Roxanne is currently at a shelter with other 100 other rabbits. The shelter is out of space and needs to reduce their numbers ASAP. If a foster or adoptive home cannot be found for her, she will be euthanized. We would love to bring her into our rescue if someone can foster her!

She is a female dwarf 26 months old. She was territorial and very stressed at the shelter, and had a few false pregnancies before being spayed. She was in foster care but brought back because they were afraid of her and a child visited and she was afraid to come out of her cage. We have seen bunnies like this many times come through RR, with the right environment, time and patience they do amazing out of a shelter setting! She just needs to be given a chance at love. Please contact us today if you can help.

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Moony was rescued from a shelter that had become full, and so we took her into our care before she would be euthanized. Moony knows what she likes, and what she doesn’t like, and is very expressive of both. If you pick her up (her least favourite activity), she’ll ghost-nip, thump, growl, and kick imaginary dirt in your face. There’s no question: Moony is one tough cookie.

However, you do get to see her other side when you stroke her. She leans heavily into you, closes her eyes, melts into the floorboards, and purrs loudly with her teeth. If you stop, she might hop into your lap and lean into the crook of your arm, begging for more, or she might shove her head back under your hand. Moony has to know you, but it’s worth it being in her good books.

She also has no fear of cats, which could be good or bad depending on how your cat reacts to an opinionated rabbit. Though she’s a calm, low-energy rabbit, she enjoys flinging around toilet paper rolls and exploring new spaces. Because of her fabulous litter habits, she’s the perfect companion if you want someone hopping around your feet while you wash the dishes, or on your lap while watching a movie.

Moony is at her very cutest when gobbling down Bok Choy, or squishing up her cheeks, cleaning them. Her round, soft shape makes her very adorable, and her lovely purple-grey eyes are just an added bonus. She’s slightly territorial about her cage, but even this becomes  endearing: she insists on chinning her food before eating it, a very silly looking practice. If you give her a loving home, we have no doubt that Queen Moony will flourish!

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Sophie is currently at high risk! She is at a shelter where hse is nearly out of time and will be euthanized if a placement can not be found for her. We are seeking urgent foster care, or an adoptive home. She will be spayed upon coming into our care.   She is simply as cute as a button. She is 2 years 8 months old and was surrendered because the family was having a baby. Does not like being picked up but she does like being petted. If you can help save this sweetie please contact us immediately! Please contact us today if you can help.

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Felix came to us from the Montreal SPCA after they became full, having over 100rabbits in their care and he was at risk of being euthanized. Rabbit Rescue was able to help save Felix when a foster home became available.

Felix is a Broken Red New Zealand, that was unfortunately, bred for meat. Felix is litter trained and enjoys his 3 story condo and pen to run about. Felix is constantly demanding pets, kisses and snuggles. He has the biggest binkies and the sweetest nose bonks. He has a lot of personality and even though he’s a big boy, he’s also a big suck! Please check Felix’s daily antics at his Foster Mommas Facebook Page:

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Adult | Female | Soon to be Spayed | Arrived March 2014

Serena was an owner surrender to a shelter when she was 6 months old because she was considered to be grumpy and not friendly. Being in the shelter for another 6 months didn’t help Serena become any more friendly, even with the shelter staff making efforts to bring her out of her shell. The shelter was just not an ideal place for Serena. RR was called to spring her out. Serena went into foster care for a chance at a happier life. When Serena arrived into foster care, she was scared and her nose was out of joint for being moved to a new location. She grunted and lunged at any advance towards her or to get to know her, she even boxed her foster mom on the 2nd day. Her foster mom did not let that get in the way of getting to know her and was adamant on making Serena comfortable and able to trust again. Within 3 weeks of being in her foster home, Serena began to turn into a different bunny. She began to take treats from her foster moms’ hand and allow a few strokes on her head. She is living free range in her foster home and loves it, she has currently shown zero signs of being destructive. It is likely that she did not have much, if any time out of cage in her previous home which often leads to cage aggression. We feel she should be either free ranged or penned with a lot of time out. Having the run of the main floor of her foster home, this gives Serena lots of room to run and stretch her legs. Her favourite thing to do is bunny 500’s under the dining room table. Once she is tired out from that, she will flop out on the hall rug for a nap.  Serena loves to keep a close eye on her foster mom, and watches her from her favourite spot in the hall. Serena also lives with a large bunny friendly dog and is not afraid of her nor does she show any aggressive behaviour towards the dog. She even groomed a large dog that was visiting the home. Serena loves to explore and check out small spaces to see if she can fit!  She is a really great eater, currently eating Martins Timothy Pellets and her big piles of hay don’t stand a chance, her foster mom has to fill her hay a few times a day. She loves treats of course and will crawl on your lap to ensure your not holding anything back from her. As well, has eaten all veggies offered to her thus far. Serena definitely loves comfort and frequently hop’s up on the futon in her room for naps, which is lined with a fleece blanket.  She enjoys being pet on her head and back now and will squish right down and tooth purr to show her enjoyment. Although she has not been spayed yet, her litter habits are pretty good, she will be spayed soon and her litter habits will only get better. If you feel you have the patients, love and understanding to give Serena a home she can continue to flourish, trust and  learn what being a loved bunny is all about, then send in your application to Rabbit Rescue. Here is the form just in case  RR_AdoptionApplication_2013-3 .

