Vegas Bunnies, Part II

IMG_2220-TaliOn April 17th, Rabbit Rescue received our second round of Las Vegas bunnies.  Working closely with rescue, Erin from “Rusty and Furriends” in Las Vegas, and Jodi and Rodney, our stellar drivers, we were able to successfully transport TWENTY rabbits.  We donated space & all travel costs for 5 rabbits that we delivered to rescues in the USA and 15 came to us.  Erin worked tirelessly to prepare the rabbits for this long transport. From fecal testing, health checks and certificates, to emergency packs, toys, treats and water bottles!  A number of truly wonderful and selfless people opened up their homes across the USA to welcome these 20 buns into their homes for overnights.  Its not small feat to set up housing and look after that many bunnies! This trip could not have been done without them. HUGE thanks to our amazing foster homes, who greeted these bunnies with open arms once in our care. A number of these bunnies had forever homes lined up for them, and they were adopted upon arrival.  We still have a number of these adorable bunnies up for adoption, including a few from “round one”.  Please visit the adoption page to find the right bunny for you!   Thank you to everyone who donated to the GoFund me travel fund that helped us raise full travel fees in less than 24 hours!

Most of the bunnies that we received from Vegas are from the “dumping grounds” and their situation was critical. However a few of the rabbits we got were living in shelters for up to SEVEN years!  We are so grateful for the shelter staff for taking such good care for them for so long. We were honoured to spring them from the shelter.

Talmadge is one of the bunnies that came to us from Vegas, although she almost didn’t make the trip!  The day before transport was leaving, she got badly injured by another bunny. She had emergency surgery but had to stay overnight at the vets. Transport was supposed to leave the next morning at 5am, but we were able to delay it, so that Talmadge could get vet clearance to come too! The vet approved her as safe to travel to Canada, and off she went with the other 19 bunnies. Our drivers took superb care of her and ensured her health and well being. She had been living at a shelter for the last FIVE years. After the first year, she lost her bunny mate and has been on her own for the last 4 years. So, it was so important that she did not get left behind, as her new life was waiting to begin.

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Stop stocking rabbit meat.

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We are appalled to learn that Loblaw Companies Ltd including Fortinos, Loblaws and Zehrs now carry rabbit meat. Many of the individual store managers have expressed that they do NOT wish to sell it in their store, but are forced to by head office.

The petition in one day has gained 1600 supporters! Please help us stop this. SIGN HERE.

In Canada, there are NO Codes of Practice for Rabbits under the Humane Slaughter Act. There are no laws that require livestock rabbits to receive minimum amounts of food, water, space, sensible handling, or effective medical care.  We will not support stores that are responsible for the suffering and death of animals that many people consider pets.

They are not yours to hang by a leg, electrocute, stab, eviscerate and decapitate.

Fiver Trust Fund

A very special bunny named Fiver came into our lives in September 2003. In the wonderful year that he spent with us, he taught us about life and love and touched many hearts.

Always a happy bunny, he enjoyed munching on dill and his ‘puff’ treats, binking around, and cuddling. Those who knew him fell in love with his outgoing personality, helicopter ears and adorable ‘quacking’. A bunny who beat the odds, his memory continues to live on in the Fiver Trust Fund. Donations made in his honor are used for special needs rabbits requiring long term medical care. With this Fund, bunnies like Fiver will get a second chance at life.

The Fiver Trust Fund is for our rescues who need more than just a forever home. By contributing to this long term care fund, you will help improve and prolong the the life of a special rabbit.

Make a donation to the Fiver Trust Fund and help save the life of a rabbit in need of life saving medical care.

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To Ensure Compassion and Respect for Rabbits Everywhere (C.A.R.E)

Now is the time for you to make a difference for rabbits raised for food in Canada! Just a few minutes of your time will ensure that enough awareness of this issue will be raised. Then, there will be enough proof of public support for Rabbit Rescue to request a meeting with the Minister of Agriculture.
But first we need 300 letters! Write to the Federal and Provincial Ministers of Agriculture and your local MP to ask them to change the Humane Slaughter Act and to revise the Codes of Practice to include rabbits. Read more