Fostering Benefits


A word (or two) from those who foster for Rabbit Rescue

Instead of us telling you how we think fostering a bunny will benefit you, we asked some of our current fosters about their experience and why they do it:

“When I adopted my first rabbit, I learned of the simply unimaginable conditions she had come from. If I described them, you wouldn’t believe such was even possible. This same bunny today is a happy, trusting, and affectionate member of my family. The reason she is, was a Rabbit Rescue foster parent. The patience, love, and kindness shown helped teach her that all humans are not bad, that her life could be safe and secure, and that her person is someone to look to, and not run away from.

In today’s world all the problems we see around us often seem too big for a single person to have any affect on at all. “What can *I* do?? I am just an ordinary person.”
There are several reasons why I now foster for Rabbit Rescue. The first one is, this is something I can do! It has an impact. It saves a life. The rabbits, hamsters, degus, sugar gliders and other furries we take in to our homes would otherwise be euthanized.
Another reason is I can never really repay RR for all they have done for me by bringing my bunny into my life, and also helping me along every step of the way. I can pay it forward though. I can do what was done for me, by taking in a rabbit, and giving them a safe home until their forever family discovers them.

The last reason is purely selfish. The personal rewards of seeing a confused and scared critter that may have never known kindness or love in their entire lives come out of their shell and begin to trust are incredibly satisfying. You live through a series of firsts, each one a victory that makes you grin a kid at Christmas.

The first time your foster bunny approaches to give you a sniff, the first time they let you touch them, the first time they flop beside you because they are comfortable with you being there, and the first time they accept being pet. Even leaving some food in their dish because they trust that you will feed them again, and that wonderful day when they first run to you when you come in the room, because they are happy to see you and actually WANT some attention.

When you foster for Rabbit Rescue, you get FAR more than you give.”

– Keith Burke
Rabbit Rescue foster since February 2012

“Fostering for Rabbit Rescue is a very rewarding experience; it’s your chance to help give a temporary home to abandoned, mis-treated or neglected bunnies. Rabbit Rescue will set you up with all supplies (cages, pen’s, bowls, litter boxes etc) to house and care for your foster bunny. Some rabbits that come into the rescue are socialized but others do not know what it feels like to have a loving human hand stroke their head and body or give them enjoyable cheek rubs. You have the chance to open your heart and home to one of these bunnies in need, give them a 2nd chance and show them what it’s like to be loved and cared for. You get to watch them flourish into an affectionate loving part of the family. The first day your foster bunny binky’s for you, is a true sign of their happiness and that you have helped turn this bunny’s life around. There is a sense of great joy the day you get contacted by a Rabbit Rescue adoption coordinator advising you there is an approved adopter wanting to visit and adopt your foster bunny. The most rewarding feeling of all, to know you have helped provide your foster a loving home through its darkest part of life and they are now socialized and ready to live out the rest of their life happy and healthy in their new forever home.”

– Sheri Elchesyn

Rabbit Rescue foster since March 2010