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Adult | Female | Spayed | Arrived November 2012

Delilah came to Rabbit Rescue when her time at a shelter was running out. Once in foster care this big beautiful girl blossomed into an amazing pet! No longer confined in a cage she enjoys being free range. She does not like slippery floors so will stay out of the kitchen but does know the sound of a refrigerator door opening and will get very excited waiting for her salad.

In the morning when her foster mom gets out of bed Delilah greets her with excitement and will dance around and between her feet. This is a very happy girl! While she does have perfect litter habits Delilah will chew on occasion so bunny proofing is a must. She loves to play with and tear up cardboard boxes and paper. Loves her hay and willow balls and enjoys tossing around a toilet paper roll filled with hay. When its time for a rest she enjoys laying near people and will sometimes request some attention by tugging on your pants.

Delilah came to the Rescue a shy and nervous rabbit but you would never know that now. From her silly happy dances, to lounging and relaxing and yes even just watching this beautiful girl washing those big ears Delilah will capture your heart.



Adult Lop | Female | Spayed |  Arrived December 2013

Beatrice was returned to Rabbit Rescue recently, by no fault of her own, and upon her return it was discovered she had an abscessed tooth that had been left untreated. She under went surgery Nov 2013 and has been returned to her foster home. She currently requires some additional care, but once healed she will be the perfect pet.

She is an inquisitive, adventurous, bunny with the right amount of attitude to make her the funniest member of your family.  Beatrice will seek out people and insert herself into whatever you are doing (phone calls should never interrupt bunny time, FYI).

She loves to stare out the window, or the door, and can usually be found lounging between the curtains and the sliding door. Her litter habits are practically perfect. Beatrice has a love for bananas, dried cranberries and apples as treats.

Update:  Jan 7th she will be having another dental surgery, this time for a different abscessed tooth. She is a lovely girl still looking for her perfect home. Cant adopt? Please consider sponsoring to help us pay for her medical care. All donations are tax deductible.

Teddy & Cutey – Bonded Pair

Teddy | Male | Neutered | Arrived October 2009
Cutey | Female | Spayed | Arrived October 2009

Teddy and Cutey were returned to Rabbit Rescue when their owner could no longer afford them.

Teddy loves to be pet. He will sit still forever getting his head and body pet. He loves raisins, celery, dried mango, and bananas. He is a bit shy at first but comes around quickly. His fur feels like velvet. Cutey is a little more shy but she is very sweet when she opens up and wants to be pet. She loves apples, raisins, and dried mango. They both love climbing on boxes and playing in their castle. They love hay. It’s always gone so quick when I put it in. I have to fill the box up with it a lot through out the day.  They have perfect litterbox habits.

Teddy is the sweetest bunny I have ever met. He will run up to his cage and jump up as soon as he see’s me. He loves to be pet, as soon as you start petting him his tongue comes out and starts licking either my hand or whatever is in front of him like a box. Teddy is a little piggy he will  eat anything you give him, he’s not picky at all. Cutie is shy it takes her a long time to come around. She always follows teddy around. They are always licking each other and sleeping together. When they are out of their condo they make sure they can always see each other. When you pet cutie she lays down and lets you give her a really long pet she loves it. They are amazing bunnies.


