ONTARIO BOUND; Vegas Bunnies, Part II


Recently, Rabbit Rescue was able to help rabbits in Las Vegas by taking in eight bunnies.  There are several dumping grounds in Vegas with hundreds of rabbits, and rescue groups in the area have been working to catch and rescue them.  We were able to arrange transport and raise the funds to get them into our care Jan 2018. We thought the story might end there, but the situation took a drastic turn when someone began poisoning the rabbits, killing dozens in one day.  The city of Nevada also issued a letter stating they will be catching and removing the rabbits. As a result of both of these situations, local rescues are working over time to catch even more rabbits.  But with so many rabbits, they need our help.  Rabbit Rescue has sprung into action again to help get more rabbits into our care.  This time, 25 will be coming to Ontario.  We have again partnered with Rusty & Furriends, a rescue in Vegas dedicated to helping as many of these rabbits as they can.

We started a gofundme for the transport costs ($2500) and reached our goal in 20 hours!

 We urgently need your help!

  • In order to take in 25 bunnies, we still need FOSTER HOMES!  (Foster Application Download Here)
  • Apply to adopt a Vegas bunny!  These bunnies are highly bondable as they are used to being around other rabbits. (Adoption Application Download Here)
  • Sponsor a Vegas Bunny!  Your donation will help pay for spays/neuters, health checks, and any medical issues they encounter upon arrival or while in our care.  Donations will also help cover the “import fee” we need to pay to bring them across the border.   You can make your tax deductible donation here:  (DONATE NOW)  EMAIL US TO LET US KNOW YOUR DONATION IS FOR THE VEGAS BUNNIES.

The bunnies are all health checked in Vegas, and receive a fecal to ensure no parasites. They will each get a health certificate for boarder crossing.  All rabbits are assessed for suitability for the long 5 day journey. Extreme care is taken to ensure suitable rabbits are chosen.  Our experienced rabbit drivers check on the bunnies hourly, offering food and assessing them.  All rabbits are overnighted in bunny friendly homes that are ready and waiting with pens for them to stretch out and rest for the night.

 Help us bring 25 Vegas bunnies into the safety and care of Rabbit Rescue and make more bunnies Canadian citizens!   Please check our social media pages (FB, IG, Twitter) for daily updates & photos of the Vegas bunnies we need foster/adoptive homes for.

Local rabbit sanctuary sees surge of Easter bunnies brought in every year


“Without fail, every year, we get a lot of calls following Easter time when parents will find the Easter bunny they bought at a pet store, or a breeder, aren’t working out for them. We actually don’t do adoptions over Easter,” says Executive Director, Haviva Porter-Lush.

See the full story here.

Cambridge rabbit rescue gears up for unwanted Easter bunnies

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 9.41.21 PM

A local rabbit rescue service anticipates a surge of unwanted bunnies now that Easter has come and gone.

The cute, cuddly creatures are often an impulse purchase as an Easter gift for children, but Haviva Porter-Lush at Rabbit Rescue Inc. wishes people would buy stuffed or chocolate bunnies instead.

“Without fail, every year in the three to four months after Easter we get calls from parents whose children have lost interest in the rabbit,” she said.

Read the full story here.

More rabbits found abandoned in days after Easter


Rabbit rescue organizations are preparing for an influx of surrendered and stray bunnies as Easter weekend comes to an end.

The executive director of Rabbit Rescue Inc. in Cambridge, Ont., said oftentimes, parents who buy the animals for their kids don’t understand what they’re getting into.

“They’re really similar to cats and dogs, not like hamsters and gerbils,” Haviva Porter-Lush said. They can’t be kept in a small cage, for instance. Porter-Lush recommends keeping them in a pen or a dedicated room to themselves.

Full news story here.

Easter not so happy for rabbits raised for meat in Canada

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 9.46.39 PM

Haviva Lush, executive director of Rabbit Rescue Incorporated, a southern Ontario-based charity, has seen what happens without any protections in place for rabbits. She’s rescued meat rabbits that were missing limbs, covered in abscesses “with pretty much every disease a rabbit could get.”

