Ginger is a beautiful female bunny that was brought to a local shelter as a stray after being dumped.  The shelter is having a hard time adopting her out, due to lack of interest (and their shelter is not designed to have small animals available for adoption).   We are seeking an URGENT foster home for her so we can bring her into RRs safety and have her spayed.



Linda (aka Lindy Hop!), came to RR after being passed up repeatedly at a local shelter. No one was interested her and she was becoming very unhappy there.  Now in the safety of an RR foster home, she is a very curious and happy bunny. When she’s not exploring, she’s usually flopped for naps under her foster moms work chair. When it’s time to get up and go, Lindy shows some pretty amazing bunny stretches and yawns. Her favourite past times, beyond naps, yawns, and adventure, include races around the room at top speed and binkies all around. Lindy has some of the best litter habits around, never once has she failed to use her litter box. Also, she is very good about not chewing things she’s not supposed to.

While Lindy’s adorable characteristics outweigh any negative ones, Lindy still has to work on her people skills. Hands make her nervous and she responds with boxing, grunts, lunges, and the occasional nip. She shows signs that she was either mistreated or possible hurt by people in her past and needs some help to overcome this.


Lindy is working hard on improving her attitude, but some of her diva ‘tude might be here to stay. As a parting thought, Lindy would like us to know though that despite her grumpy moments, she is very endearing and a pleasure to have around! In spite her fear of hands she is really a very social and wonderful girl. She has come a long way in a short time in foster care. Learning to trust that no one is going to mistreat her has helped her overcome some of her fear and she has responded well to love.

Lindy is such an active girl that she would do best either free range or in a home where she will have a lot of time out. While she loves lounging in her pen and feels safe there having the door open much of the day for her to run and burn off some energy has made her a very happy little girl.



Miley is a beautiful grey angora with lots of spunk. She is a sweetheart who is very friendly and loves attention. She has shown gentle interest in other buns and would likely do well bonded or with regular human interaction. Although she does not like to be picked up, she will eagerly hop onto your lap to be pet or for treats and can be very cuddly. She enjoys gentle brushing, which is essential for her gorgeous, long coat. She is fairly relaxed and had no problems sitting still to have a few mats cut out of her fur when she arrived at her foster home.


Miley has a big personality for such a small, fluffy girl – she is an epic flopper and will make known when something is in the “wrong spot” in her room. She is very curious and often spends time checking things out by periscoping on her hind legs. She also loves running, jumping on the couch, sleeping in her tunnel, and exploring. She has not demonstrated destructive behavior and is relatively laid-back for a bunny. Miley is an excellent hay eater and loves her fresh veggies and pellets.

Miley would do well in a free-range environment or a large pen. She demonstrated some cage aggression at a shelter (grunting and lunging), which is why she came into Rabbit Rescue’s care. She stopped such behaviour almost immediately upon arrival at her foster home. While she takes a few days to warm up to new people and places, once you’ve won her trust she will easily win your heart with her fluffy antics and sweet personality.


Johnny & June


These two rabbits were dumped in a horse barn in August. The female had babies, but they did not survive.


UPDATE: Johnny and June have been rebounded in foster care and are so happy! Johnny and June are both shy and timid with new people. June warms up first. Once they understand that they are not in danger they will eat treat and veggies from your hand. They love to explore and will once comfortable will jump on the couch for pets. June is more likely to make all the first steps with people. Johnny is more likely to explore first. They love to jump on the couch and boxes! They also love toys! Their favorites include: wicker balls, baby keys, balls with bells, coasters, toilet paper tubes. When they are happy, they both stand on their hind legs until you greet them. June blinkys and flops. They both give kisses and purr. They are well behaved and they require some bunny proofing because they are busy bodies and like to get into mischief. They also have no aggression and are incredibly gentle. Now that they are bonded they are much happier and much more friendly with people.



Salsa was rescued from a local shelter and has been spayed and vet checked.  Salsa is a very happy-go-lucky bun who loves to be petted and be in the spotlight.  She wants you to know that she’s always there and stays close to you when you are together. Salsa loves to jump on anything that will give her a good view of what’s going on around her.  She’ll take the highest vantage point to satisfy her curiosity, especially if it sounds like you’re getting her food! She loves to eat hay and greens and will get impatient when she hears the bag rustling.  And if it sounds like pellets, she’s all ears! That makes for an interesting time when cleaning the litter box. She’ll always let her foster-mom know who’s really the boss of the bunny pen.  She is very vocal and grunts/honks at anyone who tries to clean up her space:  Don’t you know that a broom is very threatening? And a dust-pan is an intruder! Salsa is calm when being held but she’s happiest on the ground when you’re petting her head and giving her bunny-massages.  She is full of personality and cant wait to find a home to call her own!