Adult Lop | Female | Spayed | 2.89kg | Arrived June 2011

Pippi is a lovely adult female lop. She came to us June 2011 from a very sad case with hundreds of other rabbits.  Pippi came to RR with 4 young babies 3 weeks of age.  She had to be separated from her babies in order to have surgery for a very serious untreated bite wound. She wound up having a mastectomy due to a large abscess that went untreated before we got her.  It was a serious surgery and she required long term hospitalization, but recovered very well. She was also successfully treated for an URI which has never come back. RR also had her spayed in 2011.

She has very soft brown fur and large brown eyes. She is an excellent free range rabbit preferring to live free range or in a large pen rather then being cooped up in a cage. She has definite tastes about her litter box preferring soft aspen shavings or carefresh over hard pellets. She is very clean and likes having a clean litter box. She is food oriented and loves her Timothy Martins pellets with plenty of Timothy Hay. Her favourite time of day is when the fresh greens arrive.  She has not found a veggie that she does not love.

She also loves a bit of papaya or pineapple as a treat and will take it from your hand.  She is not at all destructive. She does not seem interested in toys except for a cardboard box or paper roll. She likes having a carpet or a soft blanket to lie on as well as stretching out on the cool floor. When Pippi arrived inher foster home she was very nervous around people and animals and just wanted to be left alone. She makes noises which her foster has learnt is her way of talking and has never involved biting or aggression. As the months went by Pippi came out of her shell and now enjoys being around people and living  other animals. She follows her foster mom around the house like a little puppy, bopping her ankle to let her know she is there.

If she is left alone or locked up too much she becomes mopey. She has had perfect health since RR has treated her. She does not enjoy being handled but does tolerate nail trims and brushing. Pippi has been in foster care for a long time and would love to find her forever home with her special person to love her. Given a chance she will definitely make her way into your heart.


Christopher and Millie – Bonded Pair


Adult Californian | Male/Female | Neutered/Spayed | Arrived November 2012

Christopher and Millie are bonded not only to each other but whoever gives them love.  In the beginning, you may feel like a third wheel, as they pay extra attention to each other, but as their trust for you grows, they will come to do the same to you. Millie in particular, loves to cuddle and lick. She does not like to be picked up but she will come wherever you need her to with a little coaxing and is oh-so-curious about the world!

Floppy-eared Christopher is much more reserved than Millie and is always on the lookout. He prefers to be off on his own most of the time and can be skittish, but he does show his love and happiness by binkying and bunny dancing for you. He doesn’t mind being picked up for a few seconds to be moved. Christopher’s foster parent is convinced he is equally as affectionate as Millie and with time, more of his personality will emerge.

They are big bunnies, and it would be best if they had a nice sized bunny-proof room to roam around in while you are away. They are both litter trained but should have litter bins big enough that their bums do not hang out. They love to chew things you might leave for them, such as Timothy-hay toys, so be sure to give them lots of chewable bunny approved toys and they will be good bunnies. They eat lots and lots of hay, and love botanical hays, lettuces, parsley and organic barley biscuits.

Whatever Christopher and Millie have been through, they have managed not to lose their sweet sides. If you give these two the chance, they will lovingly invite you to be the third part of their bonded pair. Watch their VIDEO!

We are being featured in the 2014 Rabbit Rescue Calendar! Check out the behind the scenes video!




Californian | Female | Spayed | Arrived February 2013

Blizzard came into Rabbit Rescue because she was not handling shelter life very well. She was going to be euthanized but asnowstorm bought her some time – hence her name. Now that she is in foster care there is opportunity to work with her one on one to show her there is no need for territorial behaviours.

Blizzard is also suiting name because of this girl’s active, outgoing, in-your-face personality! She is a flurry of activity as she binkies and Bunny 500’s back and forth across the room. Then, when she is all tired out she flops over like a little pile of snow. She is as active in mind as in body, and has a sense of adventure that knows no bounds. She will go in, on, through, under or over just about anything, and get into every little corner, just like snow! Any open door is a chance to explore. Slippery tile floors can’t hold her back and she has already mastered stairs. She likes to keep tabs on what is going on and will come darting over to see what you are doing. Blizzard enjoys being pet, whether it be head rubs or full body stroking.

