Bert & Ernie


Bert & Ernie are likely brothers and came to us from The Pipsqueakery in Indiana, USA. They have had a rough start to life, but thanks to The Pipsqueakery and (All Creatures Rescue who assisted with the massive transport to get them to Canada) they get a new start!


They’re doing well and seem to be quite comfortable in their environment now. They’re enjoying their food and tasting new fruits and vegetables. So far, their favourite foods are sunflower seeds and pasta, but they also eat their pellets well and nibble at various veggies. They love to run through toilet paper rolls and shred paper towels. They haven’t used the wheel yet, but they have a fair-sized enclosure and they like to run through the tunnels and around their main areas, and they run around a lot during floor time (in a hamster-safe area). Bert, the lighter-coloured one, is very high energy and active. He’s also almost twice the size of Ernie. Ernie is a bit more shy and quiet. He stops to smell the roses a bit more, while Bert is too busy running to the next adventure. They’re super cuddly with each other, but are pretty confident exploring on their own as well. They’re a bit nippy still, but with short, low-stress, treat-filled handling every day we are sure  they will gain confidence with being held. They MUST be adopted together.

Punkin and Pi


These two adorable dwarf hamsters came from a rescue in Indiana.  From above, the brothers seem identical, but there personality and distinctive tummies makes it easy to tell them apart.  While both very active, Punkin (with a narrow stripe down his tummy) is almost always on the go, enjoying the wheel or in his ball, he just keeps moving.  Pi (with a pie shaped white spot on his chest)  loves burrowing and climbing, will use the wheel but not a great fan of the ball – he tries to burrow out!  Both are learning to be social.  As all hamsters they are defensive when approached from above, nipping if alarmed.  Once they are on your chest or lap, they settle in to receive pets.  I use the ball to get them out of the cage and avoid nipping.  They are brothers and squabble at times.  While there are two of everything, they naturally fight over the same food bowl or wheel.  They appear when they hear me and stand up tall to try and reach me.

So adorable.

Cocoa Bean and Coffee Bean


Cocoa Bean and Coffee Bean are dwarf hamsters that must be adopted together.  They came to Rabbit Rescue from Indiana, via the Pipsqueakery. They had been abandoned and needed a home to help rehabilitate them as they were prone to biting. From the get-go it was obvious to their foster family who was the bossy, active hamster and who was the “chill” girl. Coffee Bean earned her name because she runs around like she’s hyped up on caffeine, and is definitely the bossy one. Like her name, Cocoa Bean is a sweetie, and much more laid back. Cocoa Bean has allowed her foster mum to stroke her back and will take treats. Coffee Bean is still unsure, and will only let herself be pet on her own terms.

Cocoa Bean is usually found sleeping in her food dish… She loves to eat! Coffee Bean is usually on her wheel or climbing the cage when she isn’t napping.

Both Coffee and Cocoa are proving to be devoted mothers..because SURPRISE.. after a few days in our care they both had babies!. All 6 babies are now up for adoption as well.

cocoabeanandcoffeebean2 cocobeanandcoffeebean

Cookie and Boots


Cookie and Boots were born two days after their mom arrived in our care. The mom came from the US from a large rescue. They are a pair, and must be adopted together.

Cookie is light cream coloured and Boots is black. Cookie is the larger of the two, Boots is quite petite.

Boots is much faster than Cookie, don’t blink or she will be gone in a flash. Both love to be on the move constantly, unless they are sleeping. Both are very friendly and will climb into your hand to be pulled out of their aquarium. They love to run about and climb all over you. They like to build mounds with their cage bedding and sleep inside them together. They enjoy chewing paper towel rolls and running through them.

Like many hammies they hoard their food in every corner of their enclosure. They like to eat a few different foods besides their hammy food. Both will nibble on cucumber, banana and plain cheerios, We tried apple and blueberries but neither seem to care for it. They’re most active in the late evening and enjoy spending time with humans. If they are awake they will put their little hands on the side of the enclosure when you approach them. They can’t wait for you to take them out to play.

CookieandBoots3 CookieandBoots1 CookieandBoots2