Adult | Female | Spayed | Arrived March 2014

Serena was an owner surrender to a shelter when she was 6 months old because she was considered to be grumpy and not friendly. Being in the shelter for another 6 months didn’t help Serena become any more friendly, even with the shelter staff making efforts to bring her out of her shell. The shelter was just not an ideal place for Serena. RR was called to spring her out. Serena went into foster care for a chance at a happier life. When Serena arrived into foster care, she was scared and her nose was out of joint for being moved to a new location. She grunted and lunged at any advance towards her or to get to know her, she even boxed her foster mom on the 2nd day. Her foster mom did not let that get in the way of getting to know her and was adamant on making Serena comfortable and able to trust again. Within 3 weeks of being in her foster home, Serena began to turn into a different bunny. She began to take treats from her foster moms’ hand and allow a few strokes on her head. She is living free range in her foster home and loves it, she has currently shown zero signs of being destructive. It is likely that she did not have much, if any time out of cage in her previous home which often leads to cage aggression. We feel she should be either free ranged or penned with a lot of time out. Having the run of the main floor of her foster home, this gives Serena lots of room to run and stretch her legs. Her favourite thing to do is bunny 500’s under the dining room table. Once she is tired out from that, she will flop out on the hall rug for a nap.  Serena loves to keep a close eye on her foster mom, and watches her from her favourite spot in the hall. Serena also lives with a large bunny friendly dog and is not afraid of her nor does she show any aggressive behaviour towards the dog. She even groomed a large dog that was visiting the home. Serena loves to explore and check out small spaces to see if she can fit!  She is a really great eater, currently eating Martins Timothy Pellets and her big piles of hay don’t stand a chance, her foster mom has to fill her hay a few times a day. She loves treats of course and will crawl on your lap to ensure your not holding anything back from her. As well, has eaten all veggies offered to her thus far. Serena definitely loves comfort and frequently hop’s up on the futon in her room for naps, which is lined with a fleece blanket.  She enjoys being pet on her head and back now and will squish right down and tooth purr to show her enjoyment. If you feel you have the patients, love and understanding to give Serena a home she can continue to flourish, trust and  learn what being a loved bunny is all about, then send in your application to Rabbit Rescue. Here is the form just in case  RR_AdoptionApplication_2013-3 .

Check out this big, beautiful gal in the 2015 Rabbit Rescue Calendar available September!




Adult Lop | Female | Spayed |  Arrived December 2013

Beatrice was returned to Rabbit Rescue recently, by no fault of her own, and upon her return it was discovered she had an abscessed tooth that had been left untreated. She under went surgery Nov 2013 and has been returned to her foster home. She currently requires some additional care, but once healed she will be the perfect pet.

She is an inquisitive, adventurous, bunny with the right amount of attitude to make her the funniest member of your family.  Beatrice will seek out people and insert herself into whatever you are doing (phone calls should never interrupt bunny time, FYI).

She loves to stare out the window, or the door, and can usually be found lounging between the curtains and the sliding door. Her litter habits are practically perfect. Beatrice has a love for bananas, dried cranberries and apples as treats.

Update:  Jan 7th she will be having another dental surgery, this time for a different abscessed tooth. She is a lovely girl still looking for her perfect home. Cant adopt? Please consider sponsoring to help us pay for her medical care. All donations are tax deductible.



Cutey | Female | Spayed | Arrived October 2009

Cutie is a sweet lady bun looking for her forever home. She has been with us for a long time…taken in may years ago, we treated her and removed a cueterabra, and spayed her. She was adopted out and bonded to another bunny. Both of them were later returned to us due to no fault of her own.  Sadly, her mate of 6 years passed away in December 2014 and her right eye was removed in 2013. Despite these hardships, Cutie is as sweet as can be. She is a gentle, easy-going, and very well-behaved lady with terrific litter habits. She is not at all destructive and simply enjoys the company of others. Her hobbies include loafing, napping, playing in her box, and enjoying nose rubs and food. Some of her favourites include cucumber and dill, and she loves the occasional fruit treat. For updates and photos, please visit Cutie’s Facebook page.  Cutie is so deserving of a home to call her own. Will it be with you?  She would do very well bonded to a neutered male.  This little bun has been through so much in her life, she deserves a happily ever after ending!

Cutey2-small   cutey1-small




Adult | Female | Spayed | Arrived October 2013

Dusty came to us when she was about to be euthanized at a local shelter. She is a very curious bunny who likes to be pet on the nose. She enjoys exploring and trying new foods and hiding spots. Some grunting and mild aggression during feeding times. She gets along famously with the foster moms cat. Uses her litter box like a champ. More info to come on her as her foster family gets to know her.



Adult | Female | Spayed | Arrived February 2014

Daisy was surrendered to a shelter for the simple and sad reason that her owners did not want her. She has not had any apparent socialization in her life so far and therefore is nervous of people. She will grunt if you approach her too quickly.

She loves her time out of her cage and we are confident all this little beauty needs is a bit of TLC to learn to trust in people again. Though so far she is shy she has not shown aggression and does not try to bite people.

Daisy is a lovely little rabbit who at 3 years old has gone too long without having people take care of her the way she deserves. In Rabbit Rescue’s care she is finally getting everything she needs. A healthy diet, lots of exercise time and most importantly she is wanted and loved. We know if you meet her you will love her too.



Adult | Male | Arrived January 2014

Jet is a spunky little boy who was abandoned outside during the middle of a freezing cold winter.  He is named Jet for his jet black fur, but he does have a smudge of white fur over his right eye and on the very tip of his nose.

Although a little nervous at first, Jet is quickly learning to trust people again.  If you lay on the floor, he will come right over to say hello and he does spectacular bunny flops.  He likes exploring and hopping up on the couch to see what’s going on, and giving nose bonks to say hello.  He eats like a champion and his litter habits are virtually 100%!

This little guy is looking for something he’s never had – a home that will enjoy his wonderful company, will love him truly and will never abandon him outside again.



