Donating Your Time

If adoption or fostering is out of the question for you but you’d still like to help, there are a number of ways you can donate your time and efforts to the bunnies!

Post fliers up in your area

Helping out big can be as small as creating awareness. Pin boards at your job, in your building, at community centres or even your local grocery stores would be great places to start! If you have access to a black and white printer click, RR-FosterFlyer-BW or if you have access to a colour printer click, RR-FosterFlyer2014 to download a printable flier.


BunFest was created by Rabbit Rescue Inc. as an educational exposition and fundraiser. Our aim is to educate pet rabbit owners regarding everything related to bunny guardianship and offer advice, information and support. Throughout our venue you will find all kinds of fantastic and fun areas of interest, so take your time to explore them all!

BunFest is geared specifically towards rabbits that are house pets. BunFest does not endorse, support or recommend the breeding or showing of rabbits. Our Event and information focuses on keeping your rabbit happy and healthy in a loving home environment – we believe rabbits deserve to be part of the family! All proceeds are for the benefit of Rabbit Rescue Inc.

We actively look for volunteers to help out at this function once a year. If you can lend some time and a helping hand we’d love to hear from you. Please go to and contact us for more details. The next Bunfest will be announced soon!

The Rabbit Rescue Store

Have a special talent? Are you creative or crafty? We are always looking for new items for our online store. All proceeds raised from the sale of these items go directly to Rabbit Rescue. If you have an idea for a toy you would like to make for rabbits, please contact us! We also sometimes have opportunities to do such as cutting and bundling branches that we sell.


During the Easter season we have various fundraisers to help raise funds and awarenss. Please contact us if you would like to learn more and participate!

Do – it yourself – fundraisers!

Some of our supporters find various ways to put on their own small fundraisers! From donating a percentage of sales from venues like Etsy, or hosting a fundraising garage sale, bake sale or book sale. Have an idea? Let us know! We can provide signs/banners, brochures for your event.