She will require good bunny-proofing because she does like to sample furniture and paper, though she generally prefers her tasty, colourful chew toys. Her litter habits are rapidly improving now that she is settling in.  She would love to be free-range but for now she accepts that because of her mischievous habits she can only be out with supervision. She doesn’t seem to have been given veggies before, so she is just learning how tasty they are. Blizzard also doesn’t seem to have been exposed to a lot of the noises of everyday life and is easily startled by simple noises – the laundry machine, hair dryers, etc. Blizzard has a bit of rebellious teenager attitude and doesn’t like to be told what she can or cannot do – if she thinks you are trying to boss her around she may grunt and box, but we are working to resolve this. When she is scared she tries to act tough. She will need a person who will give her time to learn to trust again, then she will become a wonderful companion.

If you are looking for a spunky, energetic friend who will always keep things interesting, you should inquire about Blizzard today!


Midnight & Brock


Midnight | Male Mini Lop | Neutered | Arrived October 2013
Brock | Male Mini Lop | Neutered | Arrived October 2013

Meet Midnight and Brock. These two neutered males are bonded and have lived together for almost 4 years now. Midnight is a 5 year old lop, Brock is 4 and much smaller. These boys have very different personalities. Midnight is “all about the love”… very laid back, loves to be held and pet. He especially enjoys “Tellington Touch” massage, and having his cheeks rubbed. Brock on the other hand is the boss, more feisty and would prefer not to be picked up – although if you do manage to scoop him up, he’s then quite content to be pet. Brock does all the exploring, whereas Midnight waits for Brock to report back. Both boys are equally delightful in their own way, and certainly very happy together.

Neither have lived in a cage – but rather share a bunny proofed area in a room, of approximately 40 square feet. They have a ramp they like to jump up on, a sono tube to run through and hide in, and always a big cushy comforter on the floor to cuddle and laze about on. They drink from low dishes, and are litter trained. They have a litter box filled with a layer of very soft absorbent litter topped with their hay to munch for the day. They eat Oxbow pellets and hay, with Papaya for treats. They also enjoy chewing on organic apple branches, and organic rose hips.

They are looking for a home similar to what they have now where they can enjoy more freedom than a cage can offer and they must be adopted together.

Check out some of our videos! Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3



Adult | Female | Spayed | Arrived October 2013

Dusty came to us when she was about to be euthanized at a local shelter. She is a very curious bunny who likes to be pet on the nose. She enjoys exploring and trying new foods and hiding spots. Some grunting and mild aggression during feeding times. She gets along famously with the foster moms cat. Uses her litter box like a champ. More info to come on her as her foster family gets to know her.



Adult Lion Head | Male | Neutered | Arrived December 2013

Angel was adopted out by RR in 2008 after we had him neutered. He recently came back to RR through no fault of his own. Angel is a very playful and active bunny. He is litter trained and enjoys oxbow pellets, timothy hay, and fresh veggies. JB is used to having his own room and is adjusting to being in a cage when no one is around. He gets grumpy in his cage but relaxes right away when he is let out to run around, jump, play with his many toys, and sprawl out on the carpet. This is a fun loving and adorable bunny!



Adult | Female | Spayed | Arrived February 2014

Daisy was surrendered to a shelter for the simple and sad reason that her owners did not want her. She has not had any apparent socialization in her life so far and therefore is nervous of people. She will grunt if you approach her too quickly.

She loves her time out of her cage and we are confident all this little beauty needs is a bit of TLC to learn to trust in people again. Though so far she is shy she has not shown aggression and does not try to bite people.

Daisy is a lovely little rabbit who at 3 years old has gone too long without having people take care of her the way she deserves. In Rabbit Rescue’s care she is finally getting everything she needs. A healthy diet, lots of exercise time and most importantly she is wanted and loved. We know if you meet her you will love her too.



Adult | Male | Arrived January 2014

Jet is a spunky little boy who was abandoned outside during the middle of a freezing cold winter.  He is named Jet for his jet black fur, but he does have a smudge of white fur over his right eye and on the very tip of his nose.

Although a little nervous at first, Jet is quickly learning to trust people again.  If you lay on the floor, he will come right over to say hello and he does spectacular bunny flops.  He likes exploring and hopping up on the couch to see what’s going on, and giving nose bonks to say hello.  He eats like a champion and his litter habits are virtually 100%!

This little guy is looking for something he’s never had – a home that will enjoy his wonderful company, will love him truly and will never abandon him outside again.



Hi, my name is Jack.