“Reality is,” says Lush, “rabbits suffer more than most animals, not only due to no codes of practice, but because they do not need to be rendered unconscious before they are strung up for slaughter.”

Read the full story here.

Local rabbit rescue group helps save bunny left as garbage


A Cambridge-based bunny rescue organization is seeking a forever home for a rabbit that was left to die tied up in garbage bag last week in Vaughn.

Haviva Lush, executive director of Rabbit Rescue Incorporated, learned about the fluffy white critter on March 8, one of three put out as garbage but later found after one of the bunnies chewed its way out of the bag.

Full story HERE.

OSPCA euthanizes rabbit with ‘forever’ home waiting


A bunny left in the Orangeville OSPCA’s care has been euthanized even though the director of a rabbit rescue agency says a permanent home had been secured for her.

“It is so tragically unfair. This bunny was saved, only to be euthanized,” argued Haviva Porter-Lush, executive director of the Rabbit Rescue based in Cambridge. “They knew we had a confirmed spot, a permanent place where she would get the care she needed forever.”

Full story HERE.

Eleven rescued rabbits in need of a home


A Cambridge woman who helped rescue more than 70 rabbits from “deplorable” living conditions last summer is still working to find homes for 11 bunnies.

Haviva Porter-Lush, who founded the Cambridge-based Rabbit Rescue foundation more than 15 years ago, successfully located foster and adoptive families for nearly all of the rabbits seized from a Peterborough facility, which raised them for meat in unacceptable conditions.

Full story HERE.

No bunny left behind: Cambridge rescue group seeks foster homes for neglected rabbits

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 12.27.41 PM

It was controlled chaos at Haviva Porter-Lush’s house on Sunday morning.

Porter-Lush heads Rabbit Rescue Inc., a charity she set up 15 years ago that’s dedicated to helping place rabbits that have been abandoned, neglected or mistreated. On Sunday, she was taking on the delivery of the first 40 of a group of 110 rabbits rescued from the Peterborough area.

Cardboard cat carriers filled all the available space in the dining room, a volunteer was busy photographing rabbits and checking them off a list, while two other people were unloading rabbits from a van and gradually filling the dozens of boxes with bunnies.

Read the full story here.

After 103 rabbits seized, Cambridge-based Rabbit Rescue seeks homes

bunnyweb___GalleryHaviva Porter-Lush is on a mission to find as many local homes as possible for bunnies seized from a Peterborough facility where rabbits were being raised for meat in “deplorable” conditions.

Porter-Lush, who started the Cambridge-based Rabbit Rescue foundation 15 years ago, is working with animal advocates in Peterborough to locate permanent, or foster, homes for the 103 rabbits seized.

Full story HERE.

Many of these bunnies are still looking for their forever homes, check out our adoption section to save one!

The hare-raising tales of a rabbit foster mom

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 9.08.50 AM

While there are cruelty cases of hoarding and mass abuse, other rabbits are abandoned outdoors by families who are simply tired of having them as pets, leaving them susceptible to starvation, dehydration for becoming roadkill. “They don’t have survival skills,” says Porter-Lush.  Read the full story here.

Two Bunnies Saved From Slaughterhouse


We have BIG news to share. Rabbit Rescue Inc & The Save Response team are delighted to announce the release of TWO rabbits from a Southern Ontario Slaughter House. Two months in the works, were able to save these bunnies that were scheduled for slaughter June 15th 2015. These bonded females are only 12 weeks old.

They need names! We would love to hear your suggestions to help us find the perfect names for these two! Please visit us on Facebook and comment with your name suggestions! You can also help make a difference in their lives by donating towards their spays and any medical care they need. All donations are tax deductible. Click Here.

You can help other rabbits just like these by signing our petition, help us get to 5,000 signatures:  Click Here.

