Audrey Hopburn

Audrey HopBun is one of the 103 we saved in Aug 2016. She came to us after being raised for meat and kept in such bad conditions the SPCA had to remove all of them.

Audrey is a very inquisitive and bright little bunny who loves to play with toys and enjoys being petted! She is trying her best to be friends with our cats and seems to be winning them over with her playful attitude. It’s impossible to be anything but happy with her bright little self around!

She is energetic, very bright, playful! Likes to hop after our cats, enjoys exploring. Good at getting out of pen, had to make Bunny Alcatraz, but also seems to be easily occupied with toys. She is a great eater, loves cantaloupe as a special treat and promised to be your very best friend if you adopt her!




One of Gias babies, who is a wonderful boy!!! Gia was rescued from a terrible situation where all the rabbits were being raised for meat, in very inhumane conditions and they were suffering terribly. Gia came to us when her babies were 2 days old.

Alfie3 Alfie2 Alfie1




Olivia is one of Viennas baby that came to us only days old. Vienna was removed from a backyard breeder where she was being raised for meat and kept in horrific conditions. We are seeking an URGENT foster home for her. She is a friendly and curious bunny.



DJ is one of Gia’s babies. Gis came to us as part of the “103” rescue after she was removed from a place where all the rabbits were being bred for mea tand they were kept in such horrible conditions that it was illegal.

 DJ is an extremely playful, young bunny that’s very easy to love. She makes friends quickly with both animals and other people. DJ will approach someone as they enter the room and likes to lie down next to you. She can hop around the room extremely fast when she is happy, will binky and even roll over for pets, especially after receiving treats. She loves her tunnel to run through and to hop on and chase ping pong balls around her playpen. Also, she is not afraid of loud noises such as vacuums and she is an expert at using her litter box. Her favourite spot for pets is her head, but she goes crazy for nose rubs.  She will be spayed by RR once she is 6 months old.


dj2 dj1



Rosie came to us in Aug as part of the 103 rescue. She was removed after living in deplorable conditions and being raised for meat. Rosie was spayed in Aug 2016 and has impeccable litter habits!

When Rosie is given time out of her enclosure, she is very excited – she binky’s up a storm! She also does this when she knows she is about to be fed – she jumps in place, and binky’s around her enclosure, sometimes even spilling her water from all the excitement. When out to play, she burns all her energy in the first few minutes – binkying, running around – enough so that she tires herself out, and ends up parking it for some time.  When she is in her enclosure, grooming herself, she flops onto her side – cleaning her ears, her paws – it is such a cute sight to see!!

Rosie goes straight for the magazines/newspapers when out exploring.   She really enjoys tearing them apart/shredding them. She loves to explore new areas, always leading with her ears, like antennae – she is very weary of her surroundings. With Rosie, cables have never been an issue, thankfully!


Rosie has a carrier in her enclosure that she loves to sleep in, or use to hide when she is scared. When she is playing/excited, she has jumped up on the crate. Her favorite toys are:  Wooden chew toys – blocks/carrot, cardboard boxes/paper rolls, willow sticks. She also does well with friendly cats.

Rosie loves to race around the room (carpeted) when she first comes out of her enclosure – binkying. When she flops over for a nap– she flops almost fully on her back (belly side up), and eventually ends up on her side – cleaning her ears and her paws – a sight to see!

Rosie is such a sweet “little” bunny. She will do really well in a home with other pets – preferably cats. She follows the cat  in her foster family wherever she goes, but will not jump up on furniture when the cat does so. She is very well-mannered.  Could you be her forever home?

Dani (one of Gia’s Babies)


Dani is one of Gia’s babies and came to us only 1 day old in Aug 2016. She was part of the “103” rescue that we assisted with. Gia was removed from a terrible home that was raising her for meat and all the rabbits were kept in disgusting conditions

Dani has impeccable litter habits. So far she enjoys Dandelion leaves best although she has eaten small pieces of broccoli, spinach and green bean, carrot tops, and parsley. Dani does a lot of zoomies inside her enclosure but always gets to spend time out in the room in the evenings after work. Usually at least an hour of time spent WITH her foster family. She has a penchant for finding cubbies and just chilling out there.