Hello, my name is Betty, I came to RR from  shelter that could not take care of me.  I was lucky to be spayed by RR.  I am back with my foster Mom and Dad where I had lived from June 2012.  Spring 2014, I went to another house to be bonded with a big boy bunny – he didn’t like me. One day he bit a piece out of my ear, it really hurt at the time, but I am all better now and my foster parents say I’m still the cutest bunny ever.

I’m still a bit nervous of loud noises but I run out to meet people when they come into my room, and I enjoy being petted. I’m a happy, healthy bunny, I love my hay and veggies and never say no to the occasional treat. I don’t know how old I am but I weigh 1.5 kgs .

Anyway, I’m still looking for a nice forever home, maybe with bunny who likes me and won’t laugh at my ear with a little piece missing……Love, Betty.




Kalei (which means beloved) certainly lives up to her name. She was found living at the side of a very busy road. When she was found crossing that road, Rabbit Rescue was called in to help save her. Now in foster care we can see that this lovely rabbit is in need of some TLC.

When caught she was very dirty and covered in fleas and the were crawling all over her (she has since been treated successfully. No more fleas). She has neurological issues when we first got her, because the vet discovered she had a cuterebra. It was removed and she has now recovered fully. We also had her spayed and she is doing great! The vet believes her to be fairly young.

Kalei was very shy and nervous upon arrival but is quickly learning to trust in people. Instead of hiding she now looks for pats. She is flourishing into a very loving sweet rabbit. She shows desire to interact and be loved.

From her time outside she is underweight but she is eating well now and on a healthy diet. She loves her hay and Martin Mills Banana Muffin treats. She would do best in a quiet home and would likely do very well bonding to a bunny friend.


Kalei has really flourished in foster care. She is no longer the shy frightened girl she once was. She has learned to trust that some people are good and has responded to that love in happy bunny fashion! Kalei is a very laid back girl who enjoys the company of other pets. She would likely love a bunny friend.

As she is still young she is also active and playful. She loves to run and jump and gets very excited when you bring her dinner to her.

She gets long very well with the cats in her foster home and does not mind them spending time in her space. Though she will gently nudge them out of her box when she is ready for a nap she has shown no aggression at all. For all this sweet girl has been through in her life so far she has become a big love who is ready for someone to make her their own.

Mufasa & Bijous – Bonded Pair


These bunnies came to us after a cruelty investigation.  They were bonded but had to be separated upon arrival at the shelter they were at as neither were altered.  Mufasa is a bit timid until he gets to know you, but Bijous hasblossed and become a very outgoing and confident bunny.   Mufasa is slower to trust new people and things (it took him 5 days to try a new water bowl set beside his “favorite water bowl”.  Once he gets to know you though, he bows his head to ask for pets and gives nose bumps.  They both love to be petted, but not picked up.

They both came in with mild urine scald and were treated with revolution for fleas and antibiotics for URI. They have both recovered fully.


Mufasa was also quite overweight when he came in (they were fed only pellets in their first life) and he has started to slim down slowly. They each have great appetites for hay, Martin’s timothy pellets and veggies (especially dill for Mufasa).

The shelter has taken great care of them, we are so thankful for them!  But they have a hard time housing larger bunnies and are very full…so that is why they came to RR.   Now that they are with us, they are going to e slowly rebounded to each other. It must have been heartbreaking to be separated (although the shelter had no choice) and we hope that they will be happy together again after all they have been through!

More info as we get to know them.



Emma is an absolutely gorgeous charcoal Lion Head. RR had her spayed and is estimated to be approximately 1 year old. The vet says she is in excellent health. Poor Emma was dumped outside someone’s doorstep along with another bunny (which was taken in by someone). Emma was forced to live outside for 5 months to fend for herself. She found shelter under someone’s deck and enjoyed being fed carrots and lettuce by several well-intended neighbours. Several attempts were made to catch her without success, until RR arrived to save her.

Emma can be very timid, she’ll choose when she wants to socialize and sniffs you out. Through lots of love in her foster home, she is gaining a lot of confidence and is slowly warming up to being petted on her head. She will even try to crawl on you and will allow you to hold her and cuddle for a while. In time, Emma will be a very social, affectionate little bunny. Emma has tons of personality! She enjoys running around like crazy and jumping on whatever she can reach. She loves running through her tunnels and snuggling up in her pet bed. She loves to dig in blankets and run around the room at full speed when we are with her. She has been around very respectful children since coming into foster care and enjoys their company – not at all fearful of them.

Emma is currently eating Martin’s Little Friends Timothy Adult Rabbit Food (1/8 of a cup twice a day). She LOVES them! She will come running for Martin Little Friends Apple Dumpling treats (no more than 5 per day). For extra treats she has only been fed carrots and romaine lettuce in tiny bits every couple of days – and she loves the surprise of a carrot or lettuce! Emma is a great little hay eater – she loves her Oxbow Western Timothy Hay. She gets a small amount in the corner of her litter box in the morning and it is refilled a few times a day. She is really good about going in her litter box.  She hasn’t had any digestive problems since she has been in her foster home.