Lets help get the word out that rabbits are ‪#‎petsnotfood Join us in the fight to stand up for rabbits everywhere!



Canadian Easter Bunnies Breathe a Sigh of Relief over Nature’s Bounty Giveaway!


WINNIPEG, Manitoba, April 17, 2014 /CNW/ – Nature’s Bounty® Vitamins has announced the winners of its second annual ‘Share the Bounty’ $100,000 charity giveaway, and one of them even has a cotton tail connection, JUST IN TIME FOR EASTER! Read more

The link to all of the contest winners.

Pet rabbits purchased at Easter often abandoned by families…


TORONTO – They’re cute and fluffy and they make great Easter gifts for kids.

But animal rights groups are warning parents to stay away from buying pet rabbits as an Easter novelty, because a few weeks later, the small animals typically end up abandoned.

“We try hard to educate that rabbits are not toys, they should not be given as gifts – particularly for small children,” Haviva Lush, executive director of Rabbit Rescue, told Global News. Read more

Bunny Rescue Force


KITCHENER — The tiny cardboard castle in Brenda Lloyd-Yetman’s living room is fit for a princess — a particularly furry princess named Lancie — with her adorable twitchy nose, long delicate ears and air of rabbit royalty about her.

Lloyd-Yetman loves bunnies and devotes hours caring for Lancie — the rabbit was even in her wedding party — and she runs the online store for Rabbit Rescue Inc., a non-profit organization of volunteers scattered across Southwestern Ontario who rescue… Read more

Abused rabbits rescued from Manitoulin Island home


Charges were laid Monday Aug. 15th. The Ontario SPCA has charged Hendrick Reckman of Billings Township, with 26 counts of animal cruelty under the Ontario SPCA Act, after over 400 rabbits were found in his care. 200 of those rabbits were euthanized. Rabbit Rescue took in over 100 of the remaining ones. Read more

Bunny benefiting from prosthetic support


Mobility-challenged Pipkin outfitted with what’s believed to be first such device made in Canada

Little Pipkin won’t be flipping over onto his back in the middle of the night anymore. And that has his owner flipping out with appreciation.

Taken in by Haviva Lush of the Milton-based Rabbit Rescue Inc. after being surrendered as a baby five years ago, the dwarf lop cross — born to brother/sister parents — is the textbook definition of a special-needs bunny. Read more

Island man faces charges for cruelty


Haviva Porter is over-whelmed by rabbits.

The executive director of the Rabbit Rescue in Milton, Ont., recently received 103 rabbits from the Sudbury area, many of which had respiratory infections, parasites and, in the case of one animal, needed to have its eye removed.

These rabbits were among the 400 taken by the Ontario SPCA in May from a Manitoulin Island property.

Hendrick Reckman has been charged with 26 counts of animal cruelty after the SPCA received an animal care complaint. These charges include five counts of permitting animals to be in distress, five counts of failing to provide necessary care for general welfare and one count of failing to kill an animal humanely. If convicted, Reckman could face a $60,000, fine up to two years in jail and a lifetime ban from owning pets. Read more

Rabbit Rescue, supporters come to aid of 103 bunnies


Just hours removed from the most demanding day in Rabbit Rescue Inc.’s nine-year history, Haviva Lush is running on empty.

But asked about the help received for her organization’s latest efforts and the Milton animal lover’s exhaustion quickly fades — replaced by a smile that speaks volumes about her appreciation for the ever-growing support for her work. Read more

This Easter, make your bunny chocolate


They are lovable even in the off-season. But with Easter around the corner, the temptation to buy or adopt a bunny to surprise the family or make him a part of the seasonal decorations is even greater.

The trouble is Thumper’s novelty factor may not last beyond the holiday weekend, says Haviva Lush, the executive director of Rabbit Rescue, a Milton-based registered charity that takes in more than 500 small abandoned, abused, or neglected rabbits every year and places them in foster homes.

“Easter purchases are often impulse purchases, and they will just be returned later on,” Read more