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Special announcement…

Another great success!

Fourth Annual Hippity-Hop-A-Thon is April 12th!


Our 4th Annual Hippity-Hop-A-Thon raised $2,322 for the bunnies!!

Thanks to our very own store manager Brenda for leading the way again and helping to make this event a huge success!

Thank you to our Zumba instructors who graciously donated their time: Brenda, Jade, Alexandra, Mary andCharina, and to Alicia who photographed the event for us.

Thank you to all of the dancers who hopped for 2 hours and raised money for the bunnies, andt o everyone who came to volunteer, helped set up, helped man the raffel and auction tables, brought treats, and helped clean up!

Thank you to the following people and companies for donating all of the silent auction, raffle and door prize: Eternally Beautiful, Laura M, Emily S, Laurie Q, Sheri E, Statford Festival, Michelle W, Belina I, Bobbys Bunny Boutique, Sockbun, Flat Bonnie, Alicia R, Gwenda E, Starbucks, Stratford City Centre, Evolution concepts in Hair & Spa, Alado,  Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Sandra W, Little Binky, Amalia Ks,  Brenda Y, Evelyn M, Mary B, Mary M, Pandabug Creations, Global Pet Foods in Waterloo,  Bobby’s Bunny Boutique, Bunny ButtApothecary,  Starbucks,  Kernals in the Conestoga Mall and GoodLife Fitness Highland Hills gym.
Great big thanks to Martin Mills who sponsored our event!

Fiver Trust Fund

A very special bunny named Fiver came into our lives in September 2003. In the wonderful year that he spent with us, he taught us about life and love and touched many hearts.

Always a happy bunny, he enjoyed munching on dill and his ‘puff’ treats, binking around, and cuddling. Those who knew him fell in love with his outgoing personality, helicopter ears and adorable ‘quacking’. A bunny who beat the odds, his memory continues to live on in the Fiver Trust Fund. Donations made in his honor are used for special needs rabbits requiring long term medical care. With this Fund, bunnies like Fiver will get a second chance at life.

The Fiver Trust Fund is for our rescues who need more than just a forever home. By contributing to this long term care fund, you will help improve and prolong the the life of a special rabbit.

Make a donation to the Fiver Trust Fund and help save the life of a rabbit in need of life saving medical care.

Click here to donate!




To Ensure Compassion and Respect for Rabbits Everywhere (C.A.R.E)

Now is the time for you to make a difference for rabbits raised for food in Canada! Just a few minutes of your time will ensure that enough awareness of this issue will be raised. Then, there will be enough proof of public support for Rabbit Rescue to request a meeting with the Minister of Agriculture.
But first we need 300 letters! Write to the Federal and Provincial Ministers of Agriculture and your local MP to ask them to change the Humane Slaughter Act and to revise the Codes of Practice to include rabbits. Read more



Rabbit Rescue relies heavily on our wonderful foster homes. Without foster homes, Rabbit Rescue could not save animals from being euthanized. We work primarily with shelters across Ontario and get the rabbits that are at most risk, and out of time out of the shelters.
The more foster homes we have the more bunnies we can save.
We do realize that we can’t save them all, but each and every foster parent can help us save one more life and make a huge difference to even one animal.

Besides saving a rabbit’s life, fostering is also a great way to find out if a bunny is the right pet for you. You will have no obligations to keep fostering the rabbit if it is not working out for you. However we do ask that you give us as much notice as possible, so we can locate another appropriate foster home. It is always in the best interest of the animals to be moved around as little as possible, so please take your time to think about if fostering is something you can commit to.

Considering fostering a bunny? Please check out our fostering section for more information.