She has the run of her foster home’s basement, which is approximately 1,000 sq ft – and her litter box/hay, food bowl, water bowl and pet bed are kept in a separate washroom in the basement. Emma’s foster family has 3 dogs that live upstairs and they have noticed that she does seem a bit skittish when she hears them barking or running along the floor above her. As Emma became more comfortable exploring her basement it was noticed she has an appetite for exposed wires and similar chewables if left unattended. With a little bit of bunny proofing it’s since become a non issue.

The foster family spends as much time as we can with Emma, but due to having dogs in their home, they have had to maintain a separation. They can’t spend as much time with her as they would like. We hope Emma will find a home where she can bond with her people and spend the time with them that she deserves. She may even enjoy another bunny companion.



Bella is a good-natured rabbit who is quickly learning that humans are to be trusted. She arrived at her foster home full of fear, shaking like a leaf and letting loose a series of grunts every time a hand came into sight. After five years confined to a small cage without much human contact, she simply didn’t know what to make of a friendly touch. She has become spoiled unbelievably fast, and now perks up quite eagerly at the sight of her foster mom, bolting across the room to greet her and nudge for pets. She is gentle, intelligent girl who craves affection and would do anything for a small slice of banana. Her gluttonous nature means she is not picky about what she eats, but currently her favourites are leafy greens and apple slices. She has good litter habits, and cant wait to find a home to call her own!


Prancer & Dancer – Bonded Pair


Prancer and Dancer are 1 yr old New Zealand mix, spayed sister-buns that must go home together, Both and they are spayed. These girls are just so affectionate and lovable! They also got gold star stickers on their health exam.

They originally came into a shelter as part of an unwanted litter….they were adopted out as little snowballs and came back a few months later to the shelter because they “got too big”.  We are seeking an urgent foster (or adoptive) home for them as they do not have much room at their current shelter, and don’t have appropriate room to get exercise,  and the shelter is also getting very full.  All of their other siblings were adopted out over 5 months ago…and these poor girls have been left waiting and waiting…..

These girls love each other to bits and are looking for a calm home that will dote on them. They eagerly come to the open door for head pets and to nuzzle you for veggies or treats or anything! Prancer is braver and her more timid sister Dancer follows her lead. They are large rabbits and – like most bunnies – do not like to be picked up. Give them all their loving with all four paws on the floor and they’ll be happy as clams. They go into a cat carrier quite easily (for a bit of food!) to be moved around. They also need to have their nails clipped with all paws on the floor.

Please consider adopting a pair.  Pairs are always difficult to adopt out, despite them being some of the loveliest rabbits and easier to look after!

PrancerandDancer 2 PrancerandDancer1



Meet Lily – a very happy bunny with a big personality that is always making her foster mom laugh. She was shy at first, but once she became comfortable her lovely personality began to shine through. She likes to spend the majority of her time digging, nibbling, exploring blankets and her tunnel/tube. She always looks forward to when her foster mom comes home from school and begins to run circles around her cage.

She LOVES getting pets/massaged, so much that she will not let you stop. If you stop for a moment (because your arm gets tired) she will be nudging your hand for more. She is also a very vocal bunny and loves to ‘oink’ at you to say “Hi, I’m down here, I want pets!” Lily likes to explore and will find the craziest places to get herself into. She will climb to the very top of anything – especially her foster mom’s mountain of pillows on the bed. She can be found bouncing on top or underneath of them. Although she is very active and curious, she also has her down times where she will snuggle and flop.


Lily is not a picky eater and loves a slice of apple for a treat. Parsley is her favourite food (carrots second), blink once and they’re gone. Lily likes the way SHE organizes her cage and is not a big fan of when you tidy it up – we have been working on this and she is showing great progress! Lily has been with her Foster Mom for a month now – She will update you with more information as Lily progresses. J

The Lady Edith Wigglenose Thumpfoot


Edith WIgglenose, was rescued late last nite (Dec. 22nd)  when her owner decided it would be in her best interest to rehome her.  We think she made a great decision! Poor Edith Wigglenose was suck in a small cage outside by herself (after her mate died) for  over 3 years without ever even being touched! We have no idea how she survived the very long and cold winter last year (2013) but are thankful that she did!

She had a vet visit on Dec. 23rd.  She has a bad ulcer on one eye that has likely been there a long time and was left untreated. She is currently on eye drops 4 x day and will go back for a recheck in one week.  She was very frightened at the vet but of course this is due to lack of any sort of interaction for such a prolonged period of time.  We will have her spayed shortly.  She is an older girl btwn 8-10 years and finally deserves a chance to have a wonderful life with someone who will truly love her.

Pics and more info to come as soon as her foster home gets to know her more!




Libby was found as a stray wandering the streets. A very friendly girl who allowed someone to walk right up to her and rescue her.
As a big girl once in a shelter she was very unhappy to be in a cage and she was running out of time there. RR sprung her from the shelter just in time to save her.  Since coming into the Rescue she is a much happier girl. She can be territorial of her cage and has shown some destructive behaviours. Once she is spayed and settles in we are hopeful this will improve.
She is a very nice rabbit who craves attention and love. Libby is demanding of attention and quite comical as she is a vocal girl who will tell you if she is not happy with you. Libby has terrific litter habits so with some rabbit proofing she may do well as a free range pet.
Libby has not had a great start at life and needs to learn that people can be kind and loving. She is a big girl with a lot of love to give, she is 3.9kg. She just needs someone special to give it too.