Dani is super curious! Gotta keep an eye on that girl! Nothing is off limits to her. She came to her foster home really skittish but by the one week mark her new foster family spent a lot of time just making lots of noise and moving freely around her so that she gets used to it. She has come such a long way. Nothing really startles her so much anymore. She will come over to the door to her enclosure to get pets, or stand on her hind legs along the side to see you.

danicollageMiss D seems to really enjoy petting. She lets her human friends touch her everywhere from her little tail to her wiggling nose. She is as sweet as pie having her nails trimmed too! She loves cheek scratches and having her ears stroked or the tips rubbed. She also tolerates being picked up very well to be carried from place to place or even just to settle with her chin on your shoulder. She is very sweet!

Dani is playful! She’s played with her little geometric wooden ball since the night she was brought home. She likes to pick it up and flip it around. She does this with her little chew carrot and balls too. She has not come into contact with children but has gone from startling like crazy at the sight of the dogs in her foster home, to letting them sniff her and even give her a lick right up the face.

She likes to zoom into her play tunnel and then kind of play the game of “which end am I going to come out of”.  She does some great “half binkies” and she does like to flop a lot. She will play with her foster family and then just FLOOP right over.

Dani now loves meeting new humans and will come over for pets. If you stop petting her, and are paying attention to something else she will head-but your arm or little paws may be crawling up your back hoping for just a little more.



Mikey is one of Gia’s babies. Gia came to us in Aug 2016 having just given birth to 6 babies.  He was part of the “103” rescue, when over 100 rabbits were seized after being raised for meat in horrible nightmarish conditions. He was neutered by RR and recently received a clean bill of health.

He races around and then flops over for a nap. He closes his eyes and stretches his legs out when he is on the couch with you. He does a little jump when he runs. He flops over with his legs stretched out all the time.

He has a hidey hole timothy hut, and a timothy ball. He likes to crawl under his blanket and tunnel through.



Screen shot 2012-05-07 at 12.12.18 PM

Piper is one of Viennas babies.  Vienna came to us with her litter of babies just hours old in Aug 2016. She was seized after being raised for meat in horrible conditions

Piper a mellow bunny, who was one of the smallest in the litter but has turned out to be one of the biggest. She may even out grow her Momma, Vienna. Piper is a sweet girl who loves pets, belly rubs and snuggles. Piper is a great eater and loves her food. Piper loves to binky, flop and recieve/give kisses to her sisters or Momma.

Piper1 Piper2



Pepper is one of the 103 rabbits rescued from deplorable conditions.Pepper is one of Gias babies. Gia came to us as part of a large scale rescue back in Aug 2016 and Pepper was only 1 day old. Pepper still needs to be sexed, but for now we will call Pepper a girl.

She is constantly flopping; does mini binkies and loves to race around the room. She is very curious. She sits with ears alert and watches her foster mom – when she become bored, she flops down and continues to watch while relaxing. She has an “obstacle” course with a long box to run through and she really loves to run full speed through the box and “hiding” in the carrier. She also enjoys cuddle time.


She loves being out and being near you. You  have to be very careful when walking because, even when you think she’s on the other side of the room, she will find her way under your feet when you go to move. She jumps on everything – people, couch, boxes – and binkies continually. She’s a very loving bunny. She loves to play and loves toys.

A little story from her foster mom: Yesterday, my daughter put her cup on the floor and Pepper knocked it over.  While the water was being cleaned up, Pepper stuck her head into the cup and took off with it.  What followed was almost 30 minutes of her putting her head into the cup, walking around that way, dropping the cup, grabbing it and flipping it into the air, chasing it around the room.

She will be spayed as soon as she is old enough.




Hi everyone! My name is Remington, but everyone calls me Remi! I am an outgoing female bunny with a big appetite and lots of energy! My favourite veggies include kale, parsley, carrots and broccoli but I won’t say no to any type of vegetable! I really like to run around and explore stairs and furniture, but my favourite thing is to be pet. I will stay and let you pet me for as long as you are willing! When I am outside of my x-pen, I do like to occasionally chew the carpet so make sure you keep an eye on me! Another one of my favourite things to do is to lay in my hay while I eat it, which looks really funny and cute!

I am also almost completely litter trained! I always pee in my litter box and for the most part poop in it too, except for a few which are really close to the box. This makes it really easy to clean up after me! I am also very outgoing and will always come over and say hi, even if I have never met you before! I am a really sweet and friendly bunny, and I can’t wait to find my forever home! I am being spayed Feb. 2017 as I will be old enough then.

Gia is my mom, she was rescued by RR in Aug 2016 (when I was born!) after she was saved from a horrific meat breeding operation and seized by the SPCA.  I can’t wait to start my new life with you! I Will be spayed/neutered as soon as old enough.

Remi1 Remi2