My foster mom likes to call me “boots” because of my little white paws. I came to Rabbit Rescue because my owner is going away to live in residence at school and he wanted me to get the love and attention I deserve. I am a very lovable bunny. I win all my new friends over with my big brown eyes. Once I get to know you, I love to be pet around my ears. I might even close my eyes and “purr” to let you know how good it feels. I like to spend time with everyone but I enjoy my alone time to stretch out and relax.

I am still getting used to my litter box but my foster mom says it will not take me long because I am so smart. Being the curious bunny that I am, I will be the happiest when my pen door is open to go out and explore as I please.

Whenever my foster mom comes over to my play pen, I immediately hop over to greet her with some kisses. I am just as excited to meet you too! Please contact Rabbit Rescue!



Bugsy was rescued from a shelter that could no longer house him in December 2013.   We do not know his age, but estimate it at 2-4 years.  He is charming, lower energy, cute as a button (especially with his button dots on each side of his nose!), wise and appreciative.  He is a larger bunny at 7lb but he doesn’t throw his weight around to get his way – he is a true gentleman. He was neutered by Rabbit Rescue and is great with his litter habits now. Bugsy has a unique hopping style which is likely due to being confined to a small hutch in his first life. He’s developing the muscles of his legs with regular hops and is gradually getting stronger. He enjoys playing in cardboard tubes, shredding leaf bags and playing with his stuffed carrot (adorable!!). If his foster mom squeaks the carrot he’ll run and grab it by the greens and play tug-of-war like a puppy! Bugsy is presently free range in a bedroom in his foster mom’s house. He taste tested the baseboards but quickly learned they are not all that yummy and has left them alone since then. He does like having a cat carrier as a home base to hide in. He is afraid of dogs but has not been exposed to cats yet. He may enjoy the company of a gentle, polite, spayed female rabbit.

Bugsy has had his fair share of hardships and can’t wait to find a family to love him for the rest of his life. Shortly after his rescue, he developed a serious condition called gastrointestinal stasis (i.e. digestive system stopped moving). There’s more info about this life-threatening condition, which any bunny can develop, under the health tab at the top of the page. Bugsy was lucky to be fostered by a rabbit vet and received immediate and around-the-clock care. He has never shown any aggression. Even when he had to take a lot of medications, he was very tolerant and gracious for the extra attention.  He has had full blood work done, and is in tip top shape! Bugsy is feeling a lot better now and enjoys eating his leafy greens and Oxbow pellets.  He adores Oxbow Digestive Support treats and will fly across the room if you shake the .  He has yet to show an interest in hay (despite a smorgasbord of different varieties being offered to him on a daily basis). He really is a lovely boy!



Young Lionhead | Female | Spayed |  Arrived March 2014

Binky was found seeking shelter from the cold behind an air conditioning unit in Guelph early this spring. She was taken in by a RR volunteer and is eagerly awaiting her forever home. We have just had her spayed and health checked June 2014.

Binky is a very curious and active bunny who likes to show her running moves during play time. After a lap or two through her obstacle course she always comes to get pets from her human. Her favorite activity (other than receiving all the rubs and pets) is pushing her soccer ball around her play area and she has become quite creative in ways to get it unstuck from corners and furniture. She is extremely affectionate and will make sure to groom you thoroughly after you have groomed her. She would best be placed in a home that has lots of time for her to play outside her cage. She has no history of destructive behaviour and has been exposed to cats and dogs.  Could you be her forever home?

Bart & Rosie – Bonded Pair

Bart and Rosie were adopted out separately and bonded in a new home. The owner is no longer able to keep them so they have come back to RR. Pairs adopt out very slowly so please don’t pass over these lovely bunnies! We believe the happiest bunny is one with a friend! First time bunny owners, do not be intimidated with a pair… we find they are easier to look after!

Bart is a chocolate brown lionhead with a super sweet and gentle personality. He is quiet, preferring to get to know you slowly. But once he’s your buddy, he’s the first one out for treats and a scratch on the head. He loves his bananas and strawberries, and is not a huge fan of pineapples. His favourite greens (besides romaine) are cilantro and dill. Bart also loves his hay. Bart loves to chew on phone books and paper towel rolls.

Rosie is a calico lop with a spunky personality. She is dominant and loves to explore. Nothing fazes her, and she will find her way to seek out every corner and deem it “Rosie checked”. Rosie loves all food, but is partial to anything that is a treat. Rosie is very social and loves to chew. Phone books, paper and cardboard are her favourite. She enjoys nibbling on cords as well so bunny proofing your cords is wise. Rosie is very active, so lots of toys are a must.