Libby1 Libby2 Libby3

Stella Star


Stella Star a 1 year and 9 month old bunny who came to a local clinic with a dislocated hip. Her original owner was overwhelmed and has decide to surrender her to the shelter. She is dominant but in the right hands can be very sweet, and their staff has had no trouble handling her but the owner did voice some concerns that she was aggressive with her. She weighed in at 4.5 kg

She has had surgery at the clinic to fix her hip and thanks to the excellent vet and staff, has recovered very well!  She is looking for an immediate foster home, or adoptive home!  Contact us today if you think that could be you!



Bonnie-Boy is such a sweet and loving little soul. He is about a year and 9.5months and is a male lionhead. He is a bit skittish but the more time his foster mom spends with him, the calmer he seems to become. He is also shy at first but if you take the time to let him get used to you it is well worth it.  he is now a bunny that  hops all over his foster mom and nudges her ankles when he wants more pets. Bonnie loves attention and anytime you pet his head he will settle down and gently grind his teeth in contentment (bunny-pur).

Bonnie is very adventurous, he is constantly looking for new places to explore whether it is a bed, bookshelf, the top of his cage, no challenge is too big. And he loves to run and jump.   He should always have lots of space to run with obstacles. His litter habits are great in the sense that, pardoning the rare poop mistake, he always goes in his cage. He has yet to master discriminating between his litter box and the rest of his cage. However he was just neutered and so this problem should be solved very quickly!


Bonnie did have some teeth issues and was not eating when he first arrived in our care.  His previous owner had never taken him to the vet and did not feed him a correct diet. He was in a great deal of pain from having dental spurs cutting into his cheeks. We took care of all his dental issues and he has had several check ups since then…all showed his teeth to be ok at that time and did not need any additional work. Now he gets excited for his pellets, hay box, and any green.

In February we will be checking with the vet again to see if all Bonnie’s chewing will be enough to eliminate the problem on its own. We are very hopeful he will not need any further dental work!

Bonnie is perfect for you if you can offer him: lots of space and things to keep him challenged in his exploring/play, tons of affection, and have a quieter environment where his skittishness will not be triggered often.



Winnie came to a shelter as a stray on November 14, 2014. She was dirty and very thin and not eating well. She looked lethargic and depressed so a volunteer took her home immediately. She appeared to be young. She was cleaned up and had to work with her to get her eating and she started to get back her strength. She would eat greens and hay but no pellets. Finally she started nibbling on pellets

She was handled a lot and she was so sweet and gentle. She started putting on weight and feeling better and her spunky little personality started to emerg.

She loves rumbling around under her blanket and racing around the room. She seems interested in other bunnies and not fearful of them or lunging at their pens. She is currently living in a big cage and growls when her foster mom  reaches in over her head to fill up her pellet bowl but it is all talk.Foster mom can handle her and snuggle and kiss her which she loves and she is always eagerly waiting for her in the morning. She loves all types of greens, a baby carrot is her favourite treat along with dried pineapple and a Martin’s apple or banana treat. She takes all her treats from her foster moms hand. She is eating her pellets well now but she can be fussy about them. She loves her hay and greens and continues to do well. She is litter box trained and loves a large litter box filled with hay to snuggle into. Her spay  on Dec. 17th 2014 went very well and she recovered quickly from it. She is aprox 8 or 9 months old at the most. She has lovely soft white fur with a lion mane around her head.


She has pink eyes that almost turn into lavender in the right light. Contact us today if you think she’s right for you!



Scarlet is a wonderful little rabbit who sadly has been returned to the Rescue after failing to bond to another rabbit. She is a little girl with a big personality! She loves being out of her pen where she can run and binky and play before stretching out for a rest on the carpet or hop on couch for cuddles. Scarlet has great litter habits and would love to be a free range girl. She gets along well with dogs and seems to not have any fear of them. If you lay on the floor with her she will often hop up to sit on your back. She is a social and incredibly sweet little girl.


While she did not bond during her first attempt we believe she still has potential to be bonded. With time and patience and the right partner she would likely love a bunny buddy. Scarlet would do fine as the only rabbit in a home as well where she could get lots of attention. She really is a terrific little girl who is ready to find her forever home and someone to love her as much as she loves them.


Is a neutered male with a big appetite.  He came to us from a shelter when he was out of time, he was not a happy boy there!  Now he is doing So much better in foster care!  He loves his veggies and treats and will take them from your hand eagerly. He is a bit cage aggressive at the moment but his foster mom is trying to get him out of that habit. He likes to have free range and has pretty good litter box habits when it comes to urine, do find poop balls when he is out of his cage. Monty has been exposed to cats and shows no fear of them at all. He will hop up to them and they will exchange sniffs. He is also starting to let his foster mom his nose and head (and he has only been there a week so far). Monty’s coat is very shiny and silky, makes me think Black Beauty would be a better name for him!

He is a great little rabbit and is hoping to find a forever home soon.




I am a brand new foster and don’t have a bio yet. Please inquire to learn more about me!




I am a brand new foster and don’t have a bio yet. Please inquire to learn more about me!




Reuben isn’t your average rabbit. Some have said that he is the offspring of a gentle summer rain cloud and a cyclonic pack of were-bears. Come, read on for the tale of Reuben, The Best. Rabbit. Ever.

