she flops over for a nap– she flops almost fully on her back (belly side up), and eventually ends up on her side – cleaning her ears and her paws – a sight to see!

Rosie is such a sweet “little” bunny. She will do really well in a home with other pets – preferably cats. She follows the cat  in her foster family wherever she goes, but will not jump up on furniture when the cat does so. She is very well-mannered.  Could you be her forever home?


DJ is one of Gia’s babies. Gis came to us as part of the “103” rescue after she was removed from a place where all the rabbits were being bred for mea tand they were kept in such horrible conditions that it was illegal.

 DJ is an extremely playful, young bunny that’s very easy to love. She makes friends quickly with both animals and other people. DJ will approach someone as they enter the room and likes to lie down next to you. She can hop around the room extremely fast when she is happy, will binky and even roll over for pets, especially after receiving treats. She loves her tunnel to run through and to hop on and chase ping pong balls around her playpen. Also, she is not afraid of loud noises such as vacuums and she is an expert at using her litter box. Her favourite spot for pets is her head, but she goes crazy for nose rubs.  She will be spayed by RR once she is 6 months old.


dj2 dj1



Olivia is one of Viennas baby that came to us only days old. Vienna was removed from a backyard breeder where she was being raised for meat and kept in horrific conditions. We are seeking an URGENT foster home for her. She is a friendly and curious bunny.




One of Gias babies, who is a wonderful boy!!! Gia was rescued from a terrible situation where all the rabbits were being raised for meat, in very inhumane conditions and they were suffering terribly. Gia came to us when her babies were 2 days old.

Alfie3 Alfie2 Alfie1


Audrey Hopburn

Audrey HopBun is one of the 103 we saved in Aug 2016. She came to us after being raised for meat and kept in such bad conditions the SPCA had to remove all of them.

Audrey is a very inquisitive and bright little bunny who loves to play with toys and enjoys being petted! She is trying her best to be friends with our cats and seems to be winning them over with her playful attitude. It’s impossible to be anything but happy with her bright little self around!

She is energetic, very bright, playful! Likes to hop after our cats, enjoys exploring. Good at getting out of pen, had to make Bunny Alcatraz, but also seems to be easily occupied with toys. She is a great eater, loves cantaloupe as a special treat and promised to be your very best friend if you adopt her!



Tulip is a sweet bun who was rescued from a terrible situation.  She has come along way since August after being rescued with 103 other rabbits who were being raised for meat.  Tulip is still very hesitant about new situations and loud noises so she will require someone with rabbit experience and patience to continue to bring her out of her shell.  She loves to binky and run around so a large space and lots of time outside her pen is a must.  Tulip likes to be pet around the face and ears which means she just wants to be loved.  She gets very excited about her pellets and loves fresh timothy hay.  Tulip is litter trained and likes to play with toys that she can chew.  She does not show any destructive behaviour and likes to stretch out just about anywhere.  Tulip wants to trust, she just needs someone to spend time with her and love her – could that be you?  We had her spayed and health checked in Aug 2016.

tulip-2 tulip-3 tulip-4 tulip-5


Peaches is one of Vienna’s babies, that came to us only 2 days old on Aug.
7th 2016.  Vienna was seized after being raised for meat in disgusting

Peaches is a sweet and spunky girl. She is still a little timid about
getting picked up or petted but enjoys running around and doing her own
thing. She is very curious and likes to explore everything in her
environment. She is also very friendly with other animals and will hop right
up to cats. Peaches isn’t very destructive but can get into mischief if she
finds that she isn’t getting enough time out of her pen. She is a happy girl
who loves to do binkies and run around, especially in the morning. Her fur
is very soft.

She would do really well bonded to another rabbit(s). She loves other
animals and is super friendly with them. She’s got a bit of an attitude and
binkies away when she knows it’s time to go back in her pen. She has a bit
of trouble on our hardwood floor but doesn’t seem afraid of it at all and is
getting used to it. She is definitely a morning rabbit who loves the sun.
She sleeps well at night and is up as soon as the sun comes up to run around
like crazy and do binkies everywhere. She is super curious and will explore
everywhere and everything she can get to. She can make anyone laugh with her
antics. The only thing she ever destroyed were some paper pictures that were
taped up in her pen. She decided she didn’t like the décor and let her
foster mom know. She will be spayed as soon as she is old enough. She cant
wait to find her forever home!



Rumsey is a very sweet shy bunny. She stays reserved unless you click your tongue with some food in your hands, then she will come running over and eat out of your hand and get in your lap. Food is 100% the way to her heart. She is a curious soul and will go everywhere she can get to, to go explore. She is also fearless as she always hops right up to my dog to say hello, She is free range as her size limits her in a traditional cage. Her favorite places to get rubbed are between her ears, and she strongly dislikes her neck being rubbed. She is currently being litter trained and once we get that down pat she’ll be the perfect free range bunny as she doesn’t bite or chew.  She has been spayed and had a small benign lump removed at time of her spay..she is healthy now and ready to find her forever home!



Hello, my name is Ruby. I’m adorable and adventurous and I’m totally available. I can be little shy when you first meet me- who isn’t- but once I get to know and trust you, I’ll open up and be playful and engaging.
A few words from my foster mom -Ruby is very curious and a bit of a health nut–she loves to exercise and she eats more hay than any bunny I’ve seen. Despite her size, she loves to binky and run around in circles super fast. She likes being around people and inquisitively sniffs them out. She enjoys petting and even being picked up for short amounts of time. She picked litter box habits up fast and is now great with her litter.  Ruby is being spayed Dec. 2016.

ruby-1 ruby-2


Monty is a neutered male with a big appetite. He came to us from a shelter when he was out of time, he was not a happy boy there! Now he is doing So much better in foster care! He loves his veggies and treats and will take them from your hand eagerly. He is a bit cage aggressive at the moment but his foster mom is trying to get him out of that habit. He likes to have free range and has pretty good litter box habits when it comes to urine, do find poop balls when he is out of his cage. Monty has been exposed to cats and shows no fear of them at all. He will hop up to them and they will exchange sniffs. He is also starting to let his foster mom his nose and head (and he has only been there a week so far). Monty’s coat is very shiny and silky, makes me think Black Beauty would be a better name for him!

He is a great little rabbit and is hoping to find a forever home soon.Monty1 Monty2