The bunnies have been happily married since March 2014, with Rosie being the boss of the couple. Bart likes to follow her and watch her activities, but he is content to lay down and simply let his bride wander while he watches over the pen.



This adorable bunny was not properly fed/handled/cleaned after and we took her out of that situation. We were told “be careful, it doesn’t stop biting people”. We took her home and she didn’t bite a single time- not even when we first brought her home or when we took her to the vet.

Sophie is a charm, and whoever ends up with her will be one lucky owner! She LOVES to be pet and constantly asks for attention and head rubs. She’s getting used to proper litter habits and an appropriate diet. We have tried different treats until she finally accepted martin’s apple dumplings.

Sophie is not very fond of being picked up, but has come such a long way since day 1 where she would hop out before we could get her up. Now that she trusts us, she will allow us to pick her up. Watching this girl blossom is beautiful, and she is becoming one very happy bunny!

Whoever adopts her, will be very lucky to have such a sweetie!!  RR is having her spayed on June 23rd 2014, she has already been health checked and no concerns have been found.



Samantha is a brown and white female bunny, around 2 years old, and is a Holland lop. She’s spayed, in perfect health, and has good eating habits. Samantha eats timothy pellets, timothy hay, and an assortment of fresh veggies including lettuce, broccoli, dandelion greens, kale, carrots, parsley, and endive. She really likes all three, and eats lots of hay all the time. She also has experience with treats such as dried fruit and banana.

Samantha is litter trained, but does mark with pellets to some extent outside of her box. Overall her litter training is good, but if there is a strange rabbit around she might mark with pellets around the barrier between them. Like most rabbits she is prone to chew wires and so should be kept away from them, and if near a wall with certain kinds of molding can also grind her teeth on that. She definitely needs to have access to something to chew, such as a box, snack shack, apple sticks, or something else on which to grind her teeth.

Samantha loves being petted, and is always eager for attention. While like many rabbits she doesn’t exactly love being held, she is quite calm and good when picked up and can be handled without panicking in cases such as nail trimming and vet exams. The vet recently remarked that it was amazing how calm she was during the exam. Overall Samantha is an extremely friendly bunny, with no aggressive behaviour at all.

She has a couple of funny behaviours she does, including the “ninja walk”, where she crosses the room slowly, step by step, trying to go unnoticed; except she does this in the direct centre of the room. When spotted she’ll keep on going as if she’s invisible; it’s very funny. She also does binkies and half-binkies regularly and loves to stretch her legs out to relax.

She is looking for a loving home as her owner is no longer able to keep her. Please contact us today to see if you are the perfect match for this sweet girl!


Oreo Guelph

Oreo was rescued from Guelph by RR volunteers. Oreo is going to be neutered this week. More info to come as we get to know him.


Barbie Guelph

Barbie was rescued from Guelph by RR volunteers. Barbie is going to be spayed this week. More info to come as we get to know her.


electra guelph

Electra was rescued from Guelph by RR volunteers. Electra is going to be spayed this week. More info to come as we get to know her.



Bio and more pics to come soon!

Check out this tiny handsome dude in the 2015 Rabbit Rescue Calendar available in September!



Bio coming soon!



Thumper is an incredibly affectionately neutered holland lop who we rescued from a shelter.  With in 24 hours in our care he was seen by the vet and diagnosed with a severe eye infection. He also had his molars filed as he had a very bad spur that was cutting into his mouth.  Now on proper medication, his eye should heal up just fine, and his mouth will heal too!  He loves to be loved! Loves to be petted! Loves to be kissed! Super happy little guy who loves to run around! He is 7 years old and hoping for his forever home soon. More info to come as soon as his foster home gets to know him.