Raised for meat, he was liberated by a combination of sheer intestinal fortitude, some dental floss and the Rabbit Rescue (mostly,the last part). With his recently stolen freedom, Reuben enjoys the company of other animals and is frequently seen sharing his habitat with Chihuahuas. While wary of new people and loud noises, Reuben is quick to adopt the petting hand of any new-comer, especially when you stroke his mighty cheeks.

He is easily appeased by fennel, but is less enthused by the vile stems of asparagus. He surveys his land, usually from the perch of a computer chair (fit for a king), with a gentle but stern hand, like any great emperor would. His battlefield is fought better on cotton-sheeted hills than the harsh, hard-wood floors of the east.

His sword hand is strong, even after he lost his eye in the battle of the decayed teeth–a valiant fighter, he keeps his mood jovial, his fennel crunchy and his fur awaiting a fair maiden’s pets.

UPDATE, June 26th 2015:

Reuben had surgery to remove his eye due to a retrobulbar abscess (abscess behind the eye) likely caused from fractured molars.  He had several of those molars out as well.  He will begin his recover process now and hopes to find a special home who will love him despite only having one eye.




Douglas is a neutered 1 year old Flemish Giant, which as you can guess is a large bunny breed! He arrived in Rabbit Rescue’s care after being seized from a property along with 38 other neglected and mistreated animals by the Oakville Milton Humane Society.  He and his rabbit friends were being raised for meat in small cages.

When he arrived, Dougie was sooo skinny, missing most of his hair and did not trust people. He weighs only 9 pounds, but once he’s back up to a healthy weight he’ll be closer to 12 lbs. After only a few days in foster care, Douglas has burst out of his shell! He is absolutely thrilled to be free of that awful, tiny cage! He doesn’t have a lot of strength in his muscles yet, but he just loves zooming around, binkying and flopping… and this boy flops like a Champ. When he discovered a freshly washed blanket in his pen he was so excited that he flopped on his back and wiggled around on it like it was the best thing Ever. He really is enjoying being adored for the first time in his life. His litter training is coming along well. He doesn’t mind dogs or cats. He’s starting to enjoy petting but it’s obvious that human affection is a novel concept for him. If you have a lonely spayed female bun, Dougie is a good candidate for bonding. He will make a great addition to any family ready for the responsibility and hilarity of a delightful house rabbit.

Rabbits have all the personality of a dog or cat, but are quiet and don’t require scratching posts! Paired bunnies are twice the fun, they often give each other kisses, spoon together when sleeping, have acrobatic competitions, and keep each other company while you’re away from the house. We are happy to provide instructions to safely introduce rabbits.







DouglasAfterThis picture was taken after a month in foster care.


Hippo is a big boy with a big personality. He enjoys everything from binkying to country music, to flopping beside you for a nap. He enjoys cuddle time and being pet, and will often lay there and purr for you until you stop petting him. He loves to explore his areas, and throw his toys around if they get in his way. He has never shown any signs of aggression.  He is also very well acquainted with stairs, and enjoys using them to work out his big bum.  Please consider making Hippo your little buddy!



Pancake was adopted out, but returned to Rabbit Rescue due to no fault of her own.

You can pick her up but she much prefers being pet, really likes her nose pet and does not mind being pet down the length of her body, she settles in and enjoys for a bit.  She would likely do well free roaming in a no pet house, she did not have destructive tendancies, only when getting under the couch did she cause some mischief

She does well in her cage when given an area of her own that she is able to come out of her cage into, does not have rearranging habits as long as her cage is kept clean daily she keeps it that way.  She will let you know when her bowl is empty or she wants a refill on pellets, she knocks her water bowl around or does something else silly to get your attention. She really likes this one carrot toy you can get at the pet store, not the wood chew, it is made of some other material and she enjoys having boxes that she can climb in, dig and chew.

She’s a real sweetie and we hope she finds her forever home soon!

Pancake2 Pancake P2 P1



Cinder2Cinder1Cinder is a cuddle bunny, on the floor. When you walk in the room Cinder
will run to your feet and wait to be pet. She will sit still and be pet for
as long as you can pet her. She loves relaxing in her x-pen with the door
open,  she wont hesitate to jump out and follow you around the house.
Cinder has great litter habits and loves her pen to be neat and orderly,
with everything placed exactly where she wants it.  Being free range is by
far her favorite thing! She is easily startled by loud noises and sudden
movements, but will always come running to the closest person who will pet
her once she has settled down. Cinder loves her pellets and veggies,
especially apples and kale. She also loves stretching out on the floor and
relaxing after racing around a room. Cinder dislikes being picked up,
however if you cover her eyes with a blanket or a piece of clothing she will
remain calm so you can move her around if needed.


Autumn and Kramer

Kramer and Autumn – are a bonded pair of Lion lops and are always with each
other .  Kramer  he has an incredible disposition and is a real heart
melter! He loves to explore and, is always on the lookout for more toys to
play with. He  has no troubles hopping up onto the sofa to watch some TV.
Don’t be surprised if he sneaks in a few kisses when you spend some time
with him. Kramer is approximately  10 months old neutered male lion lop and
is litter trained

Autumn is as sweet as can be. She and her friend Kramer  love to lay around
and snuggle with each other. They’re never far apart and are often seen
grooming each other or cuddled up! Autumn will be the first to the food bowl
and grunt at Kramer to remind him who’s boss. Autumn is a little shy at
first with her humans but once she warms up this beautiful girl is a Gem.
Autumn is approximately 1 year old , spayed female Lion Lop and is litter
trained. Current housing is an x-pen as they love the space when I’m not

They are bonded and MUST be adopted together.

Autumn AutumnKramer1AutumnKramer2

Oreo and Electra

Oreo and Electra were dumped outside by their previous owners and rescued by RR.  They are a very cute brother and sister pair. When not running around exploring the house, they can be found snuggled together, possibly groomin each other. They both love their veggies, and will even take them out of your mouth! Electra immediately is very interested in whatever you’re doing, but Oreo will observe for a while first, then come over and nudge you for attention. They are very sneaky, and like to cause trouble, but they know if you’re calling their name they shouldn’t be doing that, and will stop and pretend like they weren’t doing anything! Oreo loves his tunnel, and will take naps in it and run in and out of it. Like any sibling pair, they have their ups and downs; sometimes they love to play together, but sometimes they will “fight” over the last bite of lettuce.  RR has had them both spayed/neutered, vet checked and they are in great health.

Please note that we will need a foster home for this pair before July 1, 2015.




Lucy was an Owner Surrender, was adopted out to bond, bond didn’t work so she was returned. She gets a long great with cats.

Lucy is a big, beautiful sweetheart. She is very friendly and does well both free range and inside her enclosure, although she prefers to be out. When she is out, like most buns, she loves wires, so make sure those are out of her reach. She does not like going on hard floors, but happily runs and binkys on the carpet. She loves to race around and will binky up a storm to show you how happy she is. She gets along famously with her foster mom’s two cats. She also has perfect litter habbits and is a very clean rabbit. She enjoys being a part of the crew and has a lot of love to give.

lucy 1 lucy 2 lucy 3 lucy 4


Amore’s beginning to life was not a very good one, she was kept in
unsuitable conditions and she was being raised for meat.  She was removed
from those living conditions during a large scale rescue of many animals and
brought to a shelter. RR stepped in and placed her into foster care.
Amore has some trust issues and doesn’t like her head to be pet.  she will
allow you to pet her back.  With some time and patients, Amore’s foster mom
believes she will eventually accept pets on her whole body.  She will take
treats from your hands and give them kisses.  She is a very chill bunny,
always in flop position, stretched out.  She enjoys free range time to
explore and hop up on couches and check things out.  she can also flatten
out and squeeze under low furniture.  When out of her xpen she shows her
excitement and enjoyment by busting out a few binkies.  She has perfect
litter habits and is a very good eater of hay and veggies. She goes nuts for
her pellets!  If your too slow she will box the food out of your hand to get
you to drop it, but she is getting very good at waiting for the food to hit
the bowl.  She has been around a large, rabbit friendly dog and has shown no
sign of aggression towards her. She does not like to be picked up and her
foster mom wont even try and stress them both out, to move her around, Amore
will hop willingly into a carrier and then she can be transported in the
carrier to another room. If you are looking for a big, beautiful, social
bunny, and willing to show her all humans are not so bad, she will brighten
up your home  and days with her gorgeous fur and pretty face.



Stephie was brought to a local animal shelter. They saw that she has a degloved tail and needed surgery but were unable to do it.  Rabbit Rescue saved her and took her in to our care and provided immediate surgery.  She had her tail amputated and was spayed at the same time.  She is healing well and will recover just fine now!  She is a sweet girl who hopes to find her forever home with someone who will cherish her, despite her having no tail.


Please Help Reuben!

PSX_20150701_091212Reuben was rescued by the SPCA from an abuse situation along with 10 other rabbits.  RR took in 6 of the surviving 9 rabbits.  Reuben is one of them. Unfortunately RR had to have his eye removed on Friday June 26th , along with removing a number of fractured teeth.

We have a very generous donor who has a challenge for us! If we can raise $400 by THIS Friday (July 31st), she will match the $400 and all of Reuben’s bills will be paid off!

All you need to do is make a donation here and email to let us know your donation is for Reuben. Help us raise the full amount for this lovely boy! Poor Reuben thanks you from the bottom for his little bunny heart for any donation you can make!


Pinot and Pickles are almost twins, and are often spotted together. They are both mostly white, with dark grey ears. The only difference is that Pinot has two dots on his nose, and Pickles has one. Pinot was namedafter the grape. He looks like a French artist from the 60s, and he would probably look natural in a beret holding a paint palette. He’s slightly fuzzier than his brothers and sisters, but not much. In any case, Hazel(mom) doesn’t shed much at all, so we’re sure he will grow up to be fuzzy, soft and very clean.

Both Pinot and Pickles are at bit shyer than their siblings, and protest most strongly about being picked up and held. This may just be a passing phase. They like checking people out from across the room before approaching. But they do come to visit, and are very friendly and happy bunnies.

They are litter trained for pee, and always go in the litter box. Poops still tend to be scattered all around the room, but that should change once neutered.

Pinot was born on July 9, 2015.

PiniotPickles3 PinoitPickles1 PinotPickles.4 PinotPickles2


Pogo is the biggest of Hazel’s 7 kits. But don’t let her size fool you. Pogo is a mama’s girl. Out of the 7, she’s the most attached to Hazel and will often be found hanging out next to her, behind her, or on top of her. She also happens to look the most like her. Definitely her mother’s daughter, she’s a gentle, happy girl. Curious and energetic, but also quite content to flop out next to the baseboard. Her ears are ridiculously big. she likes all kinds of hay, and pellets, but especially loves fresh dandelion greens, bok choi, and parsley. She drinks water from a bowl, not a bottle.