Adult Male | Turkish Angora Lop | Arrived July 2014

Macauley is a happy grey Turkish Angora lop. Somebody just tossed him outside when they didn’t want him any longer. He was found outside and rescued by a family that could not keep him, and so they called RR to take him in. When he arrived into the rescue he was extremely matted and uncomfortable, he was sent into the vet for a  check up and was put under to be shaved shave down and then he was treated for skin condition caused from having all those mats and knots. He is neutered. Even though he was in such horrible condition, he was still a very happy boy and loved to be pet. Macauley can be a bit shy at first, he will quickly warm up to you and is eager to interact. He loves to be out of his pen and likes to explore his surroundings.
He will sit on your lap for a cuddle and he often likes to give you a little nudge to let you know he would like to be pet. Macauley is very gentle and great with children. He recently underwent a ‘close shave’ and while looking a little rough around the edges.his personality will win you over. He likes to eat, with his favourites being Martin’s pellets, Timothy hay, romaine lettuce and carrot tops. For a treat he enjoys bananas, apples and Martins’ Little Friends Banana Muffin Treats. He is neutered and litter habits are excellent, you will surely fall in love with his gentle personality. If you can offer a loving home for Macauley, please fill in an adoption application.

Check out this furry boy in the 2015 Rabbit Rescue Calendar available in September!

Ben & Bella


These bunnies were recently returned to Rabbit Rescue.  They were adopted out separately, bonded, and then due to no fault of their own, returned to RR (family is facing other serious issues and could no longer care for them).  Benjamin is currently undergoing special dental care now that he has been returned to RR.

Benjamin & Bella are such a loving couple. They have two very different personalities, despite that, they are best friends. Benjamin (or

Bunny) is extremely affectionate, he’s always licking toes, or arms, and now Bella.  He really enjoys sunbathing, running his tunnels and snuggling Bella.

He literally loves eating all the yummy good food groups: hay, pellets, fruits (apples, bananas & strawberries- he will literally take it out of your mouth if you bring it close enough) He also enjoys his martins treats. He comes as he is called by his name “Buuuunnny” from anywhere in the house. He is really such an amazing little guy. He’s a bunny 500 lap champ with crazy abilities to do air jumps and take off!

Bella, is a very sweet, curious little girl! She is very attentive to changes in her play area, and often checks out the scene before she flicks her happy little head and binkies. Shes very spoiled with all the love and kisses Benji gives to her. It’s really such a sensational thing to see them both adore each other. Both Buns have great litter habits. If they were free ranged you would have to bunny proof; Bella likes to chew on baseboards.

These little love buns need a home that they can flourish in.



RR rescued Lando from a shelter that could no longer keep him. He is being
neutered Sept 2014.

Lando is a sweet adventurous rabbit. He is very health conscious and prefers
hay to veg and pellets though he will eventually eat his oxbow essentials
adult rabbit food when he gets it in the evening. He will eat any type of
hay but the one he loves the best, by far, is oxbow brand western timothy
hay harvest stacks. He can drag it anywhere he wants to eat it. His
favourite veggies so far are kale, carrots and wild grass but he has yet to
turn down anything completely. He loves drinking water from his dish.
He will eat his oxbow digestive treats when given to him but prefers his
foster sister’s joint health ones (even though he does not need them being
such a young fellow). He loves his bedtime snack of fruit and seems to like
peaches best. Lando has impeccable litter habits and even keeps the majority
of his poops in the litter box.

Lando is a great escape artist and loves exploring. He is not afraid to
venture anywhere, upstairs, downstairs, up on and inside anything he can get
into (e.g. guitar amp). So far he only has a taste for expensive Apple
product wires and has shown no interest in chewing any other type of cord
(electrical and other cheaper examples

He gets lots of free time in his foster home so he will do best in a home
that allows him lots of time outside his enclosure. Lando prefers to have
run of the house but when he must stay in his habitat he likes to scramble
his blankets and run through his tunnels. His favourite lounge area at the
moment is on top of his cardboard box but it changes often from his blanket
to his litter pan and every area in between. Lando wears his heart on his
paw. When he is feeling very satisfied and affectionate towards you he will
run in circles around your feet. When he is super happy to have run of the
house he does happy twitches (partial binkies) and jumps and runs at full
speed. He is very energetic so sometimes he forgets that he enjoys cuddles.
But as soon as someone reminds him he will sit and get cheek rubs and head
pets for as long as possible. The only thing Lando seems to not enjoy is
being picked up (like most rabbits!) He does not mind being in his travel
crate. He is not scared or aggressive towards other animals and does not
mind doggy kisses. Like lots of rabbits Lando loves to just be around his
humans. He likes to watch TV with his foster family and will find the
comfiest place to lay nearby. He is smart, affectionate and energetic and
will be a great addition to the right family.

Lando is the ultimate rabbit!!! Apply to adopt this wonderful guy today!