She’s litter trained for pee, and without fail goes in the litter box. Poops are still scattered all around, but once neutered should be fine!

Like all of Hazel’s babies, she’s been exposed to people since day 1. She’s quite happy around us, but prefers the company of other rabbits (especially her mum). At 5 weeks old, she’s going through his rebellious teenage stage where she doesn’t really like to be picked up. However, if you do coax her into your palm, she will sit still for a gentle stroke and a scratch.

Pogo was born on June 9, 2015.


Pogo1 Pogo2 Pogo3 Pogo4


Pepper is a sweetheart.  She is beautiful, mostly white with very subtle ginger markings. She loves her family, especially her sister Pecan. She’s the most fearless explorer of them all. She was the first to hop out of the litter box, and is always the first to explore any new addition to their habitat. She’s quite content to be on her own, but is just as likely to be at the centre of a small bunch of bunnies. She’s the quintessential big sister.

Like all of Hazel’s babies, she’s been exposed to people since day one. She’s quite happy around people, but prefers the company of her brothers and sisters. At 5 weeks old, she’s going through her rebellious teenage stage where she doesn’t really like to be picked up. But when you do manage to get her in your hand, she happily settles in for pets and scratches.

She’s litter trained for pee, and without fail goes in the litter box. Poops are still scattered all around, but that will change once altered.

Pepper was born on June 9, 2015.


Pepper1 Pepper2 Pepper3 Pepper4


Pecan was the runt of Hazel’s litter, and from the beginning, we always knew she was a little bit different. Whenever people would come to see the baby bunnies, they always gravitated toward Pecan. There’s just something about her. As she has grown, we’ve noticed a physical difference too – she’s the only one of the litter to show a slight lion-y quality. She’s definitely the most fuzzy of all, and quite a beauty to behold. She looks like a tub of butterscotch ripple, and her personality is just as delicious. Of the whole litter, Pecan is the friendliest toward people and is the most amenable to being held and petted (probably because she knows everyone wants to). When a new person comes in the room, she’s almost always the first to come and say hello. And if you visit with bare feet, you might just get your toes nibbled. She loves all of her siblings, but her favourite is her big sister Pepper,

She’s litter trained for pee, and without fail goes in the litter box. Poops are still scattered all around, but that will change once spayed.

Pepper was born on June 9, 2015.

Pecan1 Pecan2 Pecan3 Pecan4



Pinot and Pickles are almost twins, and are often spotted together. They are both mostly white, with dark grey ears. The only difference is that Pinot has two dots on his nose, and Pickles has one. Pickles was very friendly and curious as a baby. She would often lick our fingers and toes as she was exploring her new world. She seems to have grown out of that for the moment, but hopefully she will grow up to give kisses again one day.

Both Pinot and Pickles are at bit shyer than their siblings, and protest most strongly about being picked up and held. This may just be a passing phase. They like checking people out from across the room before approaching. But they do come to visit, and are very friendly and happy bunnies.

They are litter trained for pee, and always go in the litter box. Poops still tend to be scattered all around the room but that will change once altered.

Pickles was born on June 9, 2015.

Pickles1 Pickles2 Pickles3 Pickles4


Cashew’s bio is coming soon! Stay tuned!!!

cashew cashew2 cashew3



Out of Hazel’s 7 kits, Pancake was the one who got the best looks. Her markings are distinctive and very handsome. She’s white, with t-shaped stripes on her back and a handlebar mustache. She loves her brothers and sisters, and is quite comfortable to huddle with them. But she can often be found off exploring on her own. She loves the Cottontail Cottage and the Maze Haven, and anywhere with holes and tunnels that she can zoom in and out of. She’s not a huge dandelion fan, but she likes parsley. She’s quite content to munch on hay and pellets. She likes her water from a bowl, not a bottle.

She’s litter trained for pee, and without fail goes in the litter box. Poops are still scattered all around,  but once neutered that will change.

Like all of Hazel’s babies, she’s been exposed to people since day 1. she’s quite happy around her foster parents, but prefers the company of her brothers and sisters. At 5 weeks old, she’s going through her rebellious teenage stage where she doesn’t really like to be picked up. she’d rather be off running around doing binkys.

Pancake was born on June 9, 2015.

Pancake1 Pancake2 Pancake3 Pancake4



PopTart likes to have fun. She’s white, with a distinctive black stripe on her back, reminiscent of a toaster slot (which is why he’s named after a toaster pastry). Like her brother Pancake, she also has a handlebar mustache. PopTart is the best at zooming around the room, and is often the first to explore when a new thing or person comes into her space. She likes every food she is given, and prefers her water from a bowl, rather than a bottle.

She’s litter trained for pee, and without fail goes in the litter box. Poops are still scattered all around, but that will change once she is old enough to be neutered.

Like all of Hazel’s babies, she’s been exposed to people since day 1. She’s quite happy around her foster parents, but prefers the company of her brothers and sisters. At 5 weeks old, she’s going through her rebellious teenage stage where she doesn’t really like to be picked up. She’d rather be off zooming around exploring and digging.

Poptart was born on June